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Twitter Space Pre Game 3 VGK vs MTL – June 17th, 2021

In this Twitter Space episode, we are looking at Game 3 in Montreal. What the Habs did to turn things around and how the Golden Knights can adapt to get a win or two in Montreal. Plus, we talk about the center depth, future goalie situations, and so much more.


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Will Vegas Solve Montreal’s Stingy Defense


  1. Richard Santomauro


  2. Richard Santomauro

    – I agree with you Ken. Kolesar and Roy on lines 3/4 with Janmark on the top line. Any chance they bring Cody Glass up to fill in for Stephenson? Tuch also has played C.

    – The entire goalie discussion is a post season topic that I am not even interested in at this point. But, it will be a good one after we win the cup!

    – I also agree with you. VGK shouldn’t be shopping for a high paid experienced Center. I might experiment with Tuch at that position in the off season, or consider Glass & Krebs if he is ready. Personally, I am pretty impressed with Brown’s speed and aggressiveness as well.

    – I am not convinced that anything MTL was doing differently made a difference. The truth is that VGK once again was getting beat to pucks and giving up too much space in the first period. I’ve watched 3 east semi-final games now and both TBL and the NYI are putting in a full 60 minutes of grinding hockey. In games 1 and 2 the Knights looked way too mechanical and out of rhythm. That’s more of a mental/attitude issue than anything else and may be harder to fix. Maybe it is because they were looking too hard for match ups? Maybe. Once they got behind you could see a change in their play. Whatever is causing that to happen needs to stop.

    My last comment is on the poor power play. And that’s the comment except to clarify it as piss poor. Piss poor power play, that’s 4 P’s. Piss Poor Power Play. The guy who is responsible for setting up strategy? That guy needs to be sent packing.

    Piss Poor Power Play – P X 4.

  3. Tim

    The Canadians believe not sure if the Knights do. To lose at home and play that poorly on face-offs. the 2 power plays, and to let them dictate tempo was a disappointment. Not sure we’ll play any better in Montreal. Stephenson out really shakes up our lines but you’ve got to find a way to work through it. This year was our chance but the old we weren’t on our game tonight is tough to swallow when your this close to playing for the cup. I’ve thought about it and I’ve had and have a good life big family and everyone is doing good and I ask myself why get upset over a stupid game of hockey when at times the team really doesn’t give a shit. So I’ve got a new attitude they win fine they don’t I really don’t give a rats ass life will go on. When there’s not a 60 minute efforts whats the point of getting upset.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    That’s where I’m at, 6:40 am this morning. Not sure how long that will last, ha ha.

    But, Tim is right, in regards to the effort put out. We know, that the Knights can beat anyone when total effort is put forth.

    When it’s not, all bets off. Since we (fans), can’t control that effort, why spend energy worrying? Of course, we all will anyway! Ha

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Will the real slim shady please stand up ? Please stand up, please STAND UP ? I am begging you.

    Game three show time !

    team lollygagging along again? If they do, then it’s Tampa Bay lifting the Cup again this year.

    This is a marathon, not a sprint. This team doesn’t appear to built for a marathon. Was season one a fluke ?

    Will the Golden KNIGHTS show up or will it be the BAWK BAWK BAWK Golden chicken chokes again ?

    Get ready to stay or move to San Diego, with the rest of San Diego Chickens.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    Chandler Stephenson not on the ice as the Golden Knights begin their morning skate.

    Vegas is the first team to step on Canadian ice since last season’s bubble.

    Joshua Clipperton

    PS VGK need no. 20 in line up.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Joshua Clipperton
    Alex Tuch skating between Mark Stone and Max Pacioretty at the #Knights’ morning skate

    • Richard Santomauro


      I called for Tuch to Center that top line. Just watch how explosive that line is with him there. Line 3 won’t be as effective without Tuch, but I’d rather have two explosive lines than just 1 (Misfits).

      What do you think lines 3 and 4 will look like?

      Personally, I am hoping Nosek is back, that will be huge.

