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Understanding Ownership’s Role In DeBoer Firing

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The Golden Knights have officially made their first big move of the offseason. Firing head coach Pete DeBoer is a clear sign that despite the consistent injury excuse Vegas found 2021-22 unacceptable.

Following the year, The Creator went on record saying he was going to be more vocal and proactive in helping his team regain their identity.

I’ve always been invited to all the meetings. They take my input, but I try and stand aside when everyone is convinced something needs to be done. This time, after all these years, I’ve got a few specific ideas of things that I believe need to be accomplished. If I’m being very transparent, I’m going to be active. –The Creator to LVRJ

In the same interview, he took one type of adjustment to the team off the table.

Foley said he met this past week with general manager Kelly McCrimmon, who will return for his fourth season in that role, and does not anticipate dramatic changes to the roster. –Dave Schoen, Las Vegas Review Journal

The biggest move a team can make from a non-player perspective is removing the head coach. Vegas did that, so naturally, it makes sense that it came from the big man himself. Those suspicions were confirmed in a recent article from The Athletic.

Several external sources suggested the main impetus for the coaching change came from owner Bill Foley. –Eric Duhatschek, The Athletic

But then there was the press conference with Kelly McCrimmon explaining the move. And in his words, it didn’t go that way at all.

I mentioned at year-end availability that there would be meetings with myself and Pete that would follow over the next couple of weeks. That’s exactly what happened. Also, I had discussions with George McPhee. We deliberated on this long and hard. We did not make this decision quickly. Once George and I were aligned in terms of what we thought the best course of action would be, we met with our owner Bill Foley late last week. Bill offered his support for the decision. -Kelly McCrimmon

He doubled down on it later when asked specifically about The Creator’s more vocal role this summer.

He’s included in everything we do. This decision is a real good example where after George and I made a final decision we went to Bill and Bill is supportive. So that to me will continue. -McCrimmon

This is almost identical to what was said following the firing of Gerard Gallant too.

Bill Foley’s been a great owner. This decision went from George McPhee and myself up to Bill Foley, not the other way around as has been suggested by some. –McCrimmon in February 2020

Historically, The Creator has been consistent when describing his role in day-to-day operations of the organization. Like McCrimmon detailed, he’s always said that while he’s around and is willing to offer up his opinions, he rarely steps in and tells anyone what to do.

They come to me with their proposals on who to trade, what to do, what we’re going to get, what we’re not going to get. But I try and let the guys in charge, they’ve been delegated the authority and the responsibility to make the decisions. It’s only on maybe trades that I start having some input and I try to be careful about it. If I particularly don’t like one of their ideas I say, ‘I don’t think I can do that, I just don’t know that works for me.’ That’s how I get involved on the hockey side. –The Creator on Cam & Strick Podcast in February 2021

Ownership’s more proactive role will have an impact on the organization moving forward. Maybe it happened here, maybe it didn’t. Maybe it will happen with the decision on who is hired next.

We haven’t put any work into who those candidates are yet. These are independent decisions which the offseason allows you to do. -McCrimmon

Either way, no matter who is running the show, or how exactly the choices are made, only one thing counts going forward. Getting it right.


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  1. Roberto

    Tangential to this story, when Foley speaks of the loss of identity, who does he think is responsible? I get that the coach is the easiest change to make, but what of the McPhee and McCrimmon? Did anything about them have anything to do with the quality people they had leave, get to leaving?

    Have heard from different people that Kerry Bubolz is a good dude, and he’s running biz opps. Are there changes expected of him? Who’s creating the culture there and who’s being held accountable? Seems like an important part of the puzzle, if it’s something Foley wants addressed, who’s doing the addressing?

    I know, given how the team communicates, we’ll likely learn this from an interview someone on the teams has with an obscure podcast out of Moose Jaw, but figured I’d ask here.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ roberto, there is no culture, it takes years to build a culture. The only thing that is consistent is that Foley has made VGK the laughing stock of NHL. The guy is clueless or brain dead from drinking too much of his fruit juice.

    • THE hockey GOD

      — i prefer to listen to podcasts out of Flin Flon Saskatchewan

      ok ?

