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Twitter Space How Can VGK Beat The Avalanche – May 29th, 2021

Today we’re looking at the Second Round series between the Golden Knights and Avalanche with a special eye on the tactics Vegas must deploy to win the series. It’s a tall task for the Golden Knights, and they are rightfully the underdogs, but it can be done and we chat about how.


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  1. Why is VGK clearly the underdog? We played them even all year and the game in Reno was bad ice?

  2. Pauly

    VGK will get absolutely crushed by the Avs…but thats ok – we have 1000s of small dog sweater knitters, plastic flamingos from China buyers and “oooo (fill in name of player) is sooooooo cute” fans who don’t realize that PDB ruined two teams prior to his slow ruining of this team, an out of control salary cap situation and a front office that worries more about nonsense indoor football than the team.

  3. Jason S.

    There are 31 teams in the NHL. Only 8 teams remain in the big tournament, and one of those teams is the VGK. Pauly, Many teams would sign up for your idea of ruin.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Game 1 ….. Mission Impossible ?

    Would look like it, on paper. The Knights come in todays game with one day rest. (And a travel day to boot). The AVs have rested for a week.

    I feel Lehner will be thrown into the game today A) – Flurey needs rest. B) – IF the boys have nothing left for the game, Lehner will take the heat, Flurey won’t be embarrassed. ….. BUT:

    Sometimes teams ride the high of a game 7 win and put forth a great effort. Sometimes well rested teams can be rusty and not find their legs right away.

    It will be difficult, but possible today, in what I think will be another 7 game series!

  5. Ken

    Avs are flying! the worst part is that the Avs 2nd period has been their best period all year.

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