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The Golden Knights were looking to bounce back against the Vancouver Canucks after losing to the Seattle Kraken on Friday. The Canucks got off to an early start, scoring the only two goals of the first period. Vegas took three 1st period penalties that Vancouver took advantage of.

Trailing 2-0, the Golden Knights tried to stop the bleeding, but they continued to commit costly penalties. The Canucks scored three times and took a commanding 5-0 lead after 40 minutes of action.

Vegas let out their frustrations in the final period, dropping gloves multiple times with Vancouver players. Jonathan Marchessault and Keegan Kolesar both took five-minute penalties for fighting in the final period. Marchessault even snapped the Canucks shutout, but the Golden Knights wouldn’t get any closer.

The Golden Knights record drops to (16-6-1) losing to the Canucks 5-1 at T-Mobile Arena. Next, Vegas will pack their suitcases for a four-game, ten-day road trip. Puck drop against the Columbus Blue Jackets is scheduled for 4P PT on Monday. (Recap by Jason)

(Analysis/Tweets by Alex the Intern)






  1. Pistol Pete


    We knew they could score coming in and had a decent PP. Started off ok. Stone missing the open net on the first VGK PP to tie it 1-1 was brutal. Canucks score on 3 out first 4 PP’s to go up 3-0.

    Not all that crazy about the numbers on the reverse retros—hard to read at a distance. Hopefully better result next time they are worn!

    16-6-1 . Next game is next.

    • PP – WELL l am disappointed but like l posted after friday loss not surprised. They are not playing anywhere close to how well they played earlier. Giving up three PP goals in a matter of seconds doesn’t speak well. I am sure you noticed net presence on them something vegas forgot friday and not much difference Saturday. Cassidy isn’t a happy camper and if you noticed excepted part of the blame. Good thing they are going on the road as playing at T-Mobile doesn’t appear to be a plus at the moment. I know it’s only two games in a row loss but they have a number of correction necessary or it could very well continue. That’s not being negative but l have been around hockey a life time and know how necessary it is to avoid losses in a row to continue- it becomes self defeating u fortunately. The up coming road trip, hopefully, will provide the time necessary to get their shit in order. If not a free fall is certainly possible- hopefully l am wrong as it would be a real shame after their successful start. I wish l was more optimistic but as you know l look at things realalisticly. ROI isn’t paying of at the moment.

      • THE hockey GOD

        no such definition of ROI in sports
        exists in mind of anyone sane

        • Alex

          Neither does bad ice you nut bag

          • knights fan in minny

            go back to your hole you malt liquor drinking piece of shit

        • THg – when you invest nearly 30 mill on three players don’t tell me ROI is not a definition in any business proposition. I hate to point out to you that is one thing the cap is all about – business and wise spending. I would think anyone considering moving to California would understand the concept – apparently you are an exception to that business function.

          • THE hockey GOD

            HD biker, due to so many variables in NHL , and sports , in general there is no such thing as a definitive RoI that anyone with a brain can agree upon.

            Millions in dollars amount spent on salary in a sport has no discernible ROI by any extent of the imagination. You can’t put a number on it. But if you count proceeds and amount of money FOLEY- the grape stomper is raking in, despite the team’s performance on the ice. Then that is a real tangible number. OTherwise your feeble attempt to spin it is not, well, feasible.

          • THg – your response to ROI doesn’t address wise spending – which has a great deal to do with business. That concept for whatever reason escapes your limited abilities to comprehend. If you don’t believe that ROI is not a business consideration even in sports, you have your head somewhere other than on your shoulders. The fact that you bought Foley into your post negates everything you posted prior to that. Business is all about ROI, yes even sports which is a huge business – why do you believe people make the investments they do for a franchise? Not even you can be that narrow minded.

          • THE hockey GOD

            more spin from HD biker, and putting words into people posts that are not there. Wise spending ? That is purely subjective term that can not be quantified by any equation.

            You missed this part. HD biker, due to so many variables in NHL , and sports , in general there is no such thing as a definitive RoI that anyone with a brain can agree upon.

            . But if you count proceeds and amount of money FOLEY- the grape stomper is raking in, despite the team’s performance on the ice. Then that is a real tangible number. OTherwise your feeble attempt to spin it is not, well, feasible.

