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Vegas Beats Good Teams While Edmonton Feasts On The Weak

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

As each day passes the playoff picture is coming into focus clearer and clearer. There’s still time for it to change, but the overwhelmingly likely scenario sees a rematch with the Edmonton Oilers in the first round, this time with Vegas probably starting on the road.

After a terrible 3-9-1 start to the season, the Oilers charged up the standings and have looked unbeatable at times. However, a graphic that appeared on Sportsnet’s broadcast of the game shows some cracks in the foundation of the team with the best record in the league since mid-November.

As Sportsnet highlighted, here are Edmonton’s records this season against each group of teams.

vs Top 5 teams: 4-7-1
vs teams 6-10: 3-3-2
vs teams 11-15: 7-6-1
vs teams 16-27: 21-6-1
vs Bottom 5 teams: 10-2-0

That is a major case of what we at SinBin like to call, BumSlaying.

The Oilers are winless against Vanvouver, Colorado, Tampa Bay, and Florida, and have just one win against Dallas, St. Louis, Minnesota, and the Golden Knights.

Vegas’ breakdown looks much better than Edmonton’s.

Vs Top 5 teams: 8-4-0
Vs teams 6-10: 6-4-1
Vs teams 11-15: 5-4-2
Vs teams 16-27: 15-9-4
Vs Bottom 5 teams: 8-4-1

Amazingly, the Golden Knights have a better record against the Top 5 teams in the league than the Bottom 5. The same can be said about VGK’s record against the current playoff teams compared to those on the outside looking in.

The Golden Knights have a win over every single team in the Western Conference and have multiple wins over four of the seven other playoff teams (with a chance to make it six of seven with wins over Colorado and Edmonton).

There’s no question this has been a bumpier than expected season for the reigning champions, but when push has come to shove, they’ve gotten the job done. Plus, they’re getting hot at the right time, something Edmonton is not doing either.


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  1. Emmanuel

    I would not be surprised if Connor never won a Cup (unless he moves teams).

  2. ThG

    Conner McDavid is best player in league

    meanwhile Joe Biden is a lying sack of scum, how he panders to his left wing nazi loving Hamas voting party members is pathetic.

    • JB

      He is the best scorer in the league, not the best player!

      • BJ

        Other way around.
        He is the best player in the league, not the best scorer

    • Daniel Christensen

      Doesn’t matter if his net minder isn’t stopping shots. Go Biden 😉 Go Knights 😉

      • knights fan in minny

        veggie joey loves illegals more then Americans

        • ThG

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          At publishing time, when asked how many 3 A.M. mail-in votes they expected to need, Biden’s campaign said it wouldn’t know until election night.

          • TS

            A vote is a vote, whether it arrives in the mail, in a Dropbox, or in- person. Still a legitimate vote. It was investigated relentlessly in ’20, in ’21, ’22, ’23, ’24….still the same result: there was NO cheating plot, no mass- fraud. There WAS a group of voters across America who voted multiple times, voted for DEAD people, etc. …they were found to be REPUBS.
            Conclusion: our Voting Process is secure. Cheating is RARE, and it knows no particular party…except when Trump continues to claim it was DEMS and that ” illegal” mail- in ballots are ALL CHEATING!

      • knights fan in minny

        ask blunder joe how his dream of evs are doing a major fail just like everything he does

        • TS

          Ask Trump how all his corruption and crime has worked for HIM. Oh, hey, how bout that Bible grift, huh?? Pandering at Trump’s best!

          • TS

            Truth Social: biggest $$$$ Trump grift of this year: Trump makes his millions, everyone else loses it all!( Trump KNEW this was gonna happen– he went public with his worthless site KNOWING it would tank! Insider Knowledge!

    • TS

      How Trump panders to the right wing Christians is pathetic.

      • knights fan in minny

        better then letting illegals waltz over the border cause crime sponge off the taxpayer kill people laken riley a young college student a wasted life because a scumbag was allowed in the usa

        • Let's go Brandon

          You forgot to me tonight how FJB panders to the satanic crowd that sacrifice children in the womb and mutilate/sterilize children.

    • Dark Brandon

      What’s wrong with you? Not the place.

      • knights fan in minny

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    • Joe

      Exactly what hockey team does Biden play on? Does politics ruin your life or just ruin it.

  3. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    McDavid invited Stone over for some drinks, but there were no cups.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Last game they played the Oilers got crushed by the Stars 5-0 in Dallas so for now the trend of losing to the better teams continues. Will be interesting to see how things go on Wednesday in Edmonton. Tonight they play the Avs at home. Should Vegas beat the Coyotes tonight we will have the chance to clinch against the Oilers on Wednesday. Since the Blues and Wild each lost yesterday we now need only four points to clinch. In fact if we beat the Coyotes and the Oilers lose in regulation to the Avs, Wednesday’s game will be for 2nd place in the division and a lead to get home ice in the first round.

    • Pistol Pete

      Correction: A win against the Coyotes will afford the chance to clinch against the Canucks on Monday not the Oilers on Wednesday (forgot about the VAN game).

      I overlooked the fact that the Oilers play the Flames on Saturday so even if the VGK get within one point of the Oilers tonight (VGK beats Coyotes and Oilers lose to Avs in regulation) the Oilers can go back up three pts ahead with a win Saturday against the Flames. With a win against the Canucks Monday we can still go into Edmonton on Wednesday with a shot of taking over second place.

    • TS

      Looks like we’re playing some of the best hockey all season, but our main opponents are struggling…
      Looks like we saved some in the tank to finish out the season!! I’m surprised at the turn of the tide this late, and really proud of the team for not folding!

      • Guess you didn’t watch game last night. Tried just playing 20 minutes and got their ass kicked in third period allowing 6 goals. They folded like a dirty sheet.

        • TS

          HB, I watched it,all right. My post was BEFORE the brutal loss Friday night…

  5. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    At this moment the only game that matters it tonight. The VGK need these 2 points because the LAK are still right on their tail. Arizona has nothing but pride to play for, and they have given several top teams a hard time. Need to go in there and shut those 4500 fans up!

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