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Undisciplined Golden Knights Better “Get Our Friggin Heads Out Of Our…”

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Last night’s 4-1 loss to the Florida Panthers was another game the Golden Knights would like to forget. The reigning champions put themselves in harm’s way midway through the 1st period with their lack of discipline. The Panthers took advantage of their initial power play in the opening period and continued through their first man advantage in the final period. It was uncharacteristic, unfortunate, and ugly.

I think our power play sucked the life out of us. Your top guys are on it and those are the guys that make it go. Our best players got out played on special teams by their best players. From there we weren’t able to get our game back. I didn’t speak to the players afterwards but maybe they can answer why they couldn’t get back to their game. Or if they were stuck on failed power plays. -Bruce Cassidy

Beginning with William Carrier’s 1st period tripping penalty, the home team had difficulty bailing out goaltender Logan Thompson all night. Thursday’s loss marked the third time this season that Vegas committed more than seven penalties in a game. The reigning champions are 1-2-0 in those games, losing both to Florida. Perhaps the Golden Knights should have been more prepared for a murky game considering they fell into the Panthers trap less than two weeks ago.

20 guys come to the rink every day. Everyone has to play better. The forwards have to play better. The D have to play better. The goalies have to play better. -Mark Stone

Florida tagged Vegas for three power play goals, accruing one in each period. The Golden Knights penalty kill couldn’t clear out in front of the net and their power play was hopeless. On the flip side, the Panthers were 50% on the power play and 100% killing penalties. If the percentages were slightly different, the local club might’ve been able to close the gap. However, that would have taken a full 60-minute effort.

We better get our friggin’ heads out of our… if that’s what we think we’re going to be perfect every night. There’s not a perfect team in this league. Get back to work and win a game five-on-five. Kill the next penalty and bear down. We weren’t able to do that. -Bruce Cassidy

Since December 12th the Golden Knights have missed out on 12 standing points, taken more penalties than they’ve drawn, and are -7 in power play goal differential. Clearly, VGK’s PP and PK have hit a wall.

While we’re at it, let’s add Vegas’ struggling 5-on-5 to the list. Over their last seven contests, the reigning Stanley Cup champions are averaging 2.14 goals per game and are allowing 4.14 goals per game. Scoring has dried up since mid-December, and defense and goaltending haven’t made the difference.

There’s going to be lulls in the season where the intensity doesn’t match the other teams, but this has been way too long. -Bruce Cassidy

Vegas’ Stanley Cup-winning coach is frustrated with the funk his club is currently stuck in and hopes to work things out by Saturday’s matchup against the New York Islanders. New York has also been struggling since mid-December, but it hasn’t been due to inefficient special teams. In that span, the Islanders have recorded four power play goals in 22 opportunities while allowing four in 26 penalty kill attempts. Both teams are in the middle of the pack in PP% and aren’t all that good on the PK%, so it’s likely Saturday’s game against New York will come down to who wins the 5-on-5 battle. This should make Cassidy, Stone, and the fans feel better about snapping Vegas’ latest skid.




Cassidy Says VGK Have To Get Closer To Being A 60-Minute Team


  1. ThG

    coach is losing it

    when he called time out,drew up a play, the players did not execute it. Not like they had a chance to execute. They were set up in the zone, twice. And did not execute. For some reason they lost their composure.

    Why ?

    Florida made some changes to their d from last year, they got rid of that goon and signed a six foot five d man who played for rangers last year. They got bigger.

  2. David T

    Stupid penalties is what’s killing this team. They continue to commit penalty after penalty after penalty. They are fast sliding from QST to worst. Unacceptable.