      • THg – are you like most Americans who have no idea where Saskatchewan is let alone Flin Flon. I noticed that someone also referenced Moose Jaw in a post which made me smile and I questioned if they were like you who just saw it on a map. Maybe there are a couple of Americans who have some idea about the country to the north. Doubtful but possible I guess – wonders never cease.

        • Ulf

          hdbiker – I think THG is Canadian as he’s been spelling colour with the U in the past

          • ulf

            although Flin Flon is in Manitoba…

          • THE hockey GOD

            i stand corrected Ulf flin flon is in manitoba ! My bad, I grew up in a border town and have been to Canada many times. We had access to Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts on Saturday night with Foster Hewitt when the Leafs were playing, and Danny Gallivan/Dick Irvin when the Habs were playing. And many other Canadian TV stations which were much more risque than American TV at times.

            Despite what many may have heard, I did not go there to “dodge the draft” or “avoid the war”. Those rumors are not true at all.

            Traveled mainly in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia.

            I can spell center, centre.
            And check= cheque, but i don’t like french fries with mayonnaise. I remember Toronto had sub shops on every corner BEFORE TIM HORTON’s took them all over.

            doncha know ! , ehhhh ??

          • ULF – Did you look on map to find Flin Flon or are you one of the few who know something about our neighbors to the north.

          • THE hockey GOD

            actually I was partially right, it’s on border

            Flin Flon is a mining city, located on a correction line on the border of the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with the majority of the city located within Manitoba. Residents thus travel southwest into Saskatchewan, and northeast into Manitoba

          • Ulf

            hdbiker – I’m gonna officially out myself as someone born in Canada. Flin Flon is a place not many have gone but everyone knows the name

          • ULF – I don’t recall saying you were born in Canada I simply said you appeared to have some with knowledge of our friends to the north. Concerning THg being Canadian because of his spelling ne just gets confused occasionally – well maybe all the time – occasionally was being kind. Like his dream of living on a boat over in California – getting old is not for the weak at heart but is a privilege, I guess. Keep the Atlas handy you never know where THg wants the knights to move to next. LOL

  2. Blitz

    I think people are reading too much into Foley’s comments. My guess is he has always let KMGM do what they think is best even though he has disagreed. I am sure MAF is the biggest example of that. He regrets not putting his foot down and he should. So if he wants to make sure the two dumb asses don’t do stupid shit I am all for it. No way in hell he becomes Jerry Jones etc. It’s 100% clear that KM doesn’t give a shit about team image, fans, chemistry, etc. Foley absolutely should care those things and he said as much. I would imagine his involvement will be to force the 2 dumb asses to think about those things in all decisions.

    As for firing PDB, who knows. It could have easily been Foley telling KMGM to figure out a solution to the non-injury issues and chemistry issues. I think a directive came from him. I don’ t necessarily think it was “fire peter”. It might have been, “if you need to fire him do it, but figure the shit out, dumbasses”. At least that is what I would have said.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree blitz, “who knows” is best said. KM said something else.

  3. Julie

    I think we should all sign a letter to Foley and tell him Kelly McCrimmon needs to be fired.

    Not saying it will do anything but he listened when the LVPD wrote him about the cancelled game & lack of support for police when Reaves et al supported the guy that beat his girlfriend and was taken out by the police.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i think we should all sign a letter telling foley to resign and sell the team to someone who knows something about being an owner for a sport’s franchise.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    funny thing is that is not what KM said, he said he made decision, convinced MM to go along, then they brought it to Foley.

    the time line in this article does not add up.


    “I’ve always been invited to all the meetings. They take my input, but I try and stand aside when everyone is convinced something needs to be done. This time, after all these years, I’ve got a few specific ideas of things that I believe need to be accomplished. If I’m being very transparent, I’m going to be active”

    stand aside ? This guy is a very weak owner, very very very weak.

    The owner needs to be fired.

    • Blitz

      You are correct and I remember, KM said he made the decision, took it to George, then they took it to Foley. However, I don’t believe any thing KM says. The guy is a walking bung hole. He may look like Stuart Mackenzie, but no where near as cool.

