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Twitter Space – January 18th, 2022

Instead of a postgame Periscope, Ken hopped on the Twitter Spaces to chat about a wretched loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Plus we got into some Eichel stuff, jersey talk, stadium feel, and a bunch more.


McPhee And Creator Weigh In On Salary Cap Plans Post-Eichel Return


Even The Usually Home Dominant VGK Have Seen Losing Skids Like This


  1. Jeff

    Fleury did not deserve the Vezina last season. Look at the numbers. It wasn’t even close. He was the sedimental pick because he was a borderline Vezina candidate, aging, likable, and had never won it. If you argue that he was better then Vasilevski you’re insane.

  2. Vic

    Not even a contest. The Big V is clearly the league’s best goalie the past few years. His stats are even better in the post season after stellar regular seasons. A few other guys have some nice numbers, but the Big V is a model of consistency. Must be nice to play on TB knowing he is the last line of defense. I bet if you ask him about awards, he would treasure the Stanley Cups.

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