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Unsavory But Not Illegal: Regarding Golden Knights’ Cap Circumvention

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Mark Stone returned to practice eight days before the playoffs, exactly the same number as last year when he went on to play in Game 1 of the playoffs and help lead the Golden Knights to a Stanley Cup.

Considering what Vegas did last season and were able to do at the deadline due to his absence, it’s understandable that the hockey world is quite skeptical about Stone’s situation.

Much of what is being said about it is simply ignorant, especially those suggesting the injury was fictional. However, that’s not to say there isn’t a valid gripe from those questioning the legitimacy of what the Golden Knights are doing.

At the trade deadline GM Kelly McCrimmon suggested it was “impossible to know” the timeline on Stone’s return. On the same day, he also declared Stone out for the remainder of the regular season, or at least the next six weeks. This allowed the Golden Knights to add three players, Anthony Mantha, Noah Hanifin, and Tomas Hertl, worth about $11 million in cap space. They were only able to make these acquisitions because they knew Stone would not return to play before April 18th which gave them the freedom to use his $9.5 million in cap space that was placed on LTIR.

Now, with Stone nearly back to action, it is clear there was at least a remote chance Stone’s 10 week injury could have healed a few days quicker and thus allowed him to make it back in time for the regular season. However, now that they’ve made the additions, they cannot activate Stone from LTIR. This is the genesis of where cap circumvention allegations come into play as a possibility. While the Golden Knights never wanted Stone to get injured in the first place, once it happened, they needed the injury to be severe enough to keep him out through the remainder of the regular season to benefit from it. So that’s exactly what they need to happen now.

While no one can prove Stone would have been able to play prior to the regular season ending, it is absolutely fair to ask the question considering the proximity to the end of the season. If he could play in regular season Game 82 and doesn’t, that would be against the NHL’s rules and the Golden Knights would be skirting the salary cap. As of right now, there’s nothing to suggest that is the case, but the argument will gain credence if Stone does indeed play in Game 1 of the postseason, as he did a year ago.

In the end, the rule is written with ambiguity and allows for this situation to occur. Heck, the Golden Knights did the same thing last year with the same player and did something similar the year before, also including the same player. The NHL has opened this loophole and despite it being fair to criticize teams exploiting it, there’s no way for the league to enforce the rule as they intended it.

So, yes, the Golden Knights appear to have once again purposely taken advantage of it and are likely bending the rule in their favor for the third consecutive year. And yes, Mark Stone has helped them by accepting the fact that they’ve made moves ruling him out for the remainder of the regular season even when it was “impossible to know” if he could have made it back. And yes, it does come across as quite unsavory, dancing on top of the line between cheating and trying.

But, it is what it is, and there’s not much anyone can do about it, unless the league decides to fix the rule.






  1. knights fan in minny

    who gives a damm

  2. jeffrey

    If you don’t take advantage of this bullshit rule then you ain’t trying. Tampa Bay did it for back to back cups. Colorado did it for theirs… and now VGK. Owners voted to keep the rule. Don’t like it? STFU lol

    • Bolts1

      exactly right. the owners voted again this past summer, after the hue and cry over the Vgk cup victory, and the owners and Gms all agreed to leave the rule in place as is.

      Unsavory my ass. Is healthy scratching a star player to rest him late in the season “unsavory”? because most teams are doing that every season.

      Kane in 2015 for Chicago, and twice in Tampa by their Gm, to do exactly what Vgk are doing. Those guys set the precedent and example.

      Eff the jealous whining crybabies around the league.

      • Brenda Logan

        Totally agree

      • Dave

        Not disagreeing with the rest of your opinion, but Healthy scratch is different, that player still counts towards the cap. LTIR takes the players contract off the books

    • John S

      For the record, Colorado DID NOT abuse LTIR to win their cup. They were just under the cap after the trade deadline. Nice try though….

    • Red Velvet

      100% agree. The only ones complaining aren’t VGK fans lol

    • Joe

      You should check your facts, chief. Tampa Bay made 0 deadline acquisitions during their first cup. They got Blake Coleman, and David Savard for their second. That’s not Jack Eichel, Anthony Mantha, Tomas Hertl, and Noah Hanifin. Not even in the same ballpark. That’s a 3rd pair D and a depth forward, versus a top paid D and three top 6 forwards. And they were trying to get Jake Guentzel as well. The severity, or legitimacy of Stone’s injuries really doesn’t matter. The fact is that they are blatantly exploiting it, year after year, and no one else is.