      “Look at the size of that boy’s heed. I’m not kidding, it’s like an orange on a toothpick. That’s a huge noggin. That’s a virtual planetoid. Has it’s own weather system. HEAD! MOVE!”

  5. Rick

    There is one HC available who fits the criteria laid out by Ken in his recent pod. A players coach almost in the extreme with a creative up-tempo offense known for it’s forecheck and attention to detail who’s won everywhere he’s been. It’s Jim Montgomery if his alcohol problems are behind him. I doubt he’ll be interviewed but he’d be perfect schematically.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Foley probably put out a feeler on a possible coaching change but on the basis the determination would be made by McCrimmon and McPhee and delivered to him. Just as it should be and McCrimmon made the right decision. Foley would have gone with the decision either way.

    • Pistol Pete

      I’m sure McCrimmon made the right call on Gallant too. My sense is that at the time Gallant did not bring enough on-ice structure. He was more or less strictly a players coach, a good motivator. Players liked playing for him but he relied too heavily on them playing by instinct and working out the on-ice strategies. He probably learned from his season 2 and 3 mistakes here and developed a more sophisticated approach with the Rangers.

      • Rick

        Gallant ran a simple 1-2-2 forecheck (executed about as ferociously as has ever been seen in the NHL) because he had very little high end talent and he knew it. He’s used a different approach in NY because his roster construction is vastly different. Gallant has forgotten more about hockey schematics than Kelly McCrimmon learned in his 26 freaking seasons laboring in the WHL. I’m not a VGK fan so I don’t spend a lot of time bagging on McCrimmon but sheesh.

      • PP – in all due respect why oh why do you continually defend these morons in the front office. There time has passed – yes the knights need a new voice – not at the coach level at the GM and above level. They have created this mess so logic states they are the ones to go. Get a grip man you obviously are smarter than you appear with your posts. Reality not rose colored glasses will go a long way to show you are smarter than you appear. Please just stop defending these criminals – I doubt you have a law degree just like you didn’t have MD behind your name where Eichel was concerned. Ask yourself what was a more enjoyable team to watch yr 1 with something to prove under GG or teams the following years including year 5 with a bunch of overpaid players in many cases with little to prove. Loosing this year was probably the best thing that happened only if it opens the eyes of the people who can correct the situation. I can assure you that is not the splash brothers.

        • Pistol Pete

          Hdbiker have you checked your clock recently? We have been down this dead end road before.

          • PP – did they fire PDB before May 16, 2022??? What dead end road are you referring too – if you truly believe that is the case reality is a foreign concept to you. By the way where is your post on hiring the ex-panther coach post I noticed THg said it is still up – I am disappointed to think you will be leaving this site because not everyone believes as you do that sounds like a rather childish thing to do.-

          • biker one final word on our posts to one another. They are a stupid waste of time. Not because I don’t agree with you most of the time, they’re repetitive and break no new ground. A dead end road.

            Everyone does not have to agree with me the conversation just has to go somewhere and ours do not.

  7. PDB – was the fall guy for the mistakes the splash brothers have made. Until Foley acts like the owner and fires McCrimmon he is nothing more than a figure head. The exit press conference with PDB spoke volumes about the situation and he held himself and the coaching staff as responsible as the team for what went on. I am not a PDB fan but It would have been to his benefit if he had been that forth coming during the year. He acknowledged mistakes McCrimmon just never makes any according to him. McCrimmon is just a two face lying individual who doesn’t know what the truth is. When you look in the mirror and lie to yourself that’s a good indication you have no idea about truth .

  8. Pistol Pete

    Imo McCrimmon is batting .1000 on the coaching changes. Good decisions and obviously McPhee thinks so too. Personally I want Q if Q does. If they do it the right way such as a PC with him, Foley, McPhee and McCrimmon they can deliver it in a way a significant portion of the fanbase will accept, in fact I believe over time even some of the more conservative fans will come around. Winning will go a long ways.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    the biggest tell, or take away , in story for those interested in what will change next year is statement that basically says “there will be no major roster changes”. Which mean we are stuck with team that is prone to injury and
    likely have no foreseeable prospects coming up the pipeline.