      • Pistol Pete

        Good post biker. Agree 100%.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Good post ? Pete provide the definition from accounting firm that definitively defines the made up term of “wise spending” relating to ROI and to performance of hockey on ice. With references.

          still waiting

          most unsophisticated fan base in history of fan bases.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Remember this guy who everybody including the VGK wanted to sign? Well, he scored in each of the Canucks games. His play has translated to the NHL this far.

    Andrei Cuzmenko:
    9 G/9 A (18 games) +5

    • Pistol Pete

      Make that 20 games. My bad.

    • Pistol Pete

      And he’s a LW too.


      My goodness. What could have been for an entry level contract.

      • Kfan

        But he didn’t want to sign in Vegas; we could wish Wayne Gretzky would come out of retirement and sign too, but that also didn’t happen:)

      • kfan

        Except Kuzmenko did not want to sign with Vegas.

        “Could have beens” are just that if there was no chance to begin with.

  3. Pistol Pete

    I like the reverse retros as far as the design and look forward to wearing mine but the players don’t look good in them for some reason. Downplays their physicality somehow. It’s strange. Sometimes think they should just go back to the old home uniforms—from the gold back to the gray or redesign the gray.

  4. Obvious

    Great watching Kolesar drop the gloves. Looks like bitch slapping girl who got cut off in the buffet line.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Since staring 13-2:
    After a stellar start, a tough last 8 and could get tougher with the upcoming 4 game road trip: CBJ, PIT, DET and BOS. Should be interesting.

    Canes have had a challenging last 10:
    3-3-4 including 0-4 vs. Coyotes at home last Wednesday.

    Now we really will see what Cassidy can do. Guiding his team through their first slump.

    • Pistol Pete

      Only CBJ is under .500 and we all know how dangerous they can be.

      When the going gets tough the tough get going.

  6. TS

    Oh, SNAP!! That wasn’t a LETDOWN, it was a MELTDOWN!

  7. Jailbird

    Now, we will see what they really are. This road trip could be the turning point of this season, one way or another!

    • Looks who’s back. What a profound observation. Much more conservative and somewhat smarter than the “next two winnable”. Your learning.

  8. knights fan in minny

    pure ugly time for a no puck practice

  9. Tim

    I think in our 6 losses 5 have been at home is telling and the teams that beat us L.A.Kings, St. Louis, San Jose, Seattle, Vancouver, is also telling. Does anyone think any of these are the cream of the NHL? Just to look at it objectively even though there all NHL teams if your a Cup contender you don’t lose as many games to inferior teams at home as we have. I don’t think anyone can dispute that if they don’t fix it there’ll be Trouble in River City. I watch Jack Eichel and I see the good things he does I also see a lot of bad passes and turnovers that I wouldn’t expect from a 10 million dollar man. He’s good but he just doesn’t take over a game.I think we all can agree that the third line needs an offense upgrade. Now it’s off to Columbus who have had an awful start to the season will we score more then two goals which hasn’t happened to often lately.

    • Pistol Pete

      Except for a handful of posters who are not posting recently this board is too much whining and not enough useful discussion ie. learn something. And understand, I am not saying anyone learns anything reading me. Think I’m going to try getting my analysis reading SinBin articles and Jesses Granger at The Athletic and see if that works. No fun being a fan reading this board.

      • Pistol Pete

        And quite our fair share of insulting and bashing. And toss in some OT—namely identity politics.

      • Emmanuel

        They should load up 3 lines and use guys like Kolesar and Amadio on the 4th for about 9 minutes only.

        • THE hockey GOD

          well Emmanuel , if they do that, then Cassidy would be violating his cardinal rule of getting at least ten minutes total ice time. Look at the game the other night, when multiple players didn’t even get 9 minutes. And one of them was a d man, which is unheard of.

          I think Cassidy’s “punishment” of players by restricting their ice time, has completely back fired.