  3. former season ticket holder

    I laugh at all the weeping youtubes, especially all those angry souls flat out accusing us of cheating… awaaaa awaaaa

    • Emmanuel

      Its mostly fans from perennial losers like Calgary, Ottawa, Columbus & Phoenix that whine……

  4. Troy

    Seem like the same rules that the other teams in the league play by.

  5. Michael Dalsky

    Maybe a hybrid system of a cap and being able to go over at a cost.lose picks or something like that

  6. Jake

    “Healings” never have a clearly defined end state.

    In life or in hockey.

  7. Cole

    The legality part is what people need to grasp. Bozos saying this is “cheating” are simply unintelligent

  8. Will Pecos

    This article is written with the assumption that the league is not keeping tabs on team injuries and communicating with team doctors, viewing reports etc, to ensure no abuse of LTIR. If in fact the league isn’t supervising, and a team is willingly lying about ongoing injuries, then we would assume billionaire owners from other teams would sue for unfairly gained competitive advantage.

    Surely for any team to be unfairly over the cap in the playoffs in such a manner, (which in fact VGK wasn’t in 2023), a clear, organized deception would be at play, requring lying from players, doctors and managers. That’s an extraordonary claim, for which there has been no evidence. And no involved staff has leaked any wrongdoing to outsiders, probably because there is none.

    MANY other teams have players on LTIR going into the playoffs. Some front offices and owners don’t acquire players the way VGK does, a win-now approach. That seems to be the only difference, and why VGK gets the brunt of alleged LTIR abuse.

    • TS

      Will, logical explanation.
      This explains it all to the whiners.( get over it, already!)

  9. Will Pecos

    This article is written with the assumption that the league is not keeping tabs on team injuries and communicating with team doctors, viewing reports etc, to ensure no abuse of LTIR. If in fact the league isn’t supervising, and a team is willingly lying about ongoing injuries, then we would assume billionaire owners from other teams would sue for unfairly gained competitive advantage.

    Surely for any team to be unfairly over the cap in the playoffs in such a manner, (which in fact VGK wasn’t in 2023), a clear, organized deception would be at play, requring lying from players, doctors and managers. That’s an extraordonary claim, for which there has been no evidence. And no involved staff has leaked any wrongdoing to outsiders, probably because there is none.

    MANY other teams have players on LTIR going into the playoffs. Some front offices and owners don’t acquire players the way VGK does, a win-now approach. That seems to be the only difference, and why VGK gets the brunt of LTIR abuse allegations.

  10. Mike Guido

    When I watched an interview by Betman the LTIR is stricky monitored by the NHL. They have a 3rd party impartial doctor review and keep in constant communication with the doctors treating the player. Medical records are reviewed and the NHL has to approve the LTIR not the team. The team makes the request and after it has been reviewed it’s granted or denied.

    • Sb

      That is absolutely correct. The NHL is involved in overseeing EVERY LTIR. The team’s doctors submit their medical reports to the NHL and then the NHL has third party doctors review the medical report. A player only enters LTIR after the NHL in NY approves the request.
      To call this circumvention or loophole is 100% incorrect. It is NOT a loophole – it is a Rule that was instituted by the Board of Governors and approved by the majority of the then 30 general managers. VGK’s weren’t even in the League when these LTIR Rules were approved. Is driving 55 mph in a 55mph zone a loophole or Rule?

      • Jenny DiPlacido

        Man, you’d think the author would put info like that in the actual article…

  11. MikeStG

    Disagree completely with Ken’s latest piece. How can any team possibly know months in advance EXACTLY when a player might return from LTIR? I think if there’s a reasonable expectation he will NOT be able to return it’s a fair call to use the cap space. Chytil is skating now, Landy has been skating for a couple months, talk of Sergachev possibly returning. Will anyone criticize those teams if/when they return for playoffs?? The concept of being ‘able to play on Game 82’ is ridiculous.

    Also, 2 seasons ago Vegas did NOT use Stone’s LTIR and he returned to play the last 9 games of that season. Their expectation in that case was that he WOULD be able to return.

  12. Duckboy

    For all these fools complaining, imagine your teams key player had an injury and this rule
    Didn’t exist. Too bad for the rest of the roster and season ticket holders all because of an injury which is usually just bad luck.