    Translation: it’s going to worse or same as previous season. And Smith is gone.

    • Jeff

      So in other words you’re ready for a rebuild and AT LEAST 5 seasons with no playoffs and losing records when we have a team with enough talent to make a serious run over the at least next 2 seasons if we get some grit, some health and some bounces from the hockey gods? Everyone is so ready to see a front office change. The first thing a new FO does is clean house and start from scratch to build the team he wants. No new GM is keeping the current roster in tact and taking responsibility for it. He’d pick a few players…probably Eichel, Theadore, Petro to build around and flush the rest. Everyone crying about losing all the first year players can say goodbye to Karlsson and Smith. He may keep Marschy because he score but at the same time he’d get the biggest return for him do he’d probably be gone too. A new GM changes the path of this team instantly and for long term. It means not winning for a long time.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @Jeff , very insightful comment. Foley can not afford to wait that long.

  10. Thg – what makes you think Smith is gone or at best going.

    • THE hockey GOD

      HD biker
      Foley ” does not anticipate dramatic changes to the roster.”

      he’s 10 million over the cap, there has to dramatic changes to the roster.

      FOLEY has no idea what SAL CAP means, he’s part of the problem not part of the solution.

      If RL is gone, that’s a dramatic change
      If Boris, Janmark and Crousant are gone, that is a dramatic change to line up.
      IF marty retires or smith signs elsewhere, that is dramatic change to line up.

      I guess I am stuck on the word “dramatic’.

  11. VGK fan in Summerlin

    Well Barry Trotz is probably a super long shot to get at this point. He interviewed with his home town team today – Winnipeg.

    I can imagine the thought process for him – hmmmm should I take the job with the team that employed their last coach for 10 years and would have for another 10 had he wanted to stay? Or should I go with Vegas, who fires it’s coach every 2.5 years despite achieving outstanding results. This is gonna be a tough choice.

    You think Mcmanagers understand what they’ve done to destroy the attractiveness of this coaching job?

  12. VGK fan in summerlin

    Does anyone find it ironic the Bill Foley/citi national bank commercial that runs constantly during the games???

    Foley says trust is the most important thing in building a business. Really, trust is your most important thing? And you’ve built a team where no one trusts that you will be loyal to them anymore. Filet has to get a grade of F in trust building within his organization these past 5 years.

    • MariaLV

      Summerlin – every time the Foley commercial is aired during a game, I say the same thing to my husband, we have a running joke over it. My joke is…Trust is the most important thing except when you tell the face of the franchise you’re going to retire in Vegas as a knight…

      I wonder if Foley understands how many VGK fans in Vegas watch this commercial and roll their eyes.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    Cookie “chainsaw” Randolf , of KGB radio San diego here, your local sports announcer.

    Nicolas Roy, Zach Whitecloud and Logan Thompson were selected by Hockey Canada to compete in the annual event for the first time in each of their careers. Through three games in the preliminary round, they’ve helped Canada to a 3-0-0-0 record for first place in Group A. Canada has a tournament-best 16:5 goals-for to goals-against ratio.

    Roy has put up three points (1G, 2A) in three games so far in the tournament to rank tied for third on the team in scoring. He potted Canada’s fourth goal in a 6-1 win against Italy on Sunday. Whitecloud hasn’t registered a point but has a +3 rating from Canada’s blueline and has helped the team hold opponents to just five goals through three games.

    Thompson has started two of the three games for Canada and has posted a .928 save percentage and a 2.00 goals-against average in his pair of wins. He made a diving save against Slovakia that caught highlight reels around the hockey world.

  14. Obvious

    You can’t believe a word 2 faced foley, the fat bastard mccriminal or mcphukup say.

    Masters of spinning their lying bullshit.

