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Vegas Bubble: Take Two?

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The possibilities are endless. Start date, season length, realignment, you name it, the NHL is considering it for the 2020-21 season.

One such possibility, mainly due to travel restrictions, is a return to the bubble. But, this time, the league would have more than two.

The Athletic’s Michael Russo recently penned a terrific story including quotes from Bill Daly on the NHL’s plan for the upcoming season. In it, he included the idea of four regional “hubs” that would serve as central locations for each division.

Like Toronto and Edmonton, the NHL would probably “own and operate” the hotels and there will be some level of testing, but they’re not going to fence off the arena, hotels and restaurants. The league will do its best to control the environment, but players and staff should have more freedom (like going to dinner). -Michael Russo, The Athletic

Now, before you throw your hands up and scream bubble related profanities, know that these bubbles would likely include stadiums open to fans to watch.

The World Series, currently being played in Arlington, Texas, is the perfect example. Major League Baseball set up bubbles for the playoffs and now that we’ve reached the finale, they’ve actually invited fans in to watch the biggest games of the year.

The NHL could very well do the same and in fact, if they do it properly, teams could travel between bubbles a few times over the course of the year to allow more widespread competition.

Of course, Las Vegas is atop the list of potential regional bubble cities and will only become a stronger option with Lifeguard Arena opening and The Orleans laying ice for the AHL.

If it happens, it could mean up to eight teams in Vegas with multiple games daily at T-Mobile Arena, all of which are open to a limited number of fans. Sure, it’ll still be tough to be one of the 6,000 people that get to see the Golden Knights, but for any hockey fan, tickets would probably be easily available for all of the other games.

A hockey buffet for months on end on the Strip? Sign me up.


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  1. Dean

    I can’t see it happenining. Baseball and football are allowing limited fans because of larger stadiums and outdoor seating. 6000 fans would be 33% occupancy and we will never be in position to do that til at least the middle of 2021 as we’ve wasted 7 months of time in fighting this virus. If we get serious now, we may be back to normal for 2022.

    • Ken

      Define get serious?

      • Dean

        Wear masks. Avoid crowds. Social distance. Wash hands. Increase testing and contact tracing. The scientists have given us the formula on how to fight the virus. However, our leaders and a significant share of the population have chosen to ignore this formula and extend the problem by months (maybe years) when life could be back to normal by now.

        • Sorry bro you have it backwards , all the masking and hiding at home, lockdowns of healthy people had caused this virus to go in do long and scared people unnecessarily. There are medications that work and the elderly are being protected . Wearing a ridiculous . Jane you ever seen the weave if a mask under a microscope ? Then compare to size of a virus ? No way a mask stops flu virus . And certainly do rag won’t and the numbers will eventually come out telling at least 100,000 thousand deaths are not caused by Covid and most will have never even had Covid 19.

          • Coyote

            Sorry bro, you’re drinking the far right koolaid. Not one thing you stated is close to truth.

          • Chis, they don’t stop the virus itself, the mask stops the LARGER water molecule of your breathe or cough that contains the virus…

        • John Brown

          Denmark study shows that 97% of the country who got Covid wore a mask. The evidence is so overwhelming that Lancet, NEJM and AJM refuse to review it as it goes against the fear mongers.

          My son was R&D Biologist for 20 years with Sanofi (VACCINES) and now R&D biologist with N.C. company for 3 years doing neuro/blood disease research.

          Me, 2 yrs med school and 9 years as SSA Disability judge who made (9) THOUSAND medical decisions based on MEDICAL evidence.

          We KNOW masks do not work against Covid.

          Masks are “fear porn” unless you have a N95 and plastic shield and that is only 75 % effective.

          The “blue diapers” surgeons wear is to keep THEM from infecting patient during surgery.

          YOU need to say in the basement until YOU have extensive medical experience lefty.

      • John

        C’mon, there’s got to be a better way to allow more than 6K in the venue at a time. Especially with what we know now!
        If the fans and management get creative using existing guidelines as guard rails and are serious about making it work, it can be done.

        Let’s get creative!!

  2. Marissa

    We won’t be a hub with fans. Sisolak is only allowing a maximum of 10%. See 3% for Allegiant Stadium. Foley has already said that it isn’t worth having fans until you can get to about 40%.

    NHL saving grace might be that the Olympics end up getting postponed/canceled next year.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    still like the idea following WWF/WWE put screens in the seats and zoom it, charge fans !

    The goobernor blockhead has destroyed the state with his draconian policies, he won’t get re elected.

  4. Bent Hermit

    After seeing the massive amount of debt baseball teams have from this season it’s going to be tough for the NHL to play a season. The cost of having a season in a bubble would be huge. With limited revenue from fans it would be impossible to make enough money to justify playing a season especially a season in the bubble. Then there’s the players and their families to think of. They are not going to want to be away from their families for a whole season stuck in a bubble.

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