    It’s making lemonade from lemons.

    The other thing is if the other teams didn’t like it they don’t have to trade with the knights.

    Stop crying and change the rule if you don’t like it.

  13. jeffrey

    I wonder how excited Deboer is to face his old buddies Stephenson Hertl Stone on that second line next week

  14. Scott

    Also, foleys still footing the bill. Not every owner would pay an extra ten million to add players even if it’s within the rules. It’s not like LTIR players don’t get paid too.

    • lexxi

      Exactly ^^^

    • Jake

      Foley, “If the cap was 200 million I would spend 200 million.”

      Other owners complain about the cap and “rules” that keep them from being competitive.

      Thus, the difference

      • John W

        Meanwhile, the VGK has gone up by more than 500 million in the 7 years of existence.

    • Bobby

      Good point.

  15. NAM

    Stone did come back in 2022 before the playoffs (which we didn’t make it to) and Vegas didn’t buy at the deadline. So it is completely dumb to include this year as a similarity.

    2023 sure you can say it is similar to this year though the players they actually put on the ice in the playoffs were cap compliant. Meaning they didn’t actually put 9 million dollars more worth of extra player juice on the ice. Knowing that doesn’t make this 2023 as violating as people (manly EDM fans) claim.

    2024 if they field their best players, all healthy, in the playoffs, then YES this team will be a super team, cap-wise.

    • GMKM

      In fairness, they did buy that year. Just happened in November. Guy was making like 10m. Wears #9 I think.
      The knights went into that season up against the cap. And when they traded for eichel they had no cap space to activate him if they wanted to.
      Stone got hurt. Eichel in. Then eichel hurt. Stone back in.

  16. JB

    Simply using a complicated rule to our advantage. The GMs want to have their best players on the ice come playoff time. Every team, with the smarts, would use this rule to their advantage as well, given the chance!

  17. TS

    The VGK didn’t make the rules, they took advantage of the SAME rules the other teams have. Yes, Ken used the word “unsavory”, which it might be to other teams. In Nascar’s history, teams that were smart, c
    innovative, and willing to push the rules ended up winners, but same criticisms came from other teams.


  18. Dean

    I still think the biggest circumvention of the cap is the Robin Lehner situation. Stone was definitely hurt. Sure he might have been able to come back a day or two earlier but every team plays this game (especially those that want to win). Meanwhile, I don’t believe Lehner was unable to play all this seaon at all. I just think the Knights realized it was mistake to ever have him on the roster and wanted him gone. They are simply paying him to stay away and calling it LTIR. I’m actually glad the Stone situation makes no one talk about this at all as I was always fearful this would get the organization in trouble.

    • TS

      Dean, yup, the Lehner thing is a mystery at this point. An entire season with no word about him. Mgmt has buried the entire story, hoping it’ll go away quietly, maybe? So where is Waldo?

  19. Mark Stone is the ultimate team player. He sacrificed his spleen to improve this hockey team this year. Last year it was his back twice. So does that make him captain and Assistant General Manager

  20. ThG

    people who call this a loop hole are like the idiots who
    think there are loopholes in the 70,000 page long US tax code.

    No such thing as loopholes, only whiners call them loopholes because
    they didn’t think, or couldn’t due their feeble situation, know how
    it works.

    Call 9 1 1 , no sign of TIMmAH, could be struggling on his lazy boy.

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    • knights fan in minny

      time to wipe out iran you watch the american hater talib will say iran is doing a good thing

    • Shawn Pursley

      Isn’t this a hockey website?

    • TS

      Yeah, Omnipotent Biden has control over the ENTIRE WORLD!! What a leader, ruling not only America, but the WORLD, finger on the BUTTON OF WORLD HISTORY. Master Controller. Are you SERIOUS??? Come on, man….

      • TS

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        • TS

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          • knights fan in minny

            nato is a waste of taxpayer money and ukraine should stop asking us for money zelensky is a crook shister

          • knights fan in minny

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          • Thg

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          • ThG

            Trump wasn’t working to disband NATO, anyone who believes MAD COW and her rants it a indoctrinated POS. Trump wanted everyone in NATO to pay their fair share. Stop watching fake news, all they do is work for the
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          • TS

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          • TS

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      • knights fan in minny

        joe is a mush head

        • TS

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          • knights fan in minny

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        • ThG

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  21. ThG

    this was so good I had to post it again !

