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Vegas’ Cup Contending Offense On Display Last Night

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

No matter how many games an NHL regular season has, no game’s are alike. Sure, the first few games had similarities, Vegas won all three but didn’t look good doing it.

Something had to break.

We were talking before the game that we hadn’t really pitched in too much… It’s kind of convenient that we did tonight, and I thought it definitely helped our overall game. -Shea Theodore

With the exception of the first few minutes, the Golden Knights put together their best attack of the season and were handsomely rewarded from it. Ten players collected points in Vegas’ 5-2 victory against Arizona and not a single one of them were cheap empty-net points either.

All five goals were examples of how dangerous this club can be. Alex Tuch scored Vegas’ first power play goal of the season, Mark Stone and Max Pacioretty paired up once again, and the star defensemen found the net three times.

Clearly, the Golden Knights paid Alex Pietrangelo in full to create more offense from the blue line. Last night was the first example of how Vegas will benefit when the right-handed defenseman is firing point shots. Add in Theodore’s ability to score from anywhere and this team is more than just a top-six threat.

Arizona coach Rick Tocchet said it several times, when Vegas slings the puck from the point, good things usually happen for them. He was right.

They blast the puck. They get a lot of offense off their point. Theodore, blast. Pietrangelo, blast. -Rick Tocchet, Coyotes coach

In their first game against Arizona, the Coyotes set the tempo. The pace was fast and seemed to play into the opposition’s hands. On Wednesday night, Vegas picked up the intensity and it resulted in seven power play opportunities and five goals.

Chandler Stephenson’s acceleration forced a penalty, Jonathan Marchessault’s quick transition and Reilly Smith’s vision set up Theodore, and Tuch flew by defenders with his speed and power on a man-advantage. Vegas’ quick players opened up the ice for the playmakers, and the playmakers fed the defensemen.

Golden Knights fans already appreciate the top two lines, and without them, defense or depth contributions won’t matter. To be a nightly winner and a Stanley Cup contender, Vegas’ top-six needs to score. And so far they have. In four games, the first and second lines earned 23 of 41 individual scoring points, and 10 of the Golden Knights 16 total goals.

Last night’s victory was pieced together like a puzzle. They can’t stay undefeated forever but consistent scoring from their best players and extra offense from the blue line or bottom six is how Vegas will stay in first place through 56 games and then challenge for real first place in May and June.




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  1. Hague_for_Norris

    as soon as I saw this article pop up I said I guarantee this wasn’t written by Ken, I was right. We need more positive articles like this, thanks.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Nice article Jason. Ken’s going thru ruff time with criticism. As I’ve said before, I don’t agree with him all the time at all. But, I do feel he puts a lot of thoughts into his articles and writes what he “believes” to be true. Negativity has always been my main issue with this site. But I won’t just blanket criticize the “journalists” here as being poor or lousy writers. I don’t believe that is true.

    • A VGK Fan

      When you write negative article after negative article, specially when it is heavy handed towards some players, the readers will fight back.

      I have no regrets for calling Ken for what he is, which is biased and half-ass


      • EK

        You may not have any regrets but you come off as a POS for doing it. Just saying.

  3. Mikegron32

    Love this team. Love having the best goalie tandem in the league on a condensed schedule. Love Petry for what he brings to the organization on the ice and in the locker room. Love the “C” on Stone. Love the hustle of Whitecloud. And every time I was Stephenson play I’m reminded that we basically stole him from the Caps!

  4. Tim

    Why we love the Knights and the crazy ride it’s been. Where do you start I guess with the Misfits and the crazy run to the cup. The second year disappointment and that bogus call against the Knights to end our playoff run. Gallant coach of the year to out of here. Hiring our dreaded rivals coach, Having not one not two but three captains or previous captains on one team I’m sure thats a first. The excitement of always picking up the biggest fish in trade or free agency. Rated the #1 arena fan base and best entertainment that keeps T-Mobil rocking. The rest of the league just can’t stand what we have going and it’s just getting warmed up. A beautiful new AHL arena for our Silver Knights in our own backyard. Think about this with the 32nd pick in the 2021 NHL draft the Vegas Golden Knights select so and so how excited do you think that kid will be. On the other hand with the second pick in the 2021 NHL draft Buffalo selects so and so and the kids heart drops to the floor. We will have a world wide brand that other teams can only dream about. There’s so much more that attracts any free agent we want but I’ve said enough for now.

    • sb

      Absolutely. What Ownership and Management have created in three plus short years is unprecidented in N. American pro sports. Las Vegas is fortunate to have Mr. Foley in this town. Now that I got that outta the way, gotta have that hi-end playmaking center for Pac and Stone, acquire a real NHL level winger and move Stephenson to the Tuch line. The Cup will follow.

  5. Daryl

    Overall the team looked really good, not too many complaints. One issue that needs to be fixed before we actually play a good team is our PP. That looked horrible. You can say Zona played great PK but that’s only half true. Arizona is only a decent team at best so overall this team still has a lot to improve on before I get too excited about what can happen this season

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    We ARE 4-0 and improving each game. The PP problems will get worked out, I believe. We have to much talent.

  7. the president Elect- Hockey God

    i hear 88 is available after last night’s game

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