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Twitter Space w/ Jesse Granger Pre Game 4 VGK vs MTL – June 20th, 2021

The Golden Knights are starting Robin Lehner over Marc-Andre Fleury in Game 4. So, Jesse Granger from The Athletic joins me to talk about the decision. We’re also joined by poker superstar and VGK diehard Daniel Negreanu.

Most of the episode is on goalies but we touch on the power play as well as make predictions for Game 4.


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  1. Tim

    One small error do you think with less then 2 minutes to go as well as we played for 58 minutes that was one small error that cost us a 2-1 lead. Fleury laughing off the gaffe probably pissed off management and and DeBoer and if Lehner would win tonight who would start game 5. I’ll be out with family tonight so I won’t have to go through the pain.

  2. Howard

    The goalie switch is being done for mental reasons. MAF simply shits the bed constantly at The Bell Center. His error last game was mental. Also, Habs don’t generate a ton of shots and Lehner is better with rebound control than MAF.

    Lehner is more a quiet goaltender who struggles when he’s forced to make multiple saves in scrums. In my strong opinion, this is the right move for this particular game.

    MAF will be back in net game 5 no matter what the outcome tonight, he’s the #1 guy but he’s also an older goalie. Needs a break notwithstanding the other reasons I mentioned.

    • THE hockey GOD

      nice assessment Howard, hard to disagree, hope push button pete pushed the right button here

      happy fathers day

      PS Doc is probably dancing in his basement, or maybe his son’s attic ?

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        GO BOYS!

        GO PANDA! Prove the haters wrong, big boy!

        I don’t have a son, or a basement. Better come up with better than that!

  3. Regardless if they win tonight or not switching to the walrus is just a bonehead move and knee jerk reaction. Talk about creating unnecessary drama similar to the situation last year. If one error causes that much reaction you might as well replace the entire team as they are far from perfect in their performance. Score some goals, check somebody begin to play like winning is important would be a huge start, correct the pp or fire the guy who was hired to fix how bad it was and is 10% pp performance will never raise the Cup or will knee jerk reactions.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Always with negative waves, Moriarty, ALWAYS

      Fleury needs a day off some time, and this is a TEAM game. He’s 36 years old, he said his legs were getting tired. He is needed in GAME FIVE at home. Let’s see how Walanda does before we throw the baby out with the bath water. I expect redemption and a HUGE EFFORT ! How about some positive waves?

      From nbc sports edge:

      Chandler Stephenson C, Vegas Golden Knights
      Chandler Stephenson (upper body) didn’t take part in Vegas’ morning skate ahead of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Semifinals.

      Stephenson has missed the last two games because of an upper-body injury. It has been reported that he currently isn’t with the team on the road and that he is dealing with concussion-related symptoms, but those are unconfirmed. All the team has said is that Stephenson is listed as day-to-day. No. 20 was not at practice today. Likely in VEGAS.

      Robin Lehner is in the starter’s net at practice Sunday.

      This is somewhat of a shock as it was assumed that Marc-Andre Fleury would get the start for Vegas on Sunday. While Lehner is in the starter’s net, there is no guarantee that he will get the start at this time. Lehner has played only once in the playoffs, giving up seven goals on 37 shots to Colorado in Game 1 of the West Division Finals. Stay tuned.

      Tomas Nosek RW, Vegas Golden Knights
      Look for Tomas Nosek to center the Golden Knights top line Sunday.

      With Chandler Stephenson out of the lineup, the Golden Knights have went through Nicolas Roy and Keegan Kolesar as well as Alex Tuch in Games 2 and 3 before settling on Nosek later in Game 3. Nosek will center Mark Stone and Max Pacioretty and could be a nice pick in DFS, playing on the first unit.

      Robin Lehner was the first goalie off the ice in practice Sunday.

      That is extra evidence that Lehner could indeed get the start in goal for Vegas as he was in the starter’s crease as well. Marc-Andre Fleury gave up a horrible goal Friday that allowed Montreal to tie it up with less than two minutes to go in the third, in a contest Montreal would win in overtime. Lehner has played only once in the playoffs, giving up seven goals on 37 shots against the Avalanche on May 30.

    • Julie

      HD, it seems to me if the rest of the team played better, scored more, resolved Price, and maybe a PP or two, Fleury wouldn’t have to work as hard. I’m thinking PDB planned this earlier but now, doesn’t have a choice really. Fleury needs a break now. However, the MC knows Lehner can’t get into position as fast as a tired Fleury. So, this game could be a cluster if the rest of the team fails to put on a stellar performance.

    • Julie

      HD, did you see the “Bring back Flower” signs in the crowd? That’s a good sign :). Even in Montreal, and they are dressed up as flowers.

  4. I believe in Lehner, it may or may not be the right choice ~ but he’s a weapon. I, also, would really like to see Glass get in, our power play needs help.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Tim wrote
    ” Fleury laughing off the gaffe probably pissed off management and and DeBoer”

    That is impossible because the starter goalie was obviously determined prior to players taking ice before practice because Lehner was in the starter goalie’s net and Fleury in back up. And when Fleury was in back is when he did his imitation of flubbing the goal behind the net and doing his antics. Lehner was also first off ice, indicating he knew he was starting. So your postulation is not true. Sorry. The time line in today’s practice session does not support it.

    This is how rumors against FO get started, and by media mob reading too much into unconfirmed anonymous “rumors”.

  6. The walrus a weapon guess you don’t know how to spell liability. I have seen him called many things but none come close to weapon

    • THE hockey GOD

      i hope he doesn’t shoot himself in foot, hold his stick upside down, or let’s one in off his helmet

      dun dun dun

    • Julie

      Lehner 7.1.25 is a weapon against Vegas. :). DeBoer must believe now that when Fleury says his legs are heavy, after battling hard against Minnesota and Colorado, he needs to listen. He needs Fleury in Game 5. He can afford to lose a game tonight, but he can’t afford to lose Fleury. We might solve some things tonight, if so, it’s a bonus. I can tell that the team supports Lehner, but they love Fleury. It’s how they talk about them. Going back to Vegas, the crowd will want Fleury in the net. Unless there’s a good reason not to, PDB should have learned from last year. I actually think this was all planned earlier, regardless of what happened Friday. Just my two cents. 🙂

  7. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Tell me again, how some of you are really Knights fans, with all this negative talk about Lehner?

    Where’s the support for “YOUR” team?

    Hilarious! ha ha

    • Howard

      Lehner is actually better suited for This specific game. MAF needs the rest physically and mentally + Habs don’t put too many super high danger chances on goal + Bell Center, a place where MAF continually shits the bed. I just hope Lehners head is screwed on right for the game in a few coming up here! If so, he’s a good goalie.

      • Julie

        Howard, do you mean Fleury has a record of mistakes in Montreal? I agree on the Lehner bit and think this was planned much earlier than Fridays game.

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