      • PP – not sure running from the site is necessarily the solution. Your observations are a good as anyone else – taking off the rose-colored glasses would help you be more understanding of posts which look at both the positives and negatives. Just because some don’t agree with your assessments of what is happening or not happening doesn’t make you wrong or right or them being less of a VGK fan. Even reading the articles you suggest will provide both the good, bad and ugly. I agree with you concerning some of the BS stuff or bashing that gets posted that has nothing to do with hockey particularly the bantering back and forth from those who find it necessary not to truly identify themselves and posse as someone else. Hang in there, hopefully the Knights will reposition themselves and right the ship which at the moment is listing badly. Losing streaks are never pleasant but sometimes necessary to develop the attitude and character to come back.

        • Pistol Pete

          Thank you biker and I have tried to take to heart some of your past criticism of my positive views. I think the biggest issue for me is the attacking of other posters which becomes off topic by itself plus the political stuff which admittedly I engaged in previously and am trying now to permanently abstain from. I am a The Athletic subscriber and whereas Jesse is a diehard VGK positive-ist he does write pieces with accurate assessments of the problems as well. I don’t see attacks or off topic so far. My best guess he does not allow it which I think is the most fair to the sincere posters.

          • THE hockey GOD

            you two get a room yet ?

            moochy moochy
            kissy kissy

            most unsophisticated fan base in history of sports.

            heckle and jeckle
            frick and frack
            laurel and hardy
            dumb and dumber

          • THg – without any question your posts and bull shit which by the way the majority of posters feel the same way is ridiculous. People like you are one of the big problems this country faces. Why don’t you get over there to California (which apparently you are fond of) and sail off in the sunset with the rest of the fruits and nuts. The BS you post most of the time over shadows any intelligent things (not many if at all) you address. You obviously have nothing better to do with your time.

          • THE hockey GOD

            HD , you and your buddy PP
            aren’t the “majority” of posters here !!

  10. Julie

    I hope it’s not that Thanksgiving curse…

    • THE hockey GOD

      there’s a TG CURSE ??? Maybe it’s the GG or PDB curse? Or Babe Ruth’s curse ?
      or perhaps the Curse of Oak Island ?

    • Hi Julie – how goes the battle. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving . Glad to see your still about and concerned about the knights. For the fans who expect more from the team at T-Mobile it understandly disappointing but like everything else in life no one said it would be easy. Hopefully the last couple of games don’t become the norm, they are much better than that. Probably not a Cup contender but WHO knows stranger things have happened.

      • Julie

        Hi, HD- good to see you fighting the good fight still! It’s been sentimental for me lately watching the Knights. My stepdad, who I grew up with, a former Green Beret, passed away in July. He was even more a VGK fan and loved all things Vegas, living in Henderson. A lot of time taking care of things and helping my Mom. She is also a big Knights fan. So, we are keeping up :).

        I did see that Reaves is now with the Wild; saw what happened to Kane with the Oilers… Kraken decided they want more this year it seems. One thing I know is that hockey is a marathon so still a lot can happen. The Thanksgiving curse I mentioned, just meant there was probably too much turkey and that chemical in turkey that makes you sleepy was probably still in their system, ha ha.

        Are you seeing any new and upcoming stars this season? I mean under the radar?

      • Julie

        Meant to add that I hope your holiday was great – I hope the same for all the posters. Hard to believe 2022 is rapidly coming to a close.

    • THg – l don’t know about buddies which we are not but l will acknowlegde we are two of the many that bother to address your BS. Those that don’t just ignor you which is probably a better idea as you apparently have no interest in cleaning up your act. Due everyone a favor and sail off into the sunset with the rest of the fruits and nuts from California.

  11. Henderson Knights

    Wow, this post from 9 days ago is right on the money.


    article is totally missing the point……the Vgk forwards that they use on the PK are not the shot blocking, pass deflecting, big, aggressive, long reach, defensive minded, puck clearing, board battle winning, puck retrieval, blue line zone entry denial types.

    they are fancy, shorthanded goal minded, offensive minded, transition minded, pokecheckers who avoid going down to block shots, and who don’t have the long reach to deflect cross-ice passes to the onetimer shooter waiting at the opposite circle.