  8. Blitz

    A team so lacking at center (knew this before the season even started) that they would move a red hot winger and key to the 3rd line to center instead of another center. Shocking. Not only does that seem off, but the 3rd line will be so much weaker now. I get they need some speed (and skill) on line 1, but wow. I would think Janmark moves to C1 before Tuck. Is Tuck a good face off guy? We are getting smoked on face offs. Just seems like a head scratcher. Well, regardless, go Knights! We need to win at least one of the next two and bring the series back home.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tomas Nosek RW, Vegas Golden Knights
      Tomas Nosek was on the fourth line during Friday’s morning skate and should be considered probable for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Semifinals against Montreal.

      Nosek was between William Carrier and Ryan Reaves during the session. He hasn’t played since May 18 due to an undisclosed ailment, but he may have been healthy enough to play in the past two matches. Coach Peter DeBoer referred to Nosek as a game-time decision, but he appears to be on track for a return to the fold.

      Here are FO % of players of interest on VGK based on full season:
      brown 70%
      krebs 67 %
      no 71 54%
      Nosek 52 %
      55 46 %
      no 10 , 45%
      stone 40% (i think he loses them on purpose
      if you watch how he stands and moves his stick back so it doesn’t get broken)
      no 67 and 81 , 47%
      no 20, 50%
      glass 42%
      tuch 38%
      janmark 31% – ouch.

      i’d have patrick brown take ALL their faceoffs from here to eternity. Maybe they roll the dice and bring Krebs up for one of these games ?

      • Blitz

        God, thanks for the insight (or is it Thank God for the insight ha!). I never can come up with detailed stats like this. I was assuming Janmark was better than that so maybe that is why he isn’t getting the nod, but Tuch is not that much better. I am really hoping Nosek is back, but at the same time I don’t expect much of him missing so much time. 50% doesn’t put #20 at the top of your list, but that is for alot of reps vs Brown who has very little. Speaking of Brown, I actually like his play. I feel like I see him doing good things more than bad things. Not a 1st line fill in though. I don’t see Reaves playing on the road, but with PETER I never know. I think this series is way too physical to have Krebs in, but desperate times…

        Richard Santomauro, your name sounds so formal. 🙂 I just got done calling someone God. We’ll see about about Patches. As a whole they need to do something on face offs. You can’t play a control game if you are constantly trying to get the puck back. Fun for sure!

        • Richard Santomauro

          Karlsson and Carrier are pretty good at FO. For some reason MTL is eating our lunch in this stat.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Blitz, I think you will see Patches take the face offs on line 1. I hear you. Janmark would be good on line as well. This is going to be fun to watch.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i think they will send Brown or 71 out for defensive zone faceoffs and switch off on the fly

  9. Tim

    I’m sure most of you saw the game last night if yo noticed neither team took a period of it was 60 minutes of fast moving hard hitting hockey. Rewind to Knights game one took the first period off, Game two took the game off unless you count the third period of desperation. Vegas doesn’t get it you’ve got to keep the petal to the metal for 60 minutes not 40 minutes and I’m being kind there. Ken’s has a winning tonight 3-1 and next game 3-0 time will tell.

  10. Mike StG

    Ken, really good on the analysis. I don’t like Kolesar at C1, and think they need speed and finishing between Mark & Max. Their offense is going to suffer without Stevie, but whatever the case L1 has got to score. So better to load up the talent on L1 than spread it out to 2 lines that don’t score.

    On PP rebounds net front, maybe they’d be better off with a smaller, quick player net front instead of having a big forward screening and deflecting (or no one at all). Brayden Point is not a big player but his quickness is a big factor in his ability to react to rebound opportunities. Vegas’s big forwards are fast but not quick. Maybe put Marchy roaming the net front area with Patch & Marty on wings for one-timers – a “poor man’s” version of Bolts PP1?

    • Richard Santomauro

      Marchy, Carrier, Janmark and Stone have been the players doing the most damage in front of the net (not lately though). I actually believe that PDB’s strategy has been to try and screen Price and have the D shoot from the point. I think they need to mix it up some as it has been very predictable through the first two games.

      I am sure that VGK will have something in place for the indirect passes that MTL has been using to escape their zone.

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