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Tuch’s Injury Creates Power Play Opportunities And Roster Options

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s been a tough week for Golden Knights fans. First the organization traded away two fan favorites only to have word come down that Alex Tuch will be out for six months with an injured shoulder. That’s a lot of difficult news in only five business days in the middle of summer.

Sticking with who’s left, filling Tuch’s role for an extended period of time will be difficult for coach Pete DeBoer. The good news is the roster has several options to help create offense, but will it be enough to improve Vegas’ lackluster power play?

(Dadonov) was a player we identified as a priority. We had him ahead of all players that were available in Expansion. That effectively addressed the need of adding one good foward. -Kelly McCrimmon

This week general manager Kelly McCrimmon acquired forward Evgenii Dadonov from Ottawa as another weapon to aid the power play, where he’s found high levels of success. Since his return to the National Hockey League in 2017-18, the 31-year-old Russian has registered 25 power play goals. In that span, he’s tied in PPG with offensive studs like Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin. Even more impressive, Dadonov posted those numbers without scoring on a man-advantage last season with Ottawa.

Immediately, the former Panther and Senator becomes a top lethal specialist for the Golden Knights. His plus-one production surpasses the likes of Jonathan Marchessault, Max Pacioretty and Mark Stone.

Power Play Goals Since 2017-18

Evgenii Dadonov: 25 PPG
Max Pacioretty: 24 PPG
Jonathan Marchessault: 20 PPG
Mark Stone: 19 PPG
William Karlsson: 18 PPG
Reilly Smith: 18 PPG
Alex Tuch: 12 PPG

Dadonov’s lack of power play production last season is concerning but can also be forgiven when you consider how ineffective the Senators’ special teams were. If you thought Vegas’ power play was bad, Ottawa’s was even worse.

2021 PP Stats

VGK: 31 PP Goals (19th in NHL)
OTT: 27 PP Goals (25th in NHL)

In addition to Dadonov, DeBoer could assign more power play minutes to Mattias Janmark while Tuch is on the injured list. Janmark has scored nine power play goals since 2017-18 and could add chemistry to the second unit. Either way, the new specialists will be called upon early in the 2021-22 season.

Oh yeah, tell me you didn’t think about Nikita Kucherov when the news broke about Tuch’s lengthy injury. It’s possible Vegas is in a situation they can take advantage of LTIR like the back-to-back reigning champions Tampa Bay Lightning. Tuch’s timetable has him expected to be out until January or so, while it doesn’t appear he can be a true Kucherov 2.0, his LTIR space could easily be replaced if the Golden Knights experience another injury, which would effectively allow them to exceed the cap the entire season.

It’s good to have options, unfortunately, Tuch’s surgery opened up even more.


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  1. Daryl

    You can blame some of Dadonov’s lack of points on the PP to MTL, but not all of it. They still had ple ty of chances and somebody scored some PP points, just not Dadonov. I think he can provide a little support but just like his time in MTL, he does t have anyone on VGK to get him the puck on on the PP.

    As for LITR, unless Tucj misses the entire regular season his injury doesn’t help much. VGK can go out and get another player with the freed cap space, but then what? What happens when Tuch returns? VGK will be screwed again with the Cap

    • Julie

      Daryl, can’t Vegas manipulate the cap like Tampa Bay was said to have done with Kucherov? I am half-joking..

      Side note, Fleury is playing in Chicago if you did see.

      • Daryl

        I’m still holding out for another trade back to Pittsburgh

        As for the kther, yes VGK could if Tick is out all season long. They could also sign Eichel and put him on LITR until playoff time

  2. LVsc

    he is 32, not 31.

    and the fact that his PP goal stats are similar to Vgk players who failed on the PP, that is a negative, not a positive.

    most of his PP scoring in Fla can be attributed to passes from Barkov and Huberdeau. the dropoff in Ott is evidence of that. also, he does nothing for the PP zone entries, or puck retrieval. he is strictly a hang around the net type of player, a one trick pony. he is Tatar, part 2.

    one thing is for sure, he ain’t no Tuch

    he was a cap dump for Ott. they saved $3.3 mill X 2…….. one season is all they could stand of him.

    • LVsc

      ” If you thought Vegas’ power play was bad, Ottawa’s was even worse.”

      That is an indictment of Dadonov….they brought him there to improve the PP, and he failed. so now Vgk are expecting a declining old player to do what he failed to do in Ott

      • sb

        He just turned 32. He’s not an ‘old’ player. Stop making up stuff that doesn’t exist. Fleury is gone. Get over it. Don’t take it out on Dadonov over Fleury.

        • LVsc

          YOU are the guy making stuff up. he turned 32 on March 12, during last season, almost 5 months ago.

          and my posts have nothing to do with Fleury. he is never mentioned in any of them.

          I suppose my criticism of Spott is also “taking it out” on poor little Dadonov… get a clue.

        • Daryl

          What proof do you have that he isn’t aging or going downhill? The eye test and his stats say otherwise

        • Poor Vegas management. I hope Fleury kicks ass when he returns to Vegas.

          Why did Vegas give Reeves a choice if where to be traded to. He wasn’t that good.

          For a better player and team winner player, wasn’t given a choice.

          I assume Vegas didn’t like Fleury, but got them to the playoffs, which I don’t expect them to make it anymore with Physco Lehner in goal.

          His GAA was 2.23 for 19 games. Fleury, 1.98 for double the games Physco Lehner. Can imagine what his GAA will be playing full time, 3.0 or more.

          Vegas management screwed Fleury.

          I will not be a Vegas fan anymore because of their management style.

          There was only 2 million difference between Fleury and Physco Lehner.

          And as long as they keep DeBoer as head coach, good luck. He couldn’t get any team to the stanley Cup Finals except 1 time. Mark my words, it will not happen with Vegas.

          You can have the best position players in the league, but if you have a lousy goalie, you will be a loser.

    • “one thing is for sure, he ain’t no Tuch”

      You must think Tuch is pretty awesome with his .55 pts/game. Let’s face it, although we love his size and speed, he needs to get more pucks in the net.

      Dadonov .66 pts/games is no barn burner but higher than Tuch and even Smith and Karlsson. He has also 43 more goals than Tuch in just 80 more games played. Tuch does have a superior +/- (+19) vs. Dadonov (-17) so it does appear he is the better two way player based on +/- alone.

      Someone here also claimed Dadonoz is old and slow. That is BS imo as I have watched his highlights. He is not slow.

      • DC

        Pistol, Agree that Tuch needs to get more pucks in the net. When he gets off a shot he tends to hit goalies in the chest. This is not a pick on Tuch post; he is a great player, but hockey players at all levels need to eventually realize that goalies do not have big bullseye targets on their chests, so stop shooting into the chest! Look at players like Elias Pettersson who played for Vancouver last year – the guy either scores or hits the crossbar or post. That’s good shooting. Sometimes Elias hits the crossbar a lot, but his shots have a better chance at going in than a shot into a goalie’s chest.

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I might be “fair” to give these new guys a chance, then you can rip them as usual!

    Hey buttheads, I’m still here. ha ha

    • knights fan in minny

      your starting to act like pauly doc

      • THE hockey GOD

        pauly has been busