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Unique Offseason Situation In Front Of Golden Knights

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Typically, when a team gets eliminated from the playoffs, especially in the first round, the question that must be answered is “where do we need to improve?”

Look around the league. The Canucks have to feel like their scoring was not up to snuff, same with Los Angeles. Toronto has their eyes squarely focused on the defending. Carolina is probably looking at goaltending. Dallas, special teams (who’d have thought?!?).

It struck me when I read this quote about the GM for the Ottawa Senators.

(Steve) Staios has no desire to roll back into camp with the same roster because this club isn’t good enough. –Bruce Garrioch on

For Vegas though, that’s not how they feel going into this offseason. Comments from players, the head coach, and general manager all pointed down a much different path.

I believe it’s the best team we’ve ever had in Vegas. I know when I talked to our players today, to a man, really consistent messaging, a real feeling of missed opportunity, a lost opportunity, when you’ve got a team this good. We just didn’t quite have the time for it to gel. -Kelly McCrimmon

That might be right.

Despite starting on the road with many players coming back from injury and having never played together, the Golden Knights jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the series against the West’s #1 seed. They then pushed Game 3 to overtime and had a real chance to grab a 3-0 lead on the Stars for the second consecutive postseason. Even in Game 7, on the road, Vegas had multiple great chances to grab the lead with the puck on the sticks of their best two goal scorers.

Instead, their season ended by the first week of May for just the third time in seven seasons, and they have to assess what to do next.

Our first priority is to sort out where we are with our own guys. That’s what we want to do. That’s what we did last year after we won. We didn’t look to go to free agency, we wanted to keep the free agents we had. That’s where our priority will be, on our own players here, until such time that we have clarity on where we are there. Once we have that we’ll look to see what the needs are next. -McCrimmon

The answer to the question of whether or not the 2023-24 team was good enough will never be answered, but the same question about 2024-25 can.

Obviously it’s not possible to retain everyone from the team that boarded the plane out of Dallas on Cinco de Mayo. So, where will that leave the team that steps on the ice in October to begin Season 8? Will that team be good enough?

Literally 30 other teams are currently looking over their rosters right now trying to figure out where they can improve to compete at a higher level next year. The Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers have something else still on their minds, and then there’s the Golden Knights. It’s an interesting situation to be in.

The decisions that are made over the next few months will not reveal the entire picture for the 2024-25 Golden Knights though. It’s reasonable, maybe even likely, to believe that the 23-man roster unveiled for Opening Night will not be strong enough to win the Cup. There’s time, until the trade deadline in March, to keep improving and finally get them there.

If they were there at the end of last year, how close can they be to start the next one? That’s the burning question for the Golden Knights, and every single person who looks at the roster will have a slightly different opinion about.

If nothing else, it’s unique. From winning a Cup to going out in the first round with what was described as an even better team. There’s work to be done to get back there, no matter where you personally believe “there” is.

The next nine months will show VGK’s assessment of the situation. And the results will determine whether or not they were right in it.


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  1. ThG

    too many hot heads and bone headed penalties made the team go down the crapper this season

    their roster will be different next season due to stupid SAL CAP rules that penalizes teams that are doing a good job. and rewarding teams that don’t. Sounds like
    diversification quota crapola. Doesn’t it ?

  2. DeezNutz

    Minny is going to cry so hard if he doesn’t get Marner!

    • knights fan in minny

      fuck off faggot numb nutz are you going to run away and hide pussy boy

      • jeffrey m sutton

        Please do not use gendered language.

        • ThG

          what the hell is “gendered language” new age forum making up new rules for culture and decorum , what a forum fake ? You work for that other thin skinned feeble minded poster trying to mind control what people post here, against our free speech rights ? Next time try caps lock, and act like a raging lunatic.

          your post isn’t about hockey, whaa whaa whaa

          take your political crap elsewhere, wha wha wha.

          What a bunch of thin skinned lib tard whiners this forum has attracted.

          • TS

            Yet here you are again, whining and stomping your feet again. Soooo triggered. The thin- skinned one in Depends simply cannot accept ANY challenge to his CRAP Projection Master is at it again!.