    This is a loop hole >>>

  22. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Hey Ken, Gary Lawless did a way better job of addressing this stupid complaint by whiny fans. On March 10, 2024 Gary wrote:

    This and that: There is no such thing as salary cap circumvention. It’s a conspiracy theory invention. The CBA, agreed upon by ownership and the players, sets out the rules by which the NHL and the salary cap system are governed. There are no loopholes. They rules are clear and must be followed. They can’t be skirted or whatever specious verb one wants to apply.

    All teams must follow the rules in the same manner. What does vary, from club to club, are the resources managers have at their disposal as well as the skill of a team’s cap management staff.

    Owners determine how much money they are willing to spend on their team. Cap managers look for opportunities and ways to use the CBA to their advantage.

    There are no convenient injuries in the NHL. The league can and does ask for injury information on a regular basis. The use of Long Term Injury Relief is closely monitored.

    Unfortunately no one has sustained more injuries than the Golden Knights in the past three seasons. The CBA stipulates a team can replace injured players but must be cap compliant when they come off LTIR. So, for Shea Theodore, his 38 games missed happened earlier in the season. Vegas had to make sure they had cap room for him to return. Mark Stone’s lacerated spleen happened later in the season. Stone’s return from an internal organ injury is an unknown but certainly it won’t be in the regular season. So Vegas, within the constraints of the CBA, acted accordingly in replacing its captain who suffered a dangerous injury.

    NHL ownership is a competitive club of billionaires. They all want to win and are used to winning. They have legions of lawyers. They don’t let anyone get over on them. It just doesn’t happen.

    • TS

      Earl, Great explanation! Clears up a lot of confusion re: the Cap business and injuries. Thnx!

      • Earl the Replanted Transplant

        Thanks to Gary Lawless I can spam that on whiny Oiler fans who always say the same thing. Not the VGK’s fault that some owners aren’t willing to pay out of the profits to win. People may Complain about how the Vegas FO deals, but they are in the business to win and not lose. As a fan I appreciate that they make the hard decisions to do that. Proof is in the pudding, Cup in 6 and 6 playoff runs in 7 seasons. I applaud Mr. Foley for being willing to pony up the cash to allow them to do what they do.

  23. JV

    I find it hysterical when Canadian fans, especially Toronto fans, complain about this. It was Lame-O Lou Lamoriello that invented Robidas Island to stash LTIR cap hits in the first place.

  24. But on the hockey front where it really matters…and yes it was the practice the wife and i attended today with nary a seat to be had…the boys looked sharp and loose…high energy was exhibited as they actually practiced things that matter in a game…power play offensively and defending against…breakouts…line rushes..the full gambit…and oh yes the guy in the red jersey who received a very warm welcome was skating freely and interacting with evieryone on the ice and participated in all the drills…and is it even remotely possible…but removing that ‘alleged spleen’ haha…he actually looked like he was skating faster!!!…further on the hockey front….what avs team will we be facing off tomorrow against after their 7-0 beatdown at the hands of the jets!

    • ThG

      free donuts, free tacos, and chance to win free tickets is what caused the peeps to come out.

      • THg, I wasn’t aware of thst aspect cause I missed it, but glad to have gone to practice and tgen to Mackenzie River!!

        • Ladies and gentlemen.. boys and girls of all ages.. thank you Road Dogg…we actually have a hockey game starting in less than 2 hours that we have to show up for and continue gelling before we face our very likely first round opponent next weekend… Go Knights Go!!

  25. TS

    Dang, wish I had gone to practice today! Great to hear so many attended. I had to feel good watching the Avs’ beatdown,too. We’re not the only team that has lapses. Now, about those Dallas beasts….i feel that is our worst match up, hate the thoughts of playing them in playoffs..

  26. Will Pecos

    This article is written with the assumption that the league is not keeping tabs on team injuries and communicating with team doctors, viewing reports etc, to ensure no abuse of LTIR. If in fact the league isn’t supervising, and a team is willingly lying about ongoing injuries, then we would assume billionaire owners from other teams would sue for unfairly gained competitive advantage.

    Surely for any team to be unfairly over the cap in the playoffs in such a manner, (which in fact VGK wasn’t in 2023), a clear, organized deception would be at play, requring lying from players, doctors and managers. That’s an extraordonary claim, for which there has been no evidence.