  15. Obvious

    No way a coach will dare come to this 3 ring circus with less than a 3 year contract knowing dam well they will be made the fall guy by fat bastard and be fired after a year or two

  16. Original 6 ✅

    i just read all these comments and & only laugh my ass off. So i’ll be the the one to say it to all u Foley critic experts. You couldn’t hit yourself in ass with both hands and know nothing about being a owner ! First of all it’s the first pro team brought to vegas. a gambling city ! Second of all his fee to buy in as an expansion team is enough to keep u from doing it ! Now in less than 5 years there’s a team with great success that teams a jealous of ! It took the Hawks 50 years an original 6 to win the cup again. Blues 53. yr. Toronto which hockey is there religion haven’t won since 67. then panthers at 26. Took the Damn Cubs over 100 years and Red Sox 86. Since He brought a team here there’s the silver knights now and hundreds of kids leagues with both girls & boys on them ! Now the amount of Jobs that come from all these leagues & teams ! When you go to games there’s nothing like what u see their to the point other teams copy ! Not to mention it brought the residents & country to back them after the slaughter concert shooting ! Vegas born People buying Knights clothing & plates on there cars & learning & watching the best sport in person to see! Then got Mc Phee to do magic and put the team in the stanley Cup it’s first year ! It easily could of been like Seattle! the odds on the knights were ridiculous high to be just OK ! They rose up and over performed ! And in less than 5 years you clowns bash Foley ! Tell you what, go open up a business before u talk out of your ass about Foley. Basically your opinion on something you no nothing about or had the balls to do in life pretty much sums up how much you don’t know ! Why don’t you just shut your pie holes and take it for what it is which is nothing more than a game for entertainment! I like to Thank Foley for taking his money he earned thru his hard work and brought a NHL team to Vegas which made other owners like the raiders to do the same and probably more to follow. Thank You Thank You. Thank You.

    • Original 6: So many positive things have come because of this team!! But also SOOOO MANY really ANGRY fans! It’s easy to be in the recliner, bitching about EVERYTHING regarding the team. A bit harder to remain positive about the current situation. BUT: as you reminded us, the VGK has had an improbable WINNING start to a long team life!! What a run we have had! Spoiled, fans expected this EVERY year, which is unrealistic. We need to remember just how difficult, if not impossible, to win a CUP. Other teams know it. Other fans know it. Vegas, show some appreciation for ALL THE POSITIVES THE VGK HAVE BROUGHT TO VEGAS!!

    • DC

      Original6: Well said.

  17. Trotz and Lehner
    Robin Lehner has had a 12 year NHL career, his best season ever was with the Islanders when he went 25 – 13- 5 for 55 points with Trotz as the coach. Despite having his best season and really wanting to stay with the team the Islanders didn’t resign him and he went to free agency. I have to think that Trotz had at least some input on that decision. The idea that Trotz would agree to coach a team where the management expects a Stanly Cup with Lehner as the #1 goalie at a $5 million cap hit is silly. (The same holds for any quality coach with a brain that looks at the job)
    For those of you who are falling for McCrimmon’s Lehner fantasy please go online and search “Robin Lehner stats”. See if you can find ANY evidence in his record that he has the ability to play an entire season while leading a team to the cup.

    I am not saying that Lehner is a bad goalie, he deserves to be in the NHL as a backup at 1.5 to 2 .5 million. Our best move would be find some team that would take him off our hands while splitting the cap hit 50/50. That would free up 2.5 million for us and eliminate our current goalie controversy. Then we hope and pray that Thompson is the real thing.

    • THE hockey GOD

      hey DOC is back, there is some truth in your post. He (RL) did very well as back up to MAF, for , what, one year ?

      Thompson needs more seasoning, like a marinating steak.

      And to poster about FOLEY doing all these great things. Yes he did those things. But he also F’d up MAF deal. No owner in his right mind would say to a player that they would retire in their city ! That is so naive, I don’t know where else to go with it. Then he let them fire GG. I met GG at the rookie tournie a few years back. He’s a decent person. He’s a paper owner. Clueless about SAL CAP, clueless about running a sports franchise. He is no Eugene Kline, Charlie O Finley, Connie Mack, Al Davis, George Steinbrenner ( ou know, George, as painful as it is, I’ve had to let a few people go over the years. Yogi Berra, Lou Piniella, Bucky Dent, Billy Martin, Dallas Green, Dick Hauser, Bill Virdon, Billy Martin, Stump Merrill, Billy Martin, Bob Lemon, Billy Martin, Gene Michael, Buck Showalter… Uh, tut! George, you didn’t hear that from me. [George exits] George!) You know if there was new Seinfeld and Foley was character on it, I would think that guy from McHale’s Navy would make a good actor (long dead) for Foley’s role.

