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Twitter Space – Injury Assessment Following News On Eichel, Whitecloud, Theodore

As the Golden Knights head to Winnipeg and Chicago, Dr. Pinegar joins Ken to chat about the injuries to Zach Whitecloud, Shea Theodore, and Jack Eichel. Then, Ken talks about the fill-ins and where VGK might go from here after their first bout with the injury bug.




First 15 vs. Last 15


  1. Jailbird

    Big trouble with injuries … again! Gut check time. Next few weeks will determine our season I think!

  2. VGK-Fred

    Really liked that podcast. Thanks Ken for sharing your views on where team is heading with thoses injuries and the updates. I wonder about Howden tho, since it’s been a while he’s out.

    They may go with 7 D against WPG, it wouldn’t be something new. I also don’t understand why they called up Rondbjerg, maybe to replace Amadio on 3rd line; but I don’t thinks it would be any different imho. I hope that they won’t loose Pachal through waivers when the injury period his over (since he’s captain of HSK). On the other hand, if VGK don’t call guys up fearing to loose them on waivers, thoses players would end up pretty useless.

    Anyhow, thanks for your work and let’s hope for the best for our favorite team. #GoKnightsGo

    • Literally hadn’t even considered them going 11/7 for a game. Interesting thought for sure.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Fred, I think Pachal is up for rest of season, there is a reason he’s wears the C.

      And we’ll find out soon if he passes the grade. If he sucks, he will have no problem clearing waivers.

  3. Danny

    time for some criticism of the grape stomper. He is more interested now in soccer and other shit than the VGK. The team was great fun when he was giving it his full attention, but lately his drifting attention to other investments has left the VGK a no-depth, shallow mess.

  4. Tim

    I haven’t listened to there podcasts or twitter feeds for months for the obvious reason there not very profession but that’s there 15 minutes of fame so good for them. Eichel, Whitecloud, Theadore, and Petro out definitely changes the lines. We lucky we didn’t lose Stone on that cheap shot he took in that game last week. It’s a good thing we have started off great in our first 30 games to give us a little breathing room to hopefully overcome a dry spell if these guys are out for a while. We can’t score much with a full roster now goals will be that much harder with a patchwork crew.

  5. Vic

    Surprised the Jets aren’t bigger favorites tonight. If Hellybuyck plays, scoring problems will continue. Then again, his backup will also be a problem like all the goalies are. Hoping for the best. Last year repeating itself is not fun.

  6. knights fan in minny

    the new d men will have to show us what there made of

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