    MANY other teams have players on LTIR going into the playoffs. Some front offices don’t

  27. Kensen I Diot

    This from Captain Face-offs Don’t Matter.

  28. JB

    Win or lose these last three games, I’m more interested in seeing how the lines are put together and D-crew sorted out. Ammo, Cotter, Howie, Marty and others will be fighting to stay in starting group. Not all of last years cup guys are going to play? I think Pavel has earned a spot.

  29. Tim

    Well THG I’m off my recliner ready to chime in on the world of hockey hate of the Knights. From the expansion draft where we took them to school to last years Stanley Cup they don’t get it. We have the best owner in Bill Foley who will do whatever it takes to win money is no object. Let’s get the gang back together for the first time this year. I don’t get the Petro situation is he sick or hurt or I know last year he took time off because one of his children had some health issues. Whatever it is I hope it works itself out and he’s ready for the playoffs.

  30. Pistol Pete

    First 64 NHL games:

    Reilly Smith: 36 pts (14 G/22 A) = .56 pts/game (+1)

    Pavel Dorofeyev: 31 pts (20 G/11 A) = .48 pts/game (+12)

    Do I think Pav fully replaces Smith at this point in his career? Absolutely not but think the potential is there. Like his goal scoring.

    • Pistol Pete

      Like too how defensively responsible Pav is as shown in his career +12. Cassidy has alluded to that fact more than once.

    • TS

      Pp, I may be wrong, but it seems like Doro makes bonehead moves resulting in penalties quite a bit
      Is he just a young guy still trying to impress, or inexperience, or???

  31. ThG

    get ready folks , this is getting worse before it’s getting better. Pray incessantly, pray pray pray pray for peace and end to Genocide’s Joe madness.

    • TS

      Pray for an end to Thg’s incessant anti- humanity RANTS! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY FOR PEACE!!!!

      • knights fan in minny

        its called free speech you dems dont want people to have it unless its good for the looney left

        • TS

          Free Speech for WHOM? Trumpets can rant like Karen’s, but no other?? It’s Free to some, right? Come on, play fair!

          • knights fan in minny

            how is that veggie joe inflation going making folks poor

          • ThG

            TDS much ?
            Biden is so called pResident, not Trump. Some people need therapy, lots of it.
            TDS = trump derangement syndrome aka moes following biden cult.
            Mad Cow = maddow on lsdMSNBC “network”, your hero. Stop playing dumb.

          • TS

            Mad cow is Maddow?? I did not know your ilk had named her that. You see, i’m NOT if your ilk, so all your name- calling is foreign to me. Only TRUMPETS are adept at personal attacks on the ” Others”.

  32. knights fan in minny

    who is between the pipes today

  33. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    This article was unsavory. Looks like something an Oiler fan would write. SMH

  34. JerryK

    Vegas has not done anything that any other team would do in the same situation. Stone goes out with a lacerated spleen. Maybe he’ll be back before the end of the season, maybe by the playoffs, maybe next year, maybe never. What should McKrimmon have done–nothing and just hope for the best? He did what any responsible GM would do–put Stone on LTIR and use the cap space to make trades to increase the chances of making the playoffs. As far as the timing of Stone’s recovery goes, I am reminded of the Bob Dylan lyric: “I can’t help it if I’m lucky.”

  35. Rob Hart

    I haven’t seen anyone else mention the fact that EVERY NHL playoff team exceeds the “Salary Cap”. After the NHL trade deadline, the maximum roster size of 23 active players is eliminated and thus allows an unlimited number of players on the active roster. Until the playoffs start though, they must still stay under the salary cap for the active roster. Now, once playoffs start, every NHL team recalls their top backup players from the minor leagues to start practicing with the starters to prepare them for next man up situations, thus activating 30+ players total or more is common practice easily raising their active player salaries an additional 5 to 8 million (theoretically of course since there is no paid salary during the playoffs). Since the CAP is calculated using activated players on the roster, not just the 20 players that skate during a game, I don’t see a single playoff team that doesn’t exceed the CAP. For those that don’t know, playoff teams are paid a lump sum the further they make it into the playoffs. The more they win the more money they make (although the dollar amount may be peanuts compared to their seasonal salaries.) I believe the VGK earned an extra $3.75 million in cash divided up between all the players for wining the Stanley Cup. The team gets to decide how the money is distributed. Some teams elect for equal shares, others choose differently.

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