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Twitter “Space” Post Golden Knights vs Avalanche – May 10th, 2021

Here is the postgame “Space” which is essentially a call in radio show in which I talked about the heartbreaking loss to the Avs and what it means for the future.




Las Vegas Starting To Dress Up For The Playoffs


  1. Howard

    You are basically right Ken, but miss one huge point that I keep making. The NHL has always been about earning shit. Perhaps team loses last night with MAF in there, can’t say for sure. What I can say for sure is that Lehner absolutely DID NOT EARN THAT NET last night. It’s more disrespect towards MAF who absolutely earned that net and the right to start last night.

    Lehner was good, but once again gave up an absurd softie on that 2nd goal. This is a constant with him going back to Dallas series last year. Regardless, do you really believe you put a guy in that net who DID NOT EARN IT?

    I think you are missing that. Everything else is agreeable with what you say, but you aren’t addressing a big issue here. Now, what if Deboer decides to rotate in playoffs?

    People are missing this. In the NHL, u earn your shit, and Lehner didn’t earn it. You mention VGK beating Minn. They would have if not for Lehners poor game. In fact, Lehner has been flat out poor – so why was he in there last night?



    • THE hockey GOD

      I liked the way PDB handled the short sighted media too. That was golden !

      And the starting goalie’s 13 season wins, his play though out the year, his spelling of THE FLOWER giving a rest SO HE COULD PERFORM WELL (btw Fleury has given up some soft goals too in recent weeks, nobody is mentioning that ) SAYS HE DESERVED THE START.

      • Daryl

        Lehner missed a significant amount of time causing MAF to play more than they had planned…. so exactly how much of Lehner’s play was giving MAF rest? I wanted Lehner to start only so that he could play against a good team. But at the same time, as important as this game was I thought MAF should have started.

        • THE hockey GOD

          I was talking about recent rotation cycle, I was well aware that early on in the VID’s shortened season schedule MAF was carrying most of the load. But that load has diminished since then. Need MAF fresh for playoffs. He’s old you know , he’s 35 or is it 36. I don’t expect that he would play every single playoff game. He didn’t in round robin bubble.

          • Daryl Taaffe

            Agreed…. but I don’t think a rotation is the right call either. If there is a back-to-back then give the second game to Lehner, but you need a starting goalie.

  2. George L.

    VGK – This is our most important game.

    Also VGK – Starts Leaky Lehner the Trash Panda

    • THE hockey GOD

      it wouldn’t have been most important game if management didn’t screw up the SAL CAP , which cost them about ten points potentially in the standings. Blaming it on players is very short sighted.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    Sorry wrong howard

    The goalie didn’t mis manage the salary cap.
    The goalie didn’t miss a wide open night , changing complexion of the game.
    The goalie didn’t make a horrible line change leading to out manned
    attack in front of net, and go ahead goal.
    The goalie didn’t blast away from point when players were open at side of night.

    This isn’t on players, or coaches, it’s clearly on management for dealing them a bad hand. The KREBS injury is also fault of mis management.

    • Daryl

      It’s an assumption that Tuch’s missed goal would have changed anything. Sometime a goal does and sometimes it doesn’t. You can’t assume that it would have. I agree that management really screwed the boot with how they managed the Cap, which includes signing Lehner and Petra. Now, neither of those signings are the fault of the players. As I stated before, I do think it was a soft goal let in by Lehner. Yes there was a mistake before that which led to the COL chance but Lehner should have been able to stop it. I know you don’t agree with me on this

      • THE hockey GOD

        From SG and Julie
        Julie, you might find this comment interesting from Jack Han (former coach in TOR) made on Twitter just after Tuch missed the net. Speaking of Tuch’s shot he said:

        “This is somehow not a goal, and COL will likely come back and win this game because you lose 100% of games where you miss this kind of chance (not a real stat).”

        After the game he reteeeted his comment and wondered: “maybe it IS a real stat…”

        • Daryl

          I get the point but I’ve seen several games, including games that VGK has played that this exact situation took place and yet the team still won.

  4. Da Mo

    I would rather have MAF in net. That being said, Lehner played a good game. The D blew the net front coverage by not lifting sticks. That is fundamental net front D.
    This team still does not have that grit that it takes to win a cup. No one goes to the net to screen and get the dirty goals. You can not win a cup without that kind of toughness.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “No one goes to the net to screen and get the dirty goals.” krebs did, and look what happened to him.

      The sent a boy to do a man’s job.

      Pathetic, and in turn they couldn’t meet the SAL CAP and had to play short. Per co GM GM comments.

  5. DOC (reality trumps BS, always) ha

    What friggin babies and shallow comments.

    Lehner earned the right to start as much as Flurey.

    And why the surprise?

    He has rotated them all season. Was no reason to change that!

    I’ve told you whinners before:

    Nothing you say here makes a damn bit of influence on what the coaches or Knights do. NONE!

    Ya’ll just like to see your bullshit in print. It means NOTHING!!!! ha ha

  6. Daryl

    That was some insightful comments from an old timer!!! You know, sometimes old people just want to have someone to talk to, which is why I think a certain person on here replies as much as he does

    • THE hockey GOD


      don’t be so harsh on Howard. Maybe he works the night shift ? Vegas is 24/7 town as you know.

      And maybe he’s really a she ? You never know in these “woke” times.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    I like this SpACe format better than prior ones used.

  8. John


    What do you think the roster looks like tomorrow night? Do we go back to a jurco/sikura or do we try others rookies and maybe glass?

  9. Tom

    The point is m a f should be the number one goalie going forward

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