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Twitter Space Pre Game 7 Golden Knights vs. Wild – May 28th, 2021

We’re all about Game 7 on this one. We look at the style of play we expect from Vegas, dive into the goalie decision, consider the doomsday scenario, make predictions, and more.


Pete DeBoer’s Time Is Now




  1. Pauly

    Biggest game in VGK history…lose this and the mystique and allure of the VGK saga is gone from what Gallant and the Misfits started…they become just another playoff choke team…

    Knit all the small dog sweaters you want, buy all the made in China plastic birds you like, call players “cute and adorable “ to your heart’s content, but the truth is this – PDB ruined SJS and NJ with fake “success” and those clubs never recovered…he is a bad fit and a terrible excuse making tinkerer…

    If they win the Avs will absolutely crush VGK, but at least there will be hope…lose tonight and all hope is lost.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      You are such a F*ck up! Take your idiot shit somewhere else!

      • Pauly

        You small dog sweater, oh flower is soooo cute fake know nothing fans are hilarious!

    • THE hockey GOD

      take it easy Pauly, FO did the ruining not push button Pete.

      now are you going to churn the siren tonight or are you going to be standing in front of line at the Palms ??

    • Howard

      Pauly – I wasn’t aware PDB signed a known often injured Dman to a huge $90M deal, and also signed a way overrated Kane to $50M + thus hamstringing SJS for years to come.
      No, SJS front office did that as VGK FO here is making the similar mistake. Look, PDB isn’t a perfect coach, he has his faults and perhaps you might have a point about NJD, but he’s done a pretty good job here, I just don’t think we have the depth talent on par with AVS or a Tampa Bay.

      For me, I see the team construction here being poor, VGK fo going on a WANT spending spree instead of spending on what THEY NEEDED, like Centering for instance..

      No one should blame Petro. He asked for what he asked for, and dumbass VGK fo gave it to him.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    Will they be the GOLDEN AGE HERO’s or just a bunch of Gold Brickers ?

    Inquiring minds are patiently waiting for FACE OFF TIME.

    The fans in Nashville were unbelievable last nite. I wish the VGK fans had their own chants.

    go knights go is a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Google islander chants , let’s come up with some better ones.

    • Howard

      THE hockey GOD << my favorite poster on here. Batshit crazy and perfectly sane at the same time, lolol!

  3. THE hockey GOD

    ok i got a couple
    spin off of islanders josh baily chant:

    I wanna know

    We want the AVS
    bam bam
    bam bam bam
    we want the avs
    bam bam
    bam bam bam

    sorry that is best I can do under the circumstances

  4. Ron thompson

    Is number 67 going to play tonight?

  5. Tom

    I wish the NHL would do what the NFL does. List the injury……how hard is that? Patches is either hurt pretty bad, or concussion protocol. Stop with the day to day stuff. He never even went to MN on either trip.

    • THE hockey GOD

      what for, are you a spy for the other team ?

      Why give enemy information they can use against the team and specifically against that player which may lead to further injury?

      Furthermore players, like employees are team and company assets. Which would devalue the player and overall team value, as well as potential trade value.

      How do you know he didn’t travel with team ? Push button Pete said he was game time decision many times, if he wasn’t with the team how can he be a game time decision? He was also noted as practicing in one of games on the road.

      Doing so , is just plain stupid.

      • Yeah that argument is kinda bull crap. Other teams release injury statuses. Tamp does, and they’re the best team in the league. You think the lightning care whether or not you know about their injuries. No, they don’t.

        Keep drinking that Kool aid though. You’re the loudest person here so you think you’re the table captain. I’m thoroughly unimpressed.

        • THE hockey GOD

          last night’s game was a perfect example of why you don’t do it !

    • Howard

      Ok, I’ll try again and u can believe me or not. It’s his shoulder – same issue as last year. NHL doesn’t list specific injuries because they DON’T WANT THAT INJURY TARGETED WHEN THE PLAYER COMES BACK!

      Max can play now, but based on last year. VGK would rather hold him out, hence, GAME TIME DECISION.

  6. Howard

    Well these were my picks before round one of NHL playoffs, so I’ll stick by them;

    I don’t pick number of games winners in NHL, because it’s incredibly stupid to try to predict that in hockey. Here are my winner predictions moving to round 2;

    Wild (Yes, VGK will be out here, too many injuries) – to be determined but sadly, Wild aren’t Canucks, they’re a lot better so I will stick with them here in game 7. VGK’s puck cycling, what Ken calls the “suppression game” (Beta team) which is really just a possession game, is AHL quality losing hockey. The best teams (alpha teams) take chances (See Tampa Bay) – Ken is right about VGK having best goalie – trust him and take those chances. Sadly, I don’t think VGK and will learn from their mistakes. VGK has THE SLIGHTLY better talent here though.

    Avs – right

    Caps/Bruins – too close to make a call now that Vanachek is out. Before his injury, would have said Caps = NO CALL = NO RESULT.

    Pens – WRONG. Hard to see Jarry shit the bed like he did before this series started. Legendary poor goaltending approaching Pekka Rinne status.

    Canadians (Toronto will crap the bed again) – to be determined

    Hurricanes – Right
    Lightning – Right

    Jets – Right and Jets are the real “dark horse” here because of their size and physicality. Their goalie is capable of “standing on his head.” Winnipeg is a lot better and more talented than most think.

    • THE hockey GOD

      your buddy daryl and his brother daryl and his other brother daryl says you can’t use “injury as an excuse”.

      I am flipping a coin on this game, heads came up that means VGK wins.

      I like Canes over bolts. (Canes won that game because their best, and star, d man got taken out of game in third period due to injury, although you can’t use that excuse. But it definitely cost them that game.) Canes may have found a goalie to
      take them over top, if not then Bolts cruise.

      islanders over bruins.

      avs too early.

      loser leafs over habs; although i like jets overall in this division, but too early to make prediction.

      • THE hockey GOD

        clarification> canes won in OT due to predictors best d man taken out of game due to injury. That was one exciting game last time in Nashville.

  7. Richard Santomauro

    VGK had the same problem last playoff cycle. Scoring in the playoffs. Shut out twice this series already, the VGK have been largely outplayed by the Wild. The 22 to 1 shot period was VGK we’re all used to seeing, but they simply have not been able to maintain that level of intensity for 60 minutes, ore even 30 minutes.

    Tonight will be interesting. We’re all going to see whether this team has the heart and desire to go out there and play at a high level for a full 60 or for however long it takes to win this series.

    The Wild have already proven they have the heart and desire by battling back in back to back elimination games.

    The heart of this team is Mark Stone. The heart and the desire has to be sparked by his leadership on the ice. A healthy Max Pacioretty will certainly be a welcome sight in game 7.

    I’d like to see the VGK go back to the experiment of Tuch playing Center on the 2nd line and move Wild Bill to the 3rd line.

    It’s go time for the VGK. All of the major player moves made over the past few years are going to be graded and scrutinized after tonight’s contest. As a decades long fan of hockey and of the VGK, I am hoping for a series in round 2 between the Av’s and our Golden Knights. It will be very disappointing to the entire organization and the fan base in Vegas and around the globe if they fall tonight. If they do, let’s not just criticize our VGK, but credit the Wild for having our number. The Wild have been kryptonite to the VGK. I think the VGK split with Colorado this year and I am very much pumped to see us play them in round 2.

    But first.

    Win Game 7.

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