    • Roger Wilson

      Yeah I can’t believe this team has got this bad this fast. The cup win was so sweet and now looks like they may not even make the playoffs. I’ve loved these guys like a brother but any NHL team that can’t score on a 2 minute 5 on 3 I mean come on give me a freakin break. It’s a shame. I just hope they don’t take it out on Bruce because it isn’t his fault. Have they lost the drive to win? Of course the injuries don’t help any but this goalie situation is ridiculous. Why can’t these young goalies stay healthy. I just don’t get it. Well I guess all the Vegas haters out there are lovin it. I’m from Chicago and of course they turned into a joke. Just it would never happen with this team. And they got booed yesterday. Never thought I’d see that at t mobile.

  3. David T

    Meant, 1st to worst.

  4. Erik d

    2 biggest issues are missing the dynamic player that Theodore is. No one is capable of replacing him. Pietro is good but from the offense standpoint Theodore outshines him(obviously Pietro makes up for it defensively). While Pietro is our best defensemen Theodore is close second and with this teams offense his being gone hurts the offensive side.

    The other issue is missing hill, from the start of the season to hills injury I’ve felt the 2 goalies were interchangeable and we had a great chance to win with either. Now since Thompson has had to take a lion share of the work we are almost always seeing 1 “wtf you gotta stop that one” goal a night. I don’t know why because clearly Thompson is better than that from previous showings but right now without hill goaltending has become an issue.

    At the end of the day this team will be playing games after the regular season so this doesn’t matter much if these 2 come back and the team straightens out from there.

  5. Danny Gallivan

    the PP has to have 2 one-timer specialists on the circles, and the Vgk don’t have one on the right circle, like Draisaitl.

    the PP also has to have a quick passing qb at the point who has a decent shot to keep the opponent coverage honest. Petro is too slow with the puck, he dusts it off first, and his shot too often misses the net and ruins the PP mo-mentum.

    and the zone entry is too robotic and predictable and everyone is standing around.

    and the PP needs a goalie screener and rebounder in front of the net. Stone stands off to the side, he does not screen the goalie, instead he tries to stuff a shot in with long reach, but he is not as effective as he could be if he got in front of the goalie .

    now the PK………the PK needs forwards who will go down and block shots from the point.

    standing around with one hand on the stick and allowing shots from the point and passes thru the seams from circle to circle is the Vgk PK story, and it is an ugly sight. it shows a definite lack of intensity and desire and frankly looks like soft, weak sauce effort in PK situations.

  6. Frank

    Too many pieces missing tonight and too many AHLers….. No consistency breeds mistakes, couple that with a poor penalty kill and sometimes shaky goaltending, and here we are. I dislike all the gloom and doom on this board tho. Long season. They will get it right.

    • TS

      Frank, you nailed it. Too many pieces missing, too many rookies trying to fill the shoes. The young guys are simply outmatched– Men VS Boys. The mixed- up lines are a mess. LT is just not our “A” Goalie, and it is costing us. Until we get our “A” team back, we’re gonna lose more games… WE NEED HILL!!

  7. vgk21

    Congratulations to Team USA for their big Gold medal victory in the World Juniors !!!

    Outstanding effort by those kids.

  8. Mike Summerhays

    They need to “up” the intensity! Was at last nights game and they out skated all night. Slow and lethargic. It’s a long season for all these teams not just us. Come out Saturday and play like it’s the playoffs! Let’s frigggin GO!

  9. DeezNutz

    The players simply can’t score goals on a consistent basis so until they figure out how to score goals like NHL players they will continue to lose these games. We’ve seen long extended goal droughts for many years now. I think the GM needs to strike while the iron is hot and trade every player up for a raise next season and swap them out with faster and more offensively talented players. This team is boring to watch on most nights.

    • knights fan in minny

      how do you know they will get better by making a bunch of trades you panic way to much

  10. Emmanuel

    I hate to bring this up, at this point its possible they miss the playoffs. The WC teams have less games played, just saying……..they better get their act together SOON.

    • knights fan in minny

      sur they could miss the playoffs do you really believe they will

  11. JB

    Congrats to the US juniors !

  12. ThG

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