The second ever USA Hockey store has just opened its doors to the public on the second level of the Fashion Show Mall.

The store is jammed with all sorts of USA hockey gear as well as World Cup of Hockey stuff, NHL jerseys, hats, shirts, and my favorite, a wide variety of “Old Time Hockey” gear.img_3961

I’m talking Hartford Whalers, Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques, and many more vintage old school shirts, hats, and such. It’s cool stuff, believe me.

The shop has also guaranteed they will be one of the largest Las Vegas (Something) Knights retailer in the city and have an outstanding order for a ton of merch the moment the team unveils their name and logo.

The store is located in the Fashion Show Mall, which is across from Wynn Casino and just north of Treasure Island. It’s on the far west corner of the mall on the second floor by Dillard’s. If you know where the Apple Store is or, where the actual Fashion Show takes place, it’s right above there. (Seriously, click that last link, they actually have a fashion show in that mall, it’s weird.)

Here are some pictures I took from the location.

img_3973img_3965 img_3966 img_3967 img_3968 img_3969 img_3970 img_3971 img_3972 img_3964 img_3963 img_3962

**If you go in there, mention you saw this on, no discount, but maybe they’ll throw me some free stuff some day to wear myself give away to you guys.**