      Flynn was actor who played Capt. R.F. Binghamton, U.S.N.R. on McHales Navy.

  18. What’s Wrong with People?

    Just love how someone who disagrees with a comment immediately goes extremely personal, spewing insults that those he disagrees with are losers and morons. It’s a microcosm of why are society has degraded to where so many are tribalists who sling hatred towards one another online.

    Differences of opinions are ok, comments that express them are ok. Differences in general are ok. They don’t warrant hatred and insults for their mere expression. When one spews hatred and insults it doesn’t really make the object of the derision look stupid, petty and small but exposes the one who is spewing’s true character.

  19. Pistol Pete

    This board has become a complete waste of my time. Time has finally come to get my VGK info elsewhere.

    • When my post advocating the feasibility of hiring Quenneville gets deleted because it conflicts with the administrator’s opinion on the matter, that’s underhanded, not unlike what McCrimmon is constantly accused of being. Time to move on.

      • “potential feasibility” is a better phrase to use in discussing the possibility of selecting Quenneville.

        My apology in advance to the moderator if it was a technical glitch that caused the post to disappear. It was up initially. I saw it.

        To repeat the essence of my post, if management and Quenneville can reach an understanding on what happened and offer him the position, they can craft a comprehensive statement, holding a press conference with Quenneville, Foley, McPhee and McCrimmon. This would also be an opportunity to get a fresh start in general and air out the recent contoversies. Imo many fans, as some here have shown, advocate Quenneville as the best coach available bar none. Some conservative fans may have an issue with the hiring but some/many will come around if he wins. Winning trumps all.

        • Original 6 ✅

          @ Pistol Pete. your 100% right and i seen what he has done and what Tallon did and they even fired Dennis Savard HOF to put Q in. I’m originally from Chicago. and the hawks had many coaches including Sutter. i go as far back as Billy Ray. so when i see what Q does and how he coaches and figures out how to beat Teams especially in playoffs. Nobody more qualified. and remember knights fans when Trotz was with Nashville. he couldn’t beat Q. So if Foley really trying to Win in 6 years he’s your man. !!!!!!!!! Most wins of any coach except scotty Bowman. folks. and he won 3 cups with a cap max team and would of one 4 if the kings Martinez shot didn’t go off Leddy arm past Crawford in gm 7 OT. Kings breezed thru Rangers in 5. that year. People. rally for Q and make Fromt office squirm light up knights twitter and SinBin. with Q. and u might actually get to see the knights back to true form.

      • THE hockey GOD

        it wasn’t deleted

        it’s still there.

        Moderator does not delete posts. I thought one of my posts was deleted. But then I looked and it was under another news story.

        your positive vibes are appreciated.

      • Howard

        Huh? Ken and CO. NEVER DELETE posts. You probably made an error. Man oh man!

    • Pistol Pete

      In listening to Kelly once again I see competence and mainly straight shooting. He’s disrespected for straining the cap and a couple trades that have not proven to be successful. That is the best I can figure it. I have emailed him three times receiving a reply once—the reply was thoughtful and to the point. He rarely if ever makes a major decision without going through McPhee. Therefore criticism of him applies to McPhee. Now you have too very experienced guys being labeled incompetent. And with Foley too ignorant to make a change. Not altogether plausible.

      • THE hockey GOD

        PP the buck stops at the grape stompers door. Al Davis would not have made these bad decisions.

        BUST or BOOM !
        We are now in BUST times, everyone knew the score.

  20. The REAL hockey god

    Only reason this franchise has had ANY success is because of FLEURY.

    Also ridiculous that an expansion team with this much early success is on it’s THIRD coach.

