According to a story from everyone’s favorite Pierre, ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, the Las Vegas and Quebec ownership groups will present to the NHL Board of Governors’ executive committee on September 29th.

This will be the first time the potential expansion owners will have an official meeting with the NHL ownership’s top group.

There was some hope that the league would be ready to make their recommendation to the Board of Governors at this meeting, but it appears that will have to wait a little longer.

The sense at this point is that the December board of governors will be the one that makes recommendations, either way, on expansion. -Pierre LeBrun

Nonetheless, this is excellent news for Las Vegas. The Creator has never gotten an official sit down with the league’s executive board, so the fact that he’s being given one at one of the biggest offseason get togethers is huge.

The longer expansion talk goes, and the higher up the food chain it moves, the more likely it is to come to fruition.

Even though we’ll likely get very few details of what actually goes on in this meeting, I have to say, I’m pumped for September 29th.