    Smith, Karlsson, and Stephenson are fine players, but not the kind of guys who are going to throw themselves face first in front of pucks.

    also, the dmen they use on the PK are shot blockers, but not good at retrieval and icing the puck.

    and there seems to be no communication between the goalies and the dmen as to the strategy used…iow the dmen take away the long side of the shooting lane from the guy in the circle, and the goalie is supposed to cover the short side on shots. but I see the goalie staying too much in the middle of the crease and not covering the short side properly, thus not working in concert with their dmen.

    NOVEMBER 18, 2022

    • THE hockey GOD

      wow GG and PDB never had a series of routes losses like this; even during the playoff run last year in March PDB teams were in the games.

      The forum is blowing up, the COACH HAS LOST THE LOCKER ROOM laments the crazies.

      The goalie save percentages have been in an upward spiral. It took less than a quarter into season for goalies to implode. If LT was in net you would hear more crazies posting their BS.

      The coach was brought in to fix the PP and PK, maybe it’s not fixable ? Maybe it’s time for a new shiny coach ? Maybe VGK needs new players, maybe the players are playing hurt. They certainly are not getting gaps into o zone like they were in prior games.

      I still say no. 23 belongs on PP.

      sleep walkers have returned > no. 8, 55, 20, 10, 43, 2, 14, 23,9, Expect coach to break up the “mis fits” and rest of line combinations. That is all he has in his magic bag of tricks. Certainly no one in AHL is worth of being called up at this point as the sliver ponies are more like dogs languishing in last place.

      But I remain optimistic, as team goes to play the listless Blue Jackets on the road, and they like to play on road. GEt away from all the distraction in Vegas at home.

      Away team analysts are now saying that Vegas is only two line hockey team. And that makes it easier for opposing teams to play against them.

      The third, fourth and FIFTH LINE signing off.

      • Vic

        THG…You were right on last year reminding people about the injuries. Your comments above are on target, and I think you said we would see things clearer by Thanksgiving. Well, it feels like a B or B minus team regardless of the points so far. PP and PK not acceptable. Player effort the past few weeks lacking, and as you point out, the goals against are ballooning. If the road trip doesn’t go well, there will be some tweaking. Home game distractions are making us lose the advantage. It was like a circus last night with the sweater nonsense. If as much attention was paid to the PP and PK instead of the sweaters, things would have been better. Again last night there were missed early chances. lack of speed, missed passes, giveaways, lack of hitting and the other team was cruising. They solved Demko but now we have Martin (not Brodeur).

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ Vic, your words are too kind. and I hear you loud and clear on rest of your post.

          LINE !

          • Alex

            We have the stupidest fans in all of sports, with this THG moron leading the way

  12. Danny

    Give Mark Stone the “Kolesar award” for missing wide open chances, including an open net.

  13. Bill

    Where is Ken?

  14. Pistol Pete

    Attn: hdbiker:

    Appreciate your responses and want to make sure you know I got back to you above.

  15. Pistol Pete

    Re: losing patches:

    I have tried to make the point losing areas are unavoidable because a good season including OTL’s will feature upwards of 40% losses.

    I expect a good team to sometimes play below their potential. “Off” games are inevitable. For me it’s folly to even criticize or analyze these substandard performances because it’s a given a good coach and team will always strive to reset to fundamentals. If they are not successful the record continues to plummet and then the question needs to be asked if something has to change in personnel, players and/or coaches. So far the VGK has not entered any kind of “critical zone”. They may more though if this upcoming road trip and the home stand to follow go poorly. It’s going to be tough. On the road trip only CBJ is under .500 and we know how dangerous THEY can be. Coming back to T-Mobile will be no walk in the park. NYR, PHI and BOS (again). Even PHI has given the VGK problems at T- Mobile.

  16. Pistol Pete

    Regarding the VGK losing two games in a row twice through game 23, without checking, NJD may the only team with only one losing streak of not more than two games.

    Interesting to consider losing streaks the first VGK season. Through game 25 there were two three game losing streaks. This would seem normal for expansion team playing teams for the first time. Remarkably, games 26-62 feature not a single back-to-back loss. Beginning 63 was a two game losing streak and two more at 73 and 81. I remember losing the last game of the season 7-1 to the Flames who were not in the playoffs. Still, the VGK played awful that game.

    So season one had two three game losing streaks and three two game losing streaks. The two at the end occurred close to or after the team clinched the postseason.