  21. THE hockey GOD


    Mark Stone underwent a successful lumbar discectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins, IV at Cedars Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital. He is expected to be ready to play for the regular season.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Lumbar discectomy is a type of surgery to fix a disc in the lower back. This surgery uses smaller cuts (incisions) than an open lumbar discectomy.

      • THE hockey GOD

        How long does it take to recover from a lumbar discectomy?
        Lumbar Microdiscectomy Recovery Time

        Driving and light activities can typically be resumed after about 2 weeks. Routine activities, such as work, school, and/or hobbies may be resumed within 6 weeks. Strenuous labor or contact sports may be recommenced after 12 weeks or longer.

  22. THE hockey GOD

    the last time Mark Stone checked anyone was when he wrote a check
    for his wedding.

  23. Mctavish

    How can a team that is so successful in it’s first few years of existance be going on it’s third coach already? Just pondering.

  24. Chuckles

    So what’s the over/under how the long number 3 stays? I give it less than 3 years again.

  25. Richie-Rich

    Well, certainly he (Foley) kept quiet when he should have stopped the firing of Gallant, the Lehner offer, and the eventual way Fleury was flushed.

    Kelly McCrimmon – IS THE PROBLEM.


    Both Gallant (60.1% winning record) and DeBoer (65% winning record) were not the problem despite both having issues of their own to resolve. Kelly McCrimmon obviously does not understand or even comprehend the importance of team identity, chemistry and locker room cohesiveness.

    I have heard many of you on here talk about how teams have huge turnovers in personnel. But rarely does that include the number of KEY players on the team, and usually is just the bottom 6 skaters. The Avs lost Grubauer due to CAP issues, but seem to have done well with the replacement.

    McCrimmon made a complete stain in the crease when it comes to goaltending, and it won’t be easy to fix.

    Then there remains the matter of the 2022-2023 roster challenges.

    Foley fired the wrong guy in my opinion.

  26. Galdom

    Ladies and gentlemen. I think it’s time to chill out a little bit. I know some of you wanted the complete front office fired but the team didn’t just stand idle and do nothing. They did fire DeBoer who may or may not have been the problem. (We will find out if the special teams get better).

    It’s not healthy to be extremely negative all of the time even if there’s a good case for it to be justified. Let’s see what next year brings.

    • THE hockey GOD


      my prediction from Major Hoffsetter a few weeks ago who is often quoted as yelling “HEADS ARE GOING TO ROLL” has come true. Unfortunately.

    • Thanks for the reality check, Galdom. At the end of the day( or the season), IT’S A G-A-M-E. Not the end of the world as we know it. A GAME.
      Enjoy the Playoffs!

  27. Obvious

    2 faced foley could care a less about anything as long as the tickets sell

    In investment banker fashion he will shovel the bullshit all day long … as we have all seen and heard

  28. THE hockey GOD

    See new Tweets
    Justin A. Cohn

    Multiple sources: Four-year affiliation between Komets and Vegas Golden Knights, which included Fort Wayne’s 2021 Kelly Cup, has ended. Vegas is partnering with expansion Savannah Ghost Pirates. Coverage, with some possible affiliation options for K’s:

    What’s a ghost pirate ?

    Is this some reference to Black Sails pirate cable TV series??

    ghost pirates, golden knights; no connectivity between the two. What else is new?

    • Blitz

      I think Ghost Pirates is an awesome name and they have an awesome logo. I may have to buy a shirt or something. If they were in California they could call them Butt Pirates. Ha, California, what a joke.

      Anyway, not sure this affiliation really means anything for VGK, maybe HSK. Just always seems like the ECHL is far removed from the NHL.

  29. knights fan in minny

    bowness quits dallas

  30. Obvious

    Watching McDavid play and remembering how he and eichel were back and forth the number one pick that year is crazy. Eichel isn’t even close to the same player. Not even in the same ballpark. One of the oilers few picks they managed to get right. And to think fat bastard is paying eichel more money than McDavid …….

  31. Chuckles

    Loved Bob Crane’s Heroes drum roll. Major Hochstetter didn’t own an Irish Setter. No more escapes from Stalag No that’s VGK. ACHTUNG. VERY interesting but stupid! Wrong Show. Sorry Charlie.

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