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Vegas Needs To Score 3 Or More, Allow 3 Or Less

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

This season the Golden Knights are allowing 3.04 goals per game. Which places them 15th in the NHL. On the flip side Vegas is 17th, scoring 3.04 per game. The exact amount of goals that they let in. That’s a problem.

Over an 82-game season, a team holding opponents to under 3 goals a game will have a good chance for future success. Likewise, teams scoring 3+ goals per game have a strong chance of clinching a playoff berth.

Top 10: Goals Scored Per Game

  1. Florida 3.67- Playoff Position
  2. Colorado 3.65- Playoff Position
  3. Tampa 3.60- Playoff Position
  4. Toronto 3.57- Playoff Position
  5. Washington 3.55- Playoff Position
  6. Boston 3.31- Playoff Position
  7. Pittsburgh 3.30- Playoff Position
  8. Nashville 3.30- Out of Playoffs
  9. NY Rangers 3.29- Out of Playoffs
  10. Vancouver 3.24- Out of Playoffs

***17th Vegas 3.04- Playoff Position***

Vegas is averaging just below the league average of 3.05 goals scored per game. Only three other Western conference teams projected to participate in the playoffs score less. However, all three have a better win% and give up less than Vegas.

  • Vegas 3.04 Goals For/3.04 Goals Against
  • Arizona 2.76 Goals For/2.65 Goals Against
  • Calgary 2.60 Goals For/2.94 Goals Against
  • Dallas 2.56 Goals For/2.46 Goals Against

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

While it’s rare, a team can succeed scoring less than Vegas because of their positive goal differential. Dallas may be 27th in scoring but they’re first in the league in goals allowed. Same goes for Arizona, who’s fifth in the league in goals against. Sure it maybe boring, but those teams have identities.

Top 10: Goals Allowed Per Game

  1. Dallas 2.46- Playoff Position
  2. Columbus 2.51- Playoff Position
  3. Boston 2.51- Playoff Position
  4. Carolina 2.64- Playoff Position
  5. Arizona 2.65- Playoff Position
  6. NY Islanders 2.65- Playoff Position
  7. St. Louis 2.67- Playoff Position
  8. Pittsburgh 2.72- Playoff Position
  9. Tampa 2.85- Playoff Position
  10. Washington 2.90- Playoff Position

*** 15th Vegas 3.04- Playoff Position ***

Down the stretch Vegas will face 18 teams that score more than 3 goals, and 11 teams that allow less than 3 goals a game. This season opponents have scored 3+ goals in 30 games vs. Vegas. The Golden Knights are (5-20-5) in those games. Gulp.

On the bright side, the numbers look great when the good guys score three of their own. In 32 games, the Golden Knights are (22-6-4) when they score 3 or more.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

With 30 games left on the schedule the answer is simple, the Golden Knights will have to either score more, allow less, or both. Duh.

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  1. Ken my man you should have been a mathematician and majored in deductive logic. The biggest problem however apparently Vegas knights haven’t figured that out – score more allow less – amazing!!!!!! Keep smiling keep up the good “work” we know the sun will rise tomorrow hopefully on the knight’s return they will do likewise.

    • Ken Whitecloud

      Hey Hdbiker……..just sayin……..this wasn’t from Ken but rather Jason. Come on man. If we VGK fans are gonna keep up the good work, then we GOT TO realize who is writing what. GO KNIGHTS GO

  2. DOC Williams

    Must be slim pickins for articles during the break … hey Jason! 😉

  3. D

    no, there is only one conclusion from this. ALL the teams that allow fewer goals are in PLAYOFF position.

    The problem with the VGK is the defense and the goaltending….and by that I mean the TEAM defense, including the forwards inconsisent backchecking, and the dmen getting caught out of position (pinching with no forward backing them up) too often in high risk situations.

    and the goaltending is simply mediocre because Fleury is not playing like he did in season 1, and Subban is a terrible, weak backup goalie who needs to be replaced.

  4. Please ask Jason to start pronouncing Marschessault’s name correctly. You can’t sit beside each other and Ken says it right and Jason says it wrong. One last thing, Jason…please stop jiggling your plastic cup loaded with ice into the microphone. To be clear, I love your website and you guys. Those 2 things drive me nuts.

    • Brian

      And the constant interrupting and yelling over each other doesn’t……..?? Haven’t been able to listen to one for quite awhile. Sinbin radio was the best last year. Much easier on the ears.

  5. Jason

    I’m gonna let my beer league team know that if we just start scoring more goals and keep our opponents from scoring less we will increase our odds of winning! 😉

  6. Sorry Jason referrenced Ken by mistake. Same message however.

  7. james Regdos

    This team needs defensemen. 2 min or 3. Watching sloppy turnovers by the current D men is the most obvious problem which anyone can clearly see is the main problem. Schimdt is terrible , Englund is worse, hague is young, holden and merrill have once a game back braking turnovers.

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