    • Tim

      Pistol Pete, What would you do if you didn’t have a computer to look up all these stats. Personally that’s history my friend use the eye test and take off your rose colored glasses. Tell me how you lose to this many inferior teams on home ice if your considered a contender personally the more I watch the more I see a pretender. Somehow although it looks like we have good players it’s either the chemistry is not there or teams have figured out how to shut us down. Either way look at our first 23 games how many of those have we scored two goals or less?

      • Pistol Pete

        Tim there is nothing wrong with appearing to wear rose colored glasses because basically it’s no more than having a positive attitude about being able to win (like the coach and players). I think you may want me to be more skeptical about the 13-2 start and that works for you which is wonderful, but what about cellar dwelling teams beating top teams which happens all the time and how about the two wins against Winnipeg and the two against Toronto? It’s fine to be skeptical about the team having success this season but at the same time you can’t not mention the positives either.

        Did you not notice I have framed the next seven games (four on the road three at home) as a challenge? That is not exactly the rose colored glasses view you always have me on.

        Your approach to being a fan appears to me to be look at the negative first to be “safe”, in this case discounting the 13-2 start to playing a disproportionately high number of weak teams. There’s some reality there but it’s also not enough information either this early in the season. We’ll have more after this next seven games. They may do poorly justifying your skepticism.

        • Tim

          Pistol Pete I hate being negative but the more I watch the more I feel either the other goalie is having the game of his life or we just have no puck luck. For our supposed firepower we’ve had far to many games of scoring two goals or less. Like I’ve said many times i’m a baseball guy hockey just fills in some time now my wife is a real Knights fan and gets livid when there not playing well. As they say if you don’t score at least 3 goals it’s had to win so check how many games we didn’t score 3 or more.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    another stellar White Lotus episode last nite, except for the perverted and gay party people parts (which Alex tunes in to see, because Alex can’t get enough of HBO woke perverted culture BS). Series is reaching for many emmy nominations.

    Several candidates remain on who the floating body will be in final episode, and who will do them in !

    Another remaining theme is who will remain on the island. In season one, one person said screw it I am staying. I think there two top candidates , portia (tanya’s assistant) and Albie (unless his new gf, who he didn’t know was hooker, gets knocked off in the end).

    Two episodes remain , the tension is building. One flaw in writing is that the couple being played: why the hell don’t they just leave and forget the couple that is obviously playing them.

  18. Tim

    Tonight it’s Columbus will we come out of our funk?

  19. Vic

    Time to end the Eichel on the PK experiment. He’s clearly a fine player, but when I see him on the PK, he has yet to touch the puck. Save his precious ice time for offense. It’s as whacky as #55 on the PP.

    • Pistol Pete

      Don’t agree. Patrice Bergeron is a huge PK guy, right? Eichel is new to it give him time. It will improve his 5 on 5 D which is already way better than before. I will say I would hate to see a blocked shot injure him and PK increases that risk above and beyond 5 on 5.

      • Vic

        How ya doing, PP? I think looking at Bergeron is apples and oranges. He is a high lifetime plus guy. Maybe if he brings some of his Bruin PK guys with him, Jack can ghost skate out there for a few seconds on the PK. As you say, too much risk. I know coach is testing things, but I’m not a fan of this experiment (until Jack gets a SHG of course).

  20. Pistol Pete

    Honestly I am concerned this season could fall apart but as I posted to Tim above it really is too early to tell.

    The positives are what seems to be a really good coaching change, a talented deep group of forwards notwithstanding the third line and one of the deepest and most offensive blue lines in the league.

    The negatives other than the third line above, is uncertain goaltending with unproven starters, the challenge of implementing Cassidy’s system and the ability the build chemistry around it.

    To Tim’s concern, there are questions about the quality of competition through the first 23 games, that the first two losses were to top teams except that Calgary is no longer really one, and the recent losses to teams like the Sharks and Canucks.

    Definitely are positives as well as negatives.

  21. Obvious

    Krebs… team needs Krebs!!!

    All those who said he would be such a star wii be so happy to get him

    And since he’s scratched again tonight sabres would probably be happy to send him over

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