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UNLV Hockey Earns Division I Status

Huge news from the UNLV Skatin’ Rebels today as the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) announced UNLV has been elevated to Division I status effective at the start of the 2017-18 season.

It’s a giant step forward for hockey in Las Vegas, not only for our program, but with the addition of a National Hockey League team, who have become a great partner and advocate of our growth. -Zee Khan, UNLV Hockey GM

On the ice this year the Skatin’ Rebels are flat out dominating. Sporting a 15-3-0 record they are ranked #1 in the ACHA D2 Men’s Hockey -West rankings.

Becoming the furthest west ACHA DI program, we look forward to providing an opportunity to play at the most competitive level in the ACHA, to a number of players looking to continue their playing careers. -Khan

Huge congrats to GM Zee Khan, head coach Anthony Greener, and the entire UNLV Skatin’ Rebel family.

Brand new NHL team, Division one college team, and massive practice facility to assist youth hockey. If it wasn’t clear before it should be now…

We are The Valley Of Hockey!

Note: The ACHA is an alternative to the NCAA. The Rebels have been competing in the ACHA D2.


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  1. Joe

    Can someone please tell Zee its “Vegas” not “Las Vegas”!?!?!? Seriously, Bill says us locals always refer to OUR town as “Vegas” so I don’t want Zee to stick out like a sore thumb. While we are at it, Zee really needs to shorten the name too. U N L V (You-En-El-Vee) Runnin/Skatin Rebels is just too damn long. Maybe shorten to just Vegas Rebels. That’s better branding in my humble opinion. It will connect better with the locals for sure.

    In all seriousness, congrats to the Rebels Hockey program and to all those bustin’ ass to make this happen. That is awesome!

  2. way to go UNLV.! A couple of the younger guys from my bi-weekly street hockey group are now playing ACHA D3 for Florida and Central Florida.

    Would be cool if one day UNLV gets to NCAA status like Arizona State did.

    Sun Belt Hockey!!!

  3. Slack

    We can now add words like Bemidji and Quinnipac to our vocabulary. Nice!

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