        • NAM

          LOL fucking gendered language! Not sure to call you a fag or call you a pussy. Only one is actually a gender, ya know

          • Donald J Trump

            they were mimicking you, and it went over your head

            what a moe !

        • knights fan in minny

          let me guess you like mush head jo

  3. knights fan in minny

    crazy hockey buzz has utah in on marchy

    • Emmanuel

      Hes wrong so often I stop going there, kinda fun around the deadline though, rest of year its just made up stuff. The site is also very pro-statist, especially during COVID. Canadians gotta Canadian!

  4. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    We all feel like it is a foregone conclusion that Shea Theodore is traded but it may not happen. This could be the most unpredictable offseason in Golden Knights history. Jonathan Marchessault? Who knows? He is clearly on the radar but since it has not been done by now means they must be looking for something better. Martin Necas? Jake Guentzel?

    • knights fan in minny

      theo needs to stay

      • Emmanuel

        They should move TWO defensenen for forwards! hes redundant on the roster, especially as most teams use a F on both PP units.

    • ThG

      “We all feel like it is a foregone conclusion that Shea Theodore is traded but it may not happen. ”

      say what? That is oxymoronic statement, take a position, not a wishy washy “this may happen, or maybe not”. Isn’t there a cricket game on somewhere ?

  5. Henderson One

    The desire was not there this year.

    • Emmanuel

      No it was puck luck, they could have won that series. That being said, the bottom 6 and LW was not Cup contender quality.

      • ThG

        no it was stupid penalties

        no it was marchy missing the open net

        no it was the coach’s reluctance to match lines

        no it was stars fans booing Stone

        no it was the Stone hit that left him wobbly bobbly

        no it was, jinx by some writers around that focused on the VGK play stats, instead of the other team

        no it was the bad lighting in Stars arena reflecting light, and camera flashes off the slick ice into the players eyes , blinding them

        PS creepy joe is worst there ever was. He making up laws again, just like a dictator does.

  6. Edy Gaudioso

    I think we have the right guys to make a run again. The problem was too many injuries and not enough time to play together and gel. Try to keep the guys in tact as much as possible; I know it’s hard due to salary cap, but doing anything crazy makes no sense with a team that can still win the cup next year with current roster. Sign MARCHY NOW!!!

    • JB

      I agree Edy!

      • Emmanuel

        At any cost? hes not signed because he wants market value. VGK will pass on that. My guess is he asked for more than 4Y/6M$.

  7. Pistol Pete

    We need to look at the situation after free agency. One thing we know is there is not enough salary space to sign Marchy, Dorofeyev and Korczak making it a near foregone conclusion Theodore will be traded. My hunch is McCrimmon signed Hanifin to replace Theodore knowing he needs to trade Theo. How would Marchy feel knowing Theo was traded so he can stay? More than likely it sets up a case for replacing Marchy with a younger and hopefully equally potent version of him.

  8. Pistol Pete

    I am comfortable replacing Theo with Hanifin. It’s a viable switch which does not degrade the roster. Clearly McCrimmon has seized the opportunity to gain assets in trading Theo ,we will just have to see if extending Marchy is a. larger asset than replacing him with a younger player. I tend to think not.

    Clearly Stephenson, Carrier and Amadio are the victims of the salary cap crunch the fate of Marchy notwithstanding. Obviously McCrimmon replaced Stephenson with Hertl a solid move imo. Amadio, Mantha and Carrier will be replaced by Dorofeyev, Cotter and Brisson.


    Looks solid to me. Contender for sure.

    • Pistol Pete

      Some might question if VGK contends this upcoming season. We need Hertl to be a viable replacement for Stephenson and for Dorofeyev and Brisson as top nine forwards to continue to test a half a point a game. Of course the huge wildcard is Marchy, if he walks as I suspect and if so who replaces him as 1RW. If he stays I suppose it could remain business as usual. We will should find out perhaps before the draft how the Marchy situation will play out. One would think the most viable play for Theo will be ahead of this draft.

    • knights fan in minny

      not unless dorf and cotter take major steps

  9. Pistol Pete

    Per CapFriendly with Lehner on LTIR there is $6,197,516 of space.

