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Twitter Space – Stone’s Back Problems Return w/ Dr. Pinegar

Mark Stone has been declared week-to-week and the Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli confirmed it’s once again an issue with his back. Dr. Pinegar helps us understand what is possibly going on medically and then we discuss where it leaves the Golden Knights in relation to the playoffs and the Stanley Cup.




Eichel Must Lift Teammates With Stone Out; He Hasn’t So Far This Season


  1. Jailbird

    If Stone is out long term, again, then we are in big trouble. I’m not sure the Knights can regain their team confidence again? Either they pull together and play their asses off or we may see repeat of last year! Jack is talented but not really a leader? Who’s going to step up and drag this team forward?

  2. Tim

    Mark Stone is a good player and a better trade made by the Splash Brothers giving Erik Branson and a second was well worth it. Stone has a lot of miles on the body and it looks like it’s breaking down. Unfortunately hockey is the one sport you can never know who’s starting tomorrow because injuries are just to common. Like I’ve said before people come to watch stars play not AHL players and this product is so diluted Bill Foley has to be pulling his hair out.

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