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Vegas Defense Set Early Tone For Game 4 Dud

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For the better part of eight games, the Golden Knights defense have carried their team to success in the postseason. That was until last night’s Game 4 in Edmonton. Not only did Vegas’ blueliners jump start the Oilers offense in the opening period but they potentially put their team at a disadvantage for Friday’s Game 5 too.

Before the game clock hit the eight-minute mark Vegas defenseman Shea Theodore committed two slashing penalties and committed an egregious turnover. Unfortunately, the bad luck didn’t end for the 27-year-old blueliner. Edmonton cashed in on Theodore’s second slash and things began to unravel for the Golden Knights 7:38 into Game 4. Almost six minutes later, the Oilers took a three-goal edge, all with Theodore on the ice.

Opening 13:30 of Game 4

  • Score: 3-0 EDM (2 EV, 1 PP)
  • Shots on Goal: EDM – 8, VGK – 2
  • Penalties: VGK (Theodore – 2 x Slashing), EDM (McLeod – Tripping)
  • Faceoff Wins: EDM – 6, VGK – 4
  • Hits: EDM – 14, VGK – 11

It’s been stressed a dozen times over the past week; do not give the Oilers power play opportunities. Although Edmonton scored just once on the man-advantage in Game 4, it came seven minutes into the game, doubled their lead and completely shell-shocked the Golden Knights. Theodore’s inability to cleanly defend opened the door for an Oilers rout. Of course, it wasn’t just the penalties taken because Edmonton was the first team to hit the box. It was a combination of over-committing, poor positioning and problems tracking the puck. It was uncharacteristic for an overall reliable defenseman.

Going back to the last series with the Winnipeg Jets, Vegas’ blueline has been the team’s most consistent unit. Last night, the shaky defense hurt VGK’s attempt at taking a two-game series lead back home for Friday’s Game 5. It’s easy to compliment the opponent’s attack but even coach Bruce Cassidy couldn’t hold back after last night’s 4-1 defeat.

Theo has to have an attack mindset. He’s a dynamic player that when he has the puck on his stick he’s got to try and impact the game without being reckless. It’s this time of the year, you see it with different players. Some of them embrace the moment more than others and maybe others get nervous or think too much. We’ve talked to him about that. He needs to be better than he was tonight. Especially, against a team that decided they were going to forecheck. He’s a puck mover, so he can really counter some of that. He has to be that guy for us. -Bruce Cassidy

No matter what the outcome is, a hockey game is not the fault of one player. Theodore’s poor performance was glaringly obvious from the jump, but it wasn’t solely his fault. Fellow defenseman Alex Pietrangelo couldn’t control his emotions late in the game and possibly put his team in position to be down their top defenseman for Game 5. The alternate captain lost his cool when he ferociously slashed Edmonton star Leon Draisaitl. Tempers were hot at the time, but the 15-year veteran had no excuse for the suspension-worthy cheap shot. In most situations, Pietrangelo is the one cooling his teammates down and settling scores the right way. Chalk it up to an angry, physical ten minutes that got the best of the Golden Knights emotions.

Closing 9:18 of Game 4

  • Penalties – 9 (Kolesar, Stephenson, Bench, Marchessault, Pietrangelo, Hague, Howden)
  • Misconduct Penalties – 4 (Stephenson, Marchessault, Pietrangelo, Howden)
  • PIM: 52

Assuming the league slaps Pietrangelo and Edmonton defenseman Darnell Nurse on the wrist and allows them to suit up for Game 5, expect better self-control from both teams. But more importantly, the Golden Knights. Staying out of the box is much more impactful to the series for Vegas than any after the whistle jab. Expect Pietrangelo, Theodore and the entire blue line to play by the rules and add much more coverage in their own zone in a crucial Game 5.

Or pray the Golden Knights power play goes 5/5.




Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 32 – May 11th, 2023


  1. trade

    suspension worthy cheap shot, huh? so, there were no context actions by Edm preceding it, for several games, and causing it, huh? pathetic take by you….. blame the victim of a vicious headfirst boarding incident just minutes before that. and you want to punish the team you cover rather than the team that initiated all the cheapshots….cuz when you ignore the crosschecks to Stone’s back, you are doing just that.

    but you have nothing to say about the suspension worthy high stick by Kane on #7, nothing to say about the endless vicious crosschecks to the injured back of the Vgk captain

    • THE hockey GOD

      post of the week

    • TS

      Trade, ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON ALL COUNTS!! Kane has been, always will be, the chief instigator on ANY team. If Petro gets a suspension, then Kane should have ended gotten one the 1st game! DOUBLE STANDARD, OFFICIALS???? Damn right, it is!

    • Carl

      Correct on all points. Trade’s is the open-eyed take. Jason and Ken are perfectly happy cheering on punks like Nurse and insane Kane (now Draisaitl) as they cheap-shot VGK. But to them it’s “loser hockey” when VGK returns fire.

      Weak sauce, Jason.

      • CCRider

        Soft as butter Vegas fan.. wahh

        • Carl

          Useless as darnell nurse, chump

          • CCRider

            Typical Vegas fan.. 3rd year watching hockey and has no clue.

        • Cageyvet

          Yeah say what you want about the refs and other transgressions, if you don’t think that’s suspension-worthy you don’t know hockey. Turned out to only be one game but that’s worth way more, brutal slash with intent to injure in garbage time to boot. Do dumb things expect to pay the price, Oilers fans weren’t crying half as much about the late cheap shots that were called against them playing LA. I’m no Oilers fan but they know hockey and call out their own players far more than the Vegas crowd. Everyone gets crappy calls so suck it up.

        • knights fan in minny

          get lost ass clown cc

    • VGK Fan

      Trade you nailed!

      Jason forgot to mention Shae took 4 cross checks in the back before he committed the slash. So how many cross checks are acceptable before Shae responds 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10? Just wondering how many cross checks are acceptable before you respond.

    • Richie-Rich

      Ken actually did address the dirty cheap shots that Edmonton was guilty of and not charged during his post game analysis. However, he says that Pietro’s offense was much worse than any of the rest.

      I personally think that the numerous cheap dirty shots finally took its toll. Slashing Leon on the wrists wasn’t the right way to address all of it. That was a selfish and stupid thing to do. The Golden Knights should have responded much earlier to all of that nonsense with huge hits and yes fists as well. Using your stick that way is unforgivable and he got what he deserved.

      No doubt that Kane used his stick to smash Pietro in the mouth the last game with no time left on the clock. All that was handed out was a 2 minute penalty when he should have received a 5 minute major for that infraction. Had a 5 minute penalty been assessed maybe, just maybe the Oilers wouldn’t have taken as many liberties in game 4.

      Theodore has been awful. Smith has been pretty much invisible.

      I will be in my season seats for game 5.

      Go Knights Go!

  2. Deez

    If Pietrangelo cross checks Divesaitl in the face then he plays on Friday according to NHL rules.

    I think keeping Theodore over Tuch was a mistake considering Theo doesn’t really offer much offense under Cassidy’s defense first system. He just hasn’t been all that consistent since the Petro signing and quite frankly I think it gave him performance anxiety. Hopefully with Petro out of the lineup he can start to feel more confident again.

    • Richie-Rich

      Tuch’s a F, Shea is D. So, that trade wasn’t going to work for Jack.

  3. trade

    Let’s turn the tables……let’s have the Vgk players constantly and viciously crosschecking McDavid in the back, and let’s have the Vgk players send Dry-shittle headfirst into the boards. Gee, do you think that the media narrative would be the same? of course not, you know damn well it would not…and THAT proves that the Vgk are being wronged here by the fake news media.

  4. Jailbird

    Each team wins a game, then in the next they think they are hot shit, then get their asses kicked. Let’s hope that trend continues thru game 5 anyway? We have known for a longtime that Theo is a wimp. His scoring abilities have always given him a pass. But he’s not even scoring anymore. Also, I must say that for a big D- player, Petro is a pussy! He rarely confronts anyone face to face. I like these guys, just speaking truth her, as I see it.