    Trading Theo would add $5.2m bringing total space to $11,397,516.

    A Marner deal would require carrying back salary as there would not be enough room to extend Dorofeyev and Korczak. I have been assuming those two are foregone conclusions but we will just have to wait and see what McCrimmon comes up with. They’ll figure it out. This team will contend again.

    • ThG

      have you ever been right, about anything ?


      • JB

        Have you? :0

      • Pistol Pete


        Stone, Pietrangelo and Eichel. Is that enough? Humor me, anybody, in earnest every so often. Is it really so hard to do that, especially at your age where you carry with you a lifetime of wisdom? All I am doing is trying to exercise the art of being a knowledgeable fan and predict what McCrimmon is up to. Is that so far-fetched and unreasonable.

        • ThG

          throwing out players names doesn’t prove anything pete and repeat, repeat and pete, repeat

          popgun pedro

          but you are never right, you just pete and repeat.

          Pete and RePete went fishing, pete fell in the drink
          who was left?
          Pete and RePete went fishing, etc.

          why bother ?

          • Pistol Pete

            ThG if just once you could contribute a little informed popgun pedro type insight to this board it would be pretty amazing. If you can’t make any sense of my roster and trade projections you have no hope hockey wise. Take my Theo trade projection for example. You really don’t think that will happen with cap space sitting currently at $6.2m with a 1RW and two bottom nine forwards to sign? Is it not informed deduction on my part that Hanifin was acquired so Theo could be traded? And Theo will be worth more assets any trade in VGK history setting up a potential 1RW decision who may not be the turning 34 years old Marchy. You still have a brain ThG. Use it!

          • ThG

            I was first one to bring up possibility of THEO trade, theoretically. Generically.

            You just copied me.


        • TS

          PP, we all ( except the Disruptor)enjoy your informed, knowledgeable posts!! CARRY ON!!

          • ThG

            get lost creepy psycho stalker, you have nothing of value to add here, all you do is whine and complain

          • TS

            Oh, SNAP— Is the Disruptor whining about MY FREE SPEECH AGAIN?? Too damn bad that we ALL have that right, huh??? Got your Depends in a wad again??

          • ThG

            stalking is not free speech, moron

          • TS

            That is not whining, dude. That is my post showing my appreciation for REAL men and their astute, observant, well- Informed thoughts here. If you consider that a threat to you, POUND SAND!!

          • ThG

            your post is obviously harassment , stalking , and targeting
            that is illegal

            there is no way you can spin it, yet you try

            busted yet again

            sicko creepy psycho stalker

  10. ThG

    VGK in market for new ECHL team next year

    Florida Panthers Announce ECHL Affiliation with …

    18 hours ago — Ghost Pirates will serve as ECHL affiliate for the Panthers and the Charlotte Checkers (AHL)

    what the heck is a ghost pirate, anyway ???

    • A Fan

      Maybe the new ECHL team in Lake Tahoe?

      • ThG

        the knight monsters?

        Is Herman, Eddie, Maryln, Grandpa, and Lily on the team?

    • Pistol Pete

      ThG, and has anybody here other than popgun pedro made the valid observation Hertl was acquired to replace Stephenson as 2C = center depth Eichel/Hertl/Karlsson/Roy. One should not have to be Stephenson himself to be able to figure that one out. In fact from the time Hertl was acquired March 8, Stephenson including the playoffs recorded 14 pts (2 goals) in 23 games (.61 pts/game) vs. 37 pts in 52 games (.73 pts/game) prior to the Hertl acquisition, so it does appear his production declined once he learned it would be his last season in Vegas, and in the playoffs he recorded one assist. One assist.

      • pistol pete

        Now it is absolutely correct the Tomas Hertl we saw those 13 games is not the Hertl who was acquired. He could end up a bust but I am seriously doubting that. He was too fresh from injury mainly and just not operating near capacity plus a new team, new system and not able to come in full time as 2C at the time. He’s not as fast as Stephenson but he does not have to be. He’s an upgrade.

      • ThG

        stats tell you where you have been


        where you are going.

        I will say it again, too many variables at this stage to make any projections. You have Marchy stays versus Marchy goes. That is starting point. Then permutations from there.

