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Two Team Town Should Motivate VGK To Win

Today could be a big day in Las Vegas. Sin City’s second “big day” in less than a year. I’ve come around on the Raiders potential move. (Note: This is Jason, Ken has definitely not come around. I’m sure he’ll have something to say soon.) At first, I was concerned it would impact the growth of the already established Golden Knights. However, I’m not as worried anymore. The Knights are already in development and ready to take center stage this Fall. Nothing can stop the swell of VGK excitement now. The hockey growth began almost a year ago and its building by the day. 

One issue that concerned me the most was the local interest after the Raiders relocate. Of course, the NFL steals headlines from the other major sports and it’s already happening here. If it wasn’t for the and the occasional RJ article, you would barely see local coverage of the Golden Knights. I’m sure it’ll get to The Creator at some point, but it could motivate him and his team. Nothing frustrates franchise owners more than lack of press. No matter how well teams play, the Rangers, Yankees and Lakers will constantly steal attention from the Islanders, Mets and Clippers. That type of lopsided attention will keep some owners up at night. 

Let’s use Boston as an example. Nothing concerned Red Sox Owner John Henry more than the success of the upstart New England Patriots in the early 2000’s. When he bought the team, the Red Sox were the king of the city. The Pats, Celtics and Bruins shared one sport page, in both newspapers. Losing steam to the Pats, Henry knew he had to win the World Series. The success and attention of the Pats and Sox even trickled down to the Celtics and Bruins as well.

The healthy competition of all four teams ended up victoriously for each franchise. That can happen here in Las Vegas. We’ve heard The Creator’s desire to win, another franchise moving in won’t distract the new owner’s pursuit of winning the Stanley Cup. In fact, it could motivate him even more. Being second fiddle will eventually tick him off. Winning is the cure for that which was the original plan anyway.

Las Vegas will be a great two-team town. And by the way, it could work both ways. The Davis family will be treated like royalty for the time being. It could change quickly if the Raiders have losing seasons. Late season lack of interest can hurt the bottom line. If that happens to the Las Vegas Raiders, panic will ensue. At that point, Marc Davis will be the Golden Knights biggest fan. Another team winning will help keep angry fans distracted. If he’s smart, in the offseason he should trade in his Black and Silver for Black and Gold.


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  1. 006

    It should motivate them to change the name of the team as well.

    Las Vegas Knights.

    Las Vegas Raiders.

    Simple really.

  2. I know one thing the landscape of Las Vegas is about to change in a major way. This city could really blow up over the next 10 years with the addition of 2 pro sports teams. I’d be willing to bet that NBA is not far behind either.

  3. PhiSig 150

    In light of the Raiders move I wonder if Foley regrets not involving the locals in the naming of team and not aggressively promoting the club thus far. Still have 2 to 3 years before they officially move here I hope Foley uses the time wisely because what they’ve done so far just won’t cut it.

  4. Cappy

    There will be an arena in place. Here comes a basketball team, and maybe arena football.

    Next comes a baseball team with an enclosed park. Of course Pete Rose should be their first manager…. just because, well, you know.

    Boom! Vegas becomes a major sports town.

    Football stadium = major concert venue.

    Hockey & basketball arena = same.

    Enclosed baseball stadium = same.

    Casinos shouldn’t protest major concert venues. Chances are good that people would come from out of town to attend the concerts BECAUSE it’s Vegas, and stay for a few days for the same reason.

    It’s a great time for the Vegas tourism board.

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