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Twitter Space Pre Game 6 VGK vs MTL – June 23rd, 2021

The Golden Knights truly have their backs against the wall here needing two wins to keep their fourth season alive. We review Game 5 to look for issues that plagued the Golden Knights and possibly solutions for Game 6.


Golden Knights Beating Themselves As Much As They’re Being Beaten By Montreal




  1. Ken

    4th season lol

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    Just get it to game 7, boys.

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    OK boys, So a number of people here are giving up on you.

    They have about half of you being traded!

    And THESE are Knights fans?

    I don’t think so! ha ha

    Ignore the noise and just play hard tonight!

    • Tyler Durden

      Fucking lame. Spoiled fans, got favorable rules for expansion, given them a good team, never had to deal with a bad team like pretty much every other expansion team did. I’ve been a Kings fan since the ‘70’s and watched nearly every game, been with them through the shit to 2 Cups and now through the rebuild, never once thought of giving up on them.
      And I am a knights season ticket holder, because I love hockey and like the type of hockey they play, so I think I’m qualified to make that commentary.

      • the hockey God

        hey tyler i had season tickets for kings in early 80s when they had the triple crown line. Each seat was about $145, for the WHOLE SEASON. We were in section 15 and Charlie Simmer’s wife (the playmate) used to sit right behind us. She always brought her friends with her. Every time i looked back my wife would hit me in the arm for some odd reason.

        We used to park in Inglewood side street and walk to the rink. IT was next to Hollywood Park. Sometimes we’d stop at a bar, forget the name of it. Can’t do that now unless you want to get mugged big time. Well , none of those places are these anymore either.

    • Tim

      Doc did you watch the Tampa , New York game last night? Did you see 60 minutes of hard fought hockey ? Tell me #1 fan by DeBoers own admission we always take at least a period off and our last game at home we took 2 periods off. Do you think there could be posters that criticize that type of performance or come on boys we’ll get them next time is your answer. Getting to the third round is great most teams haven’t for years but to lose last year to Dallas who we were better then and comeback this year and lose to Montreal who we are better the tells me the coach does not adapt. One thing i learned in the service is never assume and always adapt to any situation. I don’t dislike DeBoer he’s had a fine record with us but he doesn’t know how to adapt last year or this year and that’s a big problem.

  4. Kevin

    Ken was on the radio yesterday with Brian Blessing on AM 1400 … if you want to listen, it’s here

  5. Tim

    I’m sure the most alarming thing for Bill Foley was the booing in the Fortress at the last game.

  6. have another donut

    same refs tonight as in game 5 in Vegas, Sutherland and Furlatt….. Eric Furlatt was one of the refs who cheated the VGK in the infamous game 7 in SJ 2 years ago

    so, you can just see the NHL Bettman fingerprints all over this. Knights will have to beat the Habs AND the refs to win tonight.

    it will be another interference fest by the Mtl D corps

  7. Well Ken listening to your show you are more optimistic than most. When this series started and all people on your site were singing the phrase of how wonder the team was and how poor Montreal was I just laughed . Not because I am not a Vegas fan but mainly how everyone was under estimating just how dangerous a team like the Habs were. Many discounted the facts as to what they accomplished to get to the semi finals which was a huge error in judgment which I pointed out. While it would be great they win tonight I hope everyone is not holding their breath – even if they somehow pull the rabbit out of the hat which you indicated has happened in the past I seriously question they can do so this game or next. They look beat and don’t appear to have the attitude necessary to pull it off – hope I am wrong but doubt it. Montreal is displaying a winning attitude and while they may not be the better team they think otherwise and in the end that is all that really matters and is the difference between winning and loosing. Reality has caught up to Vegas and they are not as good as previously thought.

    • Howard

      I wasn’t underestimating Habs, see >

      Habs are A LOT tougher than most think. They play a similar game to how Dallas played last year but they aren’t as fast. Habs grind play, so this series will look much different than AVS series did.

      They’ll clog up the middle and stack 5 to try to force VGK outside the dots, something AVS should learn from. I think we will win this one, but it might go the full 7.

      The key for us to win this series is to NOT take too many blue line one timers as we did against Dallas last year. Price won’t allow those goals in, so I hope we don’t hear “how great he is” if we have problems scoring that way on him.

      HABS DMEN are bigger than AVS, so will be harder to get more established net presence. Petro I think will be the difference in this one as HABS more suited opponent that should bring out a more offensive advantaged Petro who should be looking to pinch in a lot more on the cycle against Habs.

      Habs will have a hard time scoring on us, and we will have a hard time scoring on them, so expect goal totals betting line to be low and most of the game will likely see the under come in.

      I don’t expect VGK to get a lot of odd man rushes here as Habs play a style as I said, like Dallas last year. Their Dcore is better (defensive minded, less turnovers) than AVS overall which actually gives them a much better chance in this series than oddsmakers are giving them.”

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    LEHNER IN NET TONIGHT, thank goodness!

    Play hard boys!

    You will do this!

  9. Richard Santomauro

    It’s desperation time for sure.

    Score first and often! Go Knights Go!

    Focus is on winning this game.

  10. Richard Santomauro

    Okay. We’re down 2-1 with only 1 period remaining.

    VGK NOW 0-15 on the man advantage in this series.

    Caufield and Suzuki will make MTL great for years to come while our aging forwards will be long gone in a year or three.

    We’ve come back before, but tonight just feels very different in terms of team confidence, which has been pretty much absent.

    Oh, one more point. Smith, on a break away flips the puck directly into the Goalies gut center mass.

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