        Anyone can play a guessing game, repeating the same old tripe over and over and over again.

      • knights fan in minny

        what are you saying chandler quit trying

        • ThG

          he doesn’t know what he’s saying

          i think he has dementia like his mentor, creepy joe

          • TS

            How curious, that the guy who whines and squawks about his OWN Free Speech, is harassing posters here for expressing THEIR Free Speech! Thin- skinned Disruptor has no appetite for others- Free Speech, so he harrasses others relentlessly, name- calling, h
            false accusations..yet, when another finds HIS HATE SPEECH abhorrent, he craps his deoends over it!! Double Standard?.YUP.
            Get over yourself, mister, you aren’t a REAL.GOD, DUDE. Delusional ?? YUP. Grandiose Self- anointed FS
            FAUX-GOD? YUP

          • Hits84

            I came on here just to read comments from an outsider POV and holy shit you by far sir sound like the most butthurt, backwards entitled man pussy I’ve ever encountered on a forum. It’s like you accuse others of what you are doing nonstop. I think you just randomly type nonsense in between giving MAGA rim jobs and whacking off to 90s Trump photos. It would suck if you actually attended games. Your vibes suck.

    • Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

      As someone who has been browsing this site for quite some time and only commenting recently, I would have to say that Pistol Pete is right far more often then ThG (the hockey god) Wasn’t the hockey god exposed for saying that Jonathan “Conn Smythe” Marchessault should be a healthy scratch in the playoffs?

      This is not an attack on the hockey god as I think he is knowledgeable as well just not as much as Pistol Pete. ThG insults people as a defense mechanism. Most who know this don’t really get bothered by it if they recognize the weakness. You told me to watch cricket? What’s next? Are you going to tell me to eat curry? ha ha ha

      • knights fan in minny

        you must like curry

      • ThG

        bull shit, I never said Marchy should be scratched. PP flips flops more on everything. PP insults everyone here with his inane posts, repeating same things over and over and over again.

        What is wrong with curry ?

    • Pistol Pete

      ThG, I do recall you were in the group of pre-Hanifin whiners complaining about Theo’s poor defensive play though you never substantiated that. It only became plausible after the trade deadline and later when Hanifin was signed that the intent is to trade Theo. I don’t recall anybody before myself now stating that McCrimmon traded for Hanifin with the intent of trading Theo. Of course it still remains just a theory albeit a plausible one imo.

      • ThG

        wrong again PP

        I pointed out how terrible Theo played in last quarter of season, and right during the playoffs. I pointed out he is likely candidate to be traded right after the playoffs. Then everyone else jumped on board.

        I also pointed out lack of time for team to gel, then everyone else jumped on board.

        I pointed out bad penalties during playoffs, then everyone else jumped on board.

        All you do is talk out of both sides of your mouth, which means you are bound to be right half of the time.

        You flip flop more than anyone else on this board, except for Timmah, but he can’t help himself because he needs a new lazy boy.

        Plus your hate on your co workers, you said you were smarter than them. And knowing how small this town is. They probably snicker at you, behind your back. You stated this in this public forum. Don’t blame me for bringing this up. You posted it. I just repeated it.

        now sit back and enjoy the music

  11. Tim

    I love how some actually post hockey thoughts which I thought this site was about and some just come on the site to irritate and make fun of people. Anyone posting hockey thoughts my hats off to you and you just coming on the site to irritate people do you really think it makes you a big man or women for that matter?
    There’s an old saying in sports ( Speed Kills ) and the Knights lack of speed against the good teams is there second biggest problem there biggest problem is lack of players who can actually put the puck in net. After last years snoozer season let’s hope we get a couple of forwards who can score.I could easily pick 5 or 6 Knights to keep and the others are just along for the ride. Like we used to say ( To Much Show and No Go ) and the Knights have a lot of that. I may be a baseball man but it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

    • ThG

      says the guy who posts about BASEBALL

      did you fall off your lazy BOY, yet again, TIMMAH!!!!

      What’s a Guardian ?

