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Vadim Shipachyov YouTube Highlight Reel

The excitement of the Golden Knights new player is still fresh in fans minds. Vadim Shipachyov is creating a massive buzz in Las Vegas. Of course, he has no idea what’s going on in his new city because he’s too busy playing hockey. The second Golden Knights player in franchise history is currently padding his stats at the IIHF World Championships in Germany and France. Since, the paint is still dry for Vegas fans, let’s take a look at some of Shippy’s play at World Championships. Number #87 was the second assist man on Artemi Panarin’s PP goal.

Second IIHF WC highlight is Evengi Dadonov on a one-timer. Shipachyov has the initial pass behind the net.

Like I said, the Russians padded their stats yesterday embarrassing Italy 10-1. Ok, now let’s watch some actual highlights. Maybe some ones where he does something rather than just move the puck around and get credit for it.

Shipachyov has played internationally dating back to 2014. Last year, at the 2016 World Championships he put on a show with the help of his two linemates. The trio of Shipachyov, Panarin and Dadonov was deadly. Not only were they dominant, they were graceful too. Thankfully, someone created a montage of their brilliant chemistry together. Watch the first goal, the passing precision between the three is chilling. Also, check out the beautiful stick work and skating ability of Shipachyov.

(Sorry, this one you have to click over to YouTube to watch. Stupid rules)

Now some KHL highlights. And there are plenty. First watch this package of the SKA center score a hattie in a 2016 KHL playoff game. Shipachyov’s accuracy and timing is clearly on display. Another note, SKA can really pass.

Every highlight posted got me more and more excited for the Golden Knights season start. Shipachyov is a marvel to watch on tape and I can’t wait to see him up close. This next goal was setup by some dazzling passing. Again, SKA can dish the biscuit. Shipachyov’s Vegas teammates better be ready for the puck.

Another one-time corner bomb on this one. Expect to see him score a chunk of his NHL goals from the right corner, especially on the power play.

Are you getting excited yet? This guy is a legitimate offensive star and we’ll get to watch him every game. And they said we would be terrible! (Disclaimer: The Golden Knights will still probably be pretty bad the first year.) He creates scoring opportunities and doesn’t miss on many. Right side corner again on a sweet set-up.

To be at least somewhat fair and balanced I have to bring up this last highlight. Shipachyov does have a reputation of crossing the line from time to time. His hit in 2014 on Finland’s Pekka Jormakka was flat out dangerous. The hit was very close to an elbow to the head. Medics took over ten minutes to get the injured Finnish player of the ice. Jormakka suffered a concussion. Hopefully #87 will play smarter in North America.

You can look at that hit in two ways, Shipachyov’s hit was dirty or he’s just playing with a physical mean streak. To me, it’s somewhere in between… leaning mostly to the dirty side. Either way, it was a few years ago and he’ll learn quickly he can’t get away with that in the NHL.

From the footage it looks like the Golden Knights picked up a gem. A highly-skilled player that reads the play before it’s happening. Creating scoring chances and puck control is what he’ll bring to Gerard Gallant’s team. Shipachyov’s precision with the puck will light the lamp and fans faces. From the highlights above, Las Vegas may have its newest star.


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  1. RJ

    I’m definitely sold on Shipachyov’s offense potential. Seeing those guys move the puck around really makes me want to see him with Dadonov on the same line in Las Vegas. Panarin isn’t available and Ilya Kovalchuk PROBABLY wont be a possibility in Las Vegas (though I wonder if NJ will take our third round pick or rights to him) so unfortunately we wont be able to completely recreate one of his SKA lines. I wonder if Nail Yakupov could finally live up to his potential as the third member of that red line? Something to think about.

    Another thing I noticed, all these highlight reels are great in the offensive zone, but dont show Shippy at all defensively. It appears his +/- might be a little soft, so we might have to prepare ourselves for some deficiency on the other end of the ice, which could keep him from being a true first line center.

    As or that elbow, 100% dirty. He clearly positioned himself to deliver a head shot. I hope he leaves that play in Russia, and I hope Gallant has no patience for that kind of play. I guess we will see though.

  2. PhiSig 150

    I’m not sure if it’s because I recently saw Red Army or the fact that we’re getting actual players and even beating other teams signing them but I’m way too excited that we’re snatching up all the Russians. I even don’t mind the hit. Keep your head on a swivel son. Any news on Dadonov (The Nov?) What Russians will we be in on in the expansion draft?

  3. todd little

    fyi, the WC is taking place in France and Germany. Russia is Group A which is currently playing in Germany.

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