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Twitter Space – Fallout From Mark Stone’s 2nd Surgery

The Golden Knights announced Mark Stone underwent his second back surgery in eight months and is out indefinitely. In this Twitter Space, Ken talks about how long he may be out, the realities of the situation, and makes a plea to The Creator.


Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 18 – February 2nd, 2023


Q&A With Dr. Pinegar On Mark Stone’s Second Back Surgery


  1. THE hockey GOD

    that is it, he’s done

    damaged goods

  2. Blitz

    I never thought this team was a cup contender this season, but the fact that the playoffs are not out of the question, if help is acquired, I am all for it. Even if it is only 4 games I would much rather root on my team in the playoffs vs knowing they aren’t going to make it early on and then have an early offseason. The ‘if you ain’t first you’re last’, only the cup matters bullshit, is well…bullshit. What the fuck is the point of watching 82 games a year if you think only the cup matters? I guess I should not have watched any games this season so far and definitely no games after this news. My wife would love it if I don’t watch 3 hour games every other night. Dumbest concept ever.

    “Only the cup matters”
    –Jeffrey Dahmer (probably)

    • Roberto


      Not only because it’s better to try than quit in general, but because the Cup playoffs can be as fluky as it gets for pro sports. If they get in and Thompson, who’s been solid, pulls as Binnington and stands on his head for a few week … if Eichel seizes the magic that he’s capable of … if some (or a few) rando players like Amadio and/or Hague get hot and start scoring at an aberrational rate … well, you never know.

      If any fans have been paying attention, the VGK have been on the bad end of that with quite a few series, with Dallas and Montreal most painfully coming to mind.

      Play to win. Pop some chills. Enjoy the ride.

      • John W

        To add on, there may be players available that can be more than rentals. How? If the NHL cap goes up by 4 million next year AND if we can find a way to tactfully retire the end of Lehner’s and Marty’s contracts, there is room for another 7-8 million guy, along with another 1.5ish million depth forward.

        Our defense looks solid even without Marty, assuming the top 3 stay healthy. Heck even Sutter said Hague and Zack are an awesome bottom 2. Korzach, Miro, and even Pachal have looked playable. Not even counting Cormier.

        I think Ken is guilty of too much Binary Thinking – either sell or buy.

        Timo Meier is a perfect example. Let’s get him for the run, hope Stone can pull a Kucherov, then sign Meier for next years team…..he is only 26. What are the chances of either one of 2 first rounders turn into a player that good?

        • How many times do we have to go down this exact same path before we realize constant cap hell is not the way to run a franchise? It’s fine to push hard against it here or there, but that has to be the year you win the Cup. VGK have been up against it for 4 straight seasons and it’s the reason they have no depth and no prospect pool. They are getting further and further away from winning the Cup every year and making the same moves again and again and again is only exasserbating it.

          • Blitz

            I actually agree with you on this. VGK cannot strain our cap further to get Timo or Tarasenko just to make the playoffs. Those guys are for teams that can sell the farm to win it all this year, but I also think they HAVE to do something to make the playoffs. They’re in the position NOW to do something. A month from now may be too late. They need to improve what they have to either conform more with Cassidy’s system or help fill the voids the team has. Give Cassidy tools he needs to get some points. This doesn’t mean Timo, this means get depth guys that fill the needed role(s). You are going nowhere with Amadio in your top 6, as an example, and/or nobody willing to get dirty in front of the goalie. What does Eichel need to not suck?

            Assuming all healthy soon, most of the VGK’s abundance of d men are the same, within a degree, outside the top 3 (Petra, Theo, McNabb). Marty is a boat anchor at this point, collecting a paycheck. All the others are overloaded, whitecloud, hague, hutton, miro, korcz, pach. Whitecloud/Hague probably have trade value to get something fixed on the forward side and they don’t leave a big enough holes in the defense that one of the others can’t mostly fill.

          • John W

            Ken, at least 9 NHL teams are “capped”, with many more close. That is roughly a third. This list includes many of the top teams in the standings. For example, Carolina only has space due to the injuries to Patch.

            With top players having no movement clauses, and still a window open for the next few years, my humble opinion is that we assume we have a team capable of winning, with a little help.

            Way too early to tear things down.

    • Emmanuel

      When you start hearing the fanbase bleet “we just want to make the playoffs” its hard evidence the teams a joke, see Ottawa.

  3. Emmanuel

    I wonder if we can dump Stone on SJ for Erik K, Mark would have to go along with it and a 1st and a prospect would have to go to the Sharks. Maybe the issues not the W but the blueline……i can dream, and what other franchise has the cojones to do it?

  4. THE hockey GOD

    i’m sad now, watching Dr Bombay music videos on you tube, that probably will help a little bit.

  5. Dylan Barmmer

    Anyone down for a class-action malpractice lawsuit against one Kelly McCriminal?

    Maybe Attorney Adam S. Kutner will take on this very valid case?

    The dude straight killed The VGK. And continues to just…back over the corpse in his beat-up old Chevy Nova (that he tells everyone is a Ferrari Testarosa)

    Facts. Alas…

    • THE hockey God

      KM GM didn’t cause Stone’s injury!

      dumbest fan base in history of fan bases

      • Building a team that can’t withstand it is his fault.

        • Blitz

          Exactly this!

        • Duckboy

          Imagine if don’t make the eichel trade, stone gets hurt and maybe we have some prospects that you can asses. Hell you may not like tuch but at he might be no worse than eichel.
          Cupboard is bare. Going to suck if we make a ton of moves here.

          I say you make eichel prove he is someone you can build around from here on out.

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