      • Tim

        Making a point I’m a baseball fan not only a hockey fanis in your mind is a derogatory statement on a hockey site pales to the lunacy you and posters like you bring to this site. Don’t we all have a Guardian Angel that should tell you all you need to know about the Guardians. By the way the Guardians are rolling how’s your summer going?

        • ThG

          says the guy who just made two derogatory statements

          sit back and enjoy your hypocrisy.

          Here is a song for you

          • TS

            How curious, that the guy who whines and squawks about his OWN Free Speech, is harassing posters here for expressing THEIR Free Speech! Thin- skinned Disruptor has no appetite for others- Free Speech, so he harrasses others relentlessly, name- calling, h
            false accusations..yet, when another finds HIS HATE SPEECH abhorrent, he craps his deoends over it!! Double Standard?.YUP.
            Get over yourself, mister, you aren’t a REAL.GOD, DUDE. Delusional ?? YUP. Grandiose Self- anointed FS
            FAUX-GOD? YUP

        • ThG

          There is already a team called Angels, in Los Angeles, well Ana slime. Try again, I am sure it has nothing to with Guardian Angels or the whacky left wing nut jobs would have been whining about it.

          Maybe the biker gang, called The Guardians ?

        • TS

          Tim, we ALL know and appreciate the Guardian name..only the Disruptor would find issue with a damn team name. Some would argue with ROCKS,mock everyone to hide their OWN insecurities, and relentlessly bully others here. MAD COW DISEASE, I’M GUESSING.
          BTW: RIP Willie May’s
          I grew up going to watch the Giants at Candlestick Park, watching him, Will “Supermac” and the boys! What a great time! I got to meet him in Vegas once, at a golf tournament. I wished him a happy 50th Birthday! He was friendly, happy to chat a minute, super gracious! He was as great off -field as he was playing!

  12. ThG

    STATELINE, NV – The Tahoe Knight Monsters announced today the team’s complete 2024-2025 game schedule for their upcoming Inaugural Season set to begin in October.

    The Knight Monsters will play a 72-game regular season schedule (36 home, 36 away). The team will play a family-friendly home schedule comprised of ten Friday games, eleven Saturday games, six Sunday afternoon contests, four Wednesday games and five Thursday games.

    All Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday home games will begin at 7:00 p.m., while all Friday home games are set for 7:30 p.m. and Sunday afternoon games start at 3:00 p.m.

    The team’s home opener at the Tahoe Blue Events Center is set for Thursday, October 24th against the Jacksonville Icemen.

    In addition to hosting all of their Mountain Division foes that is comprised of the Allen Americans, Idaho Steelheads, Kansas City Mavericks, Rapid City Rush, Tulsa Oilers, Utah Grizzlies and Wichita Thunder, the Knight Monsters will also play host to the South Division’s Jacksonville Icemen, the Fort Wayne Komets of the Central Division and the North Division’s Adirondack Thunder.

  13. Carl

    Cup winners are always the healthiest team. The VGK were not healthy much of the season, and on into the playoffs. Still, a 2-0 lead and lose? Maybe a desire issue?

  14. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    As someone who has been browsing this site for quite some time and only commenting recently, I would have to say that Pistol Pete is right far more often then ThG (the hockey god) Wasn’t the hockey god exposed for saying that Jonathan “Conn Smythe” Marchessault should be a healthy scratch in the playoffs?

    This is not an attack on the hockey god as I think he is knowledgeable as well just not as much as Pistol Pete. ThG insults people as a defense mechanism. Most who know this don’t really get bothered by it if they recognize the weakness. You told me to watch cricket? What’s next? Are you going to tell me to eat curry? ha ha ha

    • knights fan in minny

      are you trying to make friends yom

    • TS

      Sajid, Good points!! Agree totally. PP is a real fan. He attends practice regularly, communicates with the team, has REAL insight and up- to- speed info on the team. And instead of appreciating that, the Disruptor finds him a threat, and mocks him, it’s so obvious to everyone here EXCEPT him!

      • ThG

        says the resident whiner
        and complainer

        whaaa whaa

        cry like a baby

        grow up, psycho stalker creep

      • TS

        Notice how many here have been insulted by the Disrupter. Constant condescending, derogatory comments to other’s posters and opinions..will he EVER stop??