  5. Spiridon Filios

    Jason “Lets Be Honest” Petro slashed Draisaitl becasue he was fed up with being targeted and none of it getting called by the ref’s. He said as much in his post game interview. The question the NHL has to ask itself do the ref’s get make mistakes without any consequences? I’m not saying the refs have to be perfect and I get that its a fast game and they are doing their best AND at the very same time the game escalated to that level of vitriol because of the bad calls. I will grant you that it was likely on both sides, but still bad calls that lead to goals make everyone upset; Player Coaches and Fans. So here we go again Game 7 Sharks, 5 min major. That time the ref got fired and the NHL apologized, but it was too late we were out of the playoffs no chance for the NHL for make it right. At least this time Petro can make his case to Player Safety and even if he gets suspended, our grevance was heard by thouse that matter and maybe, just maybe, the refs will make better calls.

  6. trade

    Darnell Nurse Suspended For One Game
    MAY 11, 2023 AT 2:19 PM

    The NHL Department of Player Safety announced they’ve upheld the automatic one-game suspension against Edmonton Oilers defenseman Darnell Nurse for instigating a fight in the last five minutes of regulation time, holding him out of a pivotal Game 5 against the Vegas Golden Knights. Head coach Jay Woodcroft was also fined $10,000 as a result of the incident in last night’s Game 4 win.

    now they will probably drop the hammer on Petro.

    “the Dept of player safety”? what a laugh.

    if they were really concerned about player safety, they would first make sure that the supposed renewed emphasis on crosschecking penalties this season were enforced by the striped shirts in the playoffs too.

  7. Jose

    Hey trade, are you on your period?

    • 702skate

      Funny Jose? Bet you would think and say definitely if you were anyone of the VGK players taking these uncalled crosschecks. Trade is pointing things out that have been blatantly missed and not accounted for. How many times would you allow me to smack you in the face before you retaliate? Discipline can only go so far. We have been screwed by the refs once as pointed out with the 5 min major that even the “victim player and coach” came out saying it was uncalled for and unnecessary for it to be a 5 min major, but they weren’t not going to be honorable men. So yeah I think everyone should be pissed about what’s going on.

  8. Donald Bittle

    5/5, 2/5 either would be welcome change.

  9. Satan

    This is Satan

    Pietrangelo gets one game

    Satan has spoken

    • Just a question – do any of you guys know what the hell you are talking about. Questionable at best. Draisaitl is up for an academy award and the votes from the fans in Edmonton assisted the refs in making their decisions. No question not the smartest play by Petro but even in hockey being human an individual will only take so much – poor timing on his part and unfortunately it should have been Kane that got clobbered. That would have been much more interesting.

      • Interesting take. Draisaitl fell when Pietrangelo’s skate took out his feet after he slashed him, so it wasn’t a dive as you suggest. Maybe re-watch the video. Draisaitl got up went to the bench and took a spot. He told the other players (Kostin in particular) that he was okay and not to retaliate. The other thing no Vegas fan is considering is if the Oilers were “game players”, like LA, Draisaitl would have gone to the dressing room and faked an apparent injury. This would no doubt have had an impact of the NHL “Department of Player Safety’s” decision on a suspension. The fact Draisaitl had no apparent injury was a decising factor in the length of the suspension.

        The ONLY people around the league who are justifying what Pietrangelo did are Vegas fans.

        • Bob Andrews – I didn’t say the slash was what cause the academy award performance I was referring his laying on the ice after the trip nor did I say he took a dive – your words not mine. Fortunately for Draisaitl and also Petro it didn’t break Draisaitl wrist. It was a stupid thing to do and -definitely not called for – rewatch the video as you suggest and check out the look on Draisaitl face.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    for anyone questioning why players don’t want their injuries publicized, this series is telling evidence, and you all are a lost cause.

