Right now in the NHL two organizations are giving The Creator great examples on how to attack the trade deadline. Both teams have been aggressive for two very different reasons but ultimately one grand prize. Sure, the Maple Leafs won’t be in the playoffs for the foreseeable future, but what they’re doing right now should impact their future. While the future is now for the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks who continue to be aggressive. Lets face it they’re greedy. What NHL fan wouldn’t want their team to be Cup greedy?

Let’s start with Chicago, the King of the Hill. Whatever Stan Bowman drinks, The Creator’s people should drink too. Whatever Stan Bowman drinks, eats, sings, dances, whatever… Vegas peeps should do the same. As GM for the Blackhawks, Stan Bowman has created a dynasty in Chicago and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. After acquiring Andrew Ladd, the ‘Crown Jewel’ of this year’s deadline, Bowman put his team in the position to win back to back Cups. Most of Bowman’s aggressive moves have worked out, like the Johnny Oduya trade in 2012 or the Antoine Vermette deal made last trade deadline. Let’s not forget his brilliant move of plucking current Calder Trophy leader Artemi Panarin out of thin air. Bowman has been as impressive off the ice as his team has played on the ice. Without financial flexibility teams can’t be aggressive, and that’s another key element of Bowman’s success. You can’t go out and get Andrew Ladd midseason without cap room, but Chicago had the room and made it happen. Sure it’s easy to go and say mimic Stan Bowman, but it’s not a bad idea to take notes. When The Creator makes up his cabinet, he’ll have to find cap wizards, master scouts, and hockey whisperers to be successful. I know Stan Bowman is not available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hire his Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.

Now to the Maple Leafs, an organization that seems like it’s been run by Costanza for a decade. However by their latest moves, the Leafs must’ve watched the episode when George does everything right. The Maple Leafs have finally admitted that they play like unemployed, bald men, who live with their parents… like George.  They’re trying to undo any bad contract the previous regime made by wholesaling players to whomever calls. The best part about the Toronto fire sale, is good ole’ Lou Lamoriello continues to take NHL GMs for a ride. The picks the Sharks gave up for two mid level NHL’ers was an obvious robbery. Not too mention, Lamoriello getting someone to take Dion Phaneuf. Toronto can now laugh at Ottawa as they have to pay the outrageous price tag for an overrated Mr. Cuthbert.

Previously Toronto had been chasing something they never had. Now it’s their turn to unload and start over again. Taking their chances in-season as a seller, only helps them accrue picks and open cap room. Both immensely important areas of getting better. Lamoriello won multiple cups in Jersey, and with his vision it might lead Toronto to victory as well.

Two teams, one goal. Both plans are aggressive but incredibly different. The Creator and his team will have to prepare for sharks like Bowman, and Lamoriello. Just because it’s an expansion team doesn’t mean teams will take it easy. He has to scout well, be aggressive, and cap smart all at the same time. Watching both teams play out can help display ideas on how, and when to make moves. It starts at the top, and Chicago along with Toronto should feel good about their very different directions. Haha sorry for the tease Toronto fans, we know you gotta a long way.