    • ThG

      bull shit SAJID i never said that, I said he was playing terrible and had to get his act together. And he was playing terrible at that point in time.

      Learn to read English, how is your curry today ?

  15. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour


  16. ThG

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  17. ThG

    Indian poster here exposed as liar ( I like curry too)

    from archives

    Salcolm Mubban
    Never thought I would say this, but I would argue that Marchessault has been a tad less effective than Kessel in this series. Give him a rest day

    APRIL 27, 2023REPLY

    “THE hockey GOD
    sb welcome to jungle, I agree no. 81 is a ghost in playoffs. And he’s a hot head, leading to uncalled for “retaliation” penalties. But Butch won’t sit him.

    APRIL 27, 2023REPLY

    Next time get the right Hockey God because there were many others posing as the Hockey God, including but not limited to THE hockey GOD, the HOCKEY god, God, among others.

  18. ThG

    Dems marxism, and anti American agenda exposed. Why do they hate America so much ??

    It’s no secret that Republicans have been pretty outraged over the caliber of people being picked by the Biden administration. From cabinet members to judicial seats, it appears to many as if the people running this White House are looking for the worst of the worst.

    Throughout this term, Republicans and even some Democrats have lambasted many of Biden’s nominees. Some of these people are blatant activists for radical causes.

    Even Bernie Sanders has criticized some of Joe’s picks. Yet again, the Biden administration wanted to put a “committed Marxist” on the judicial bench; if that happened, it could have meant disaster for the many cases he presided over. Republicans revolted against this appointment — and as a result, Schumer was forced to do this.

    From The Hill:
    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday pulled a planned vote on Mustafa Kasubhai’s nomination to be a district court judge in Oregon.

    Kasubhai has garnered intense opposition among Republicans, who are hoping to tank his nomination. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) panned Schumer on Monday…

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    Biden—or better put, one of Biden’s handlers—nominated Mustafa Kasubhai to be a district court judge in Oregon. Republicans rebuffed this judge, calling him a Marxist who pushed “passing fads of woke politics.” That was coming from Mitch McConnell, who has often been in the doghouse among many ardent Republican voters.

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    Key Takeaways:
    Schumer pulled a planned vote for a Biden court nominee, Mustafa Kasubhai.
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    Democrats failed to get enough votes to pass the nominee, forcing Schumer’s hand.

    • TS

      Have you noticed how many posters the Disruptor has mocked, ” corrected”, bitched at or about?? And this is just ONE day. He’axan equal- opportunity Offender, going after multiple posters at once,
      Fighting his imaginary war on multiple fronts.
      REAL men don’t have the need to constantly blast others on order to prop themselves up. REAL men don’t act like children, stomping their feet, throwing tantrums because someone disagrees with them. REAL men don’t BULLY. REAL men don’t threaten, call names, accuse others of unspeakable things, just to get stroke his own ego. REAL men get along with others. YOU are a MAN- CHILD. GRIW UP AND STOP YOUR MADNESS!!

      • Donald J Trump

        Has anyone here noticed how many times TS has stalked, harassed and targeted the same individual over and over?
        I see one person defending themselves while being mentioned by others. Another poster even mention to the Kampour fellow if he’s here “are you trying to make friends”? It is pretty clear this TS person has likely English comprehension issues.

        Maybe an intervention is in order ?

        I see a person with likely serious comprehension issues and obsessively compulsion disorder? !

        • ThG

          Thank you for pointing out the obvious. Surely one of those “unsophisticated” , dare I say dumb a$$, posters that Ian warned us about awhile back on this site.
          Or in need of therapy ?

          Clearly on path to this, if things don’t change soon and some good therapy is received>>>

        • Betty Boop

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    • TS

      Are those ” bad actors in the Biden Admin. Anything like EVERY director of EVERY agency that Trump appointed as ” Acting Directors”, skirting those pesky VETTING rules??? You know, all those unqualified, clueless, fake “acting directors” that Trump hand- picked??

  19. knights fan in minny

    trading has startd

  20. knights fan in minny

    cheap fakes is this all the pathetic dims have

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