  11. Tim

    The game of baseball takes care of it’s self. Umps may miss a pitch from time to time but otherwise the players decide the winner. In basketball, football, and hockey the refs can call a penalty anytime they want or let penalties slide which can favor one team or the other. I’m not a whiner but in this Edmonton series I believe the refs have dropped the ball time and time again. Back checking is supposed to be called if for no other reason player safety but Edmonton is doing it on a regular basis with no penalties. Like the draft that Kevin Weeks leaked before it was called was do to a production error which is nonsense as with penalties which favor Edmonton. In the Weeks nonsense by Chicago winning and selling 2.5 million in tickets the first day mission accomplished. In hockey the league wants a Canadian team in the finals are the refs bias to make that happen I think so. As we all know sports is all about money and whatever it takes to increase revenue they will do. We as fans are at there mercy so myself I don’t get to involved because there’s a lot of shit that goes on we can’t control.

    • GWNorth

      Please explain the NHL’s desire to have a Canadian team in the final. What would the NHL have to gain? Not television ratings (MONEY) that’s for sure. If you think the NHL gives a squat about Canadian teams, you haven’t been paying attention the last 30 years. But, if it makes you feel better, okay, the Golden Knights are being victimized, not by a better team, but by a league out to get them.

      • THE hockey GOD

        another in long line of silly posts, first you post that indigenous people on big screen TV monitors before a hockey game; actually HAVE something to do with hockey, when it doesn’t. It just IDENTITY POLITICS thrown into our face. Most of us REAL people are sick and tired of this bull shit politics in hockey interjected by gary pantyhose bettman, and likes of woke/broke ESPN tools who are no more than a toilet paper network.

        Now you don’t think Canada’s PRIDE is hurt, when their teams repeatedly miss getting into the finals. It has more with their fucked system than anything else. And it’s not “knights being victimized”. The last game the refs should have called every single slash, cross check, trip, boarding, etc. It’s in the rules book. But in the playoffs for some odd reason, a different rule book is used. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me. It was for this very reason that many long time hockey fans are turned off by hockey. The refs in the playoffs swallow their whistle. Or they call penalties on one team, they score, and they they try to “even it up” knowing damn well that there is more pressure on the team that is down. This is known tactic, Canadian refs in international circles are well known for doing it also.

        • THE hockey GOD

          GWN , how many canadian indigenous people DO YOU HAVE living in your basement ???
          I bet the same number of illegal aliens that Nancy Smellosi has in hers.

          • GWNorth

            The big difference is the indigenous were here first. Same as in your country. We signed treaties with them, which we didn’t really follow, hence the reconciliation. You guys tried to obliterate them in a war.

          • GWNorth

            I wish the refs called penalties all night long and for everything. Your power play can’t score anyway. In terms of indigenous. The big difference between your illegal aliens and indigenous is they were here first. Same as in your country. We signed treaties with them, which we didn’t really follow, hence the reconciliation. You guys tried to obliterate them in a war. You have one on your team in fact, except your sportscasters seem to think Whitecloud is somehow associated with toilet paper?

          • THE hockey GOD

            What does indigenous people on large screen TV have anything to do with hockey. Like your wars with “people allegedly originally there”, they were no saints. They raped, killed, and massacred innocent number of people. stop sticking up for a defeated people who deserved everything they got.

            You obviously don’t even know your own history, pathetic.

            I agree that they should call the rules by the book, and last nite’s game proved VGK can score on PP, and kill off a major for the most part.

            I agree that ESPN is a piece of shit, I have said so so many times before. If you were paying attention you would know that.

    • Cageyvet

      Huh? The Canadian teams have been massively underrepresented in the Bettman era, and if you believe in conspiracies based on finance, it makes sense. Canadian fans keep coming in reasonable numbers when the teams suck and in massive numbers when they’re good. There are a number of US markets that hang by a thread when the going gets even slightly tough. If there is a bias, it’s the exact opposite of what you claim.

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