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Value Of Golden Knights Franchise Up 78% From Purchase Price, Ranked 12th In NHL

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On June 22nd, 2016 the NHL approved expansion to Las Vegas and The Creator agreed to pay $500 million to buy the league’s 31st franchise. A little more than five years later, that investment has nearly doubled.

According to, the Vegas Golden Knights are currently valued at $890 million, a 78% increase in value from the purchase price.

That number puts the Golden Knights in the top half of the league, coming in at #12, directly behind the Vancouver Canucks ($975m), Detroit Red Wings ($1.025b), and Edmonton Oilers ($1.16b). The Toronto Maple Leafs ($2b) lead the league followed by the New York Rangers ($1.87b) and Montreal Canadiens ($1.58b).

The last time a national outlet put out valuations like this was back in December of 2019. At that time, Forbes had the Golden Knights at just $580 million, in 13th place.

There’s been a pandemic since now and then, and yet somehow Sportico has the team worth over $300 million more than before.

Sportico projects the Golden Knights to make $186 million in revenue this year, which is surprisingly only good enough for 16th place in the NHL. Last year Vegas came in with $89 million during the challenging 2020-21 COVID-affected season. That was 4th in the league, likely boosted by the ability to fill their building with fans much earlier than most other teams.

The total $890 million number is made up of the team value which is listed at $835 million and “team-related businesses and real estate” which is valued at $56 million.

The NHL’s newest team, the Seattle Kraken, come in two spots behind the Golden Knights at $860 million, but their team value is actually higher than VGK, also listed at $860 million.

Nonetheless, any investment that goes up 78% in five years would be considered a good one. Maybe, just maybe, this Foley guy knows what he’s doing with his money.

**The full feature article from Sportico is behind a paywall, but their infographic is free and it’s awesome.**


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    thanks joeflation

    • Pistol Pete

      Pandemic-flation.Thanks Donald for deliberating playing it down early 2020 after it became known to you it was real and dangerous. You yourself said it was far more deadly than the flu but you chose to not act. Btw, you don’t inhabit our brains 365/24/7, it’s that reality is reality and your treatment of COVID killed a lot of people.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Donald is long gone, and lives rent free in some peoples brains 24/7. Seek therapy !

        Joe “let’s go brendon” owns this. More people got killed under Joe when he had the vaccine , then under Trump. That is a fact. Biden is a complete and utter failure.

        • “More people got killed under Joe when he had the vaccine , then under Trump. That is a fact.” A link please. I don’t believe that is accurate.

          Best way to get Trump to talk, tell things as they are, is to get him on the phone. Donald is a big phone conversationalist. In his own words, he knew how bad COVID could be and chose to downplay it. As a result, at least tens of thousands more died that would have under competent leadership.


        • UrNidiot

          Bahahaha – you’re an idiot! Remember the China disease or the 12 this week soon to be 0 next week. You’re right he didn’t downplay it lmfao! Clearly another MAGA Moron who claims facts are fiction and reality tv is truth, just like Fox News

  2. James Scouten

    There’s a reason Foley is getting his hands into as many sports ownership pots as possible.

    He sees first hand how massive the upside is if done well.

  3. Arnold Rothstein

    have kings +1.5 , as well as parley working from prior game.

    so far up from kraken win on opening night. So playing with free money
    – where you don’t lose your shirt

    VGK line up a mess, again. Two AHLers making NHL debut for VGK tonight in LA .

  4. goalie trade

    LA Kings goalie Cal Petersen is 4-2-0 lifetime with a .931 save percentage from eight games played against the Golden Knights.

    there is the challenge for tonight. can they beat Petersen?

  5. Tyler Durden

    What kind of shit blogger (who is embarrassing himself on twitter) doesn’t even bother to put up a GDT?

  6. goalie trade

    VGK look like shit. De Boer’s new neutral zone trap is killing them. they look befuddled as to where to go or who to cover.

    with Stone injured now, the team is really going to struggle .

    might as well call up more of the Henderson kids, including Thompson…. the kid line tonight is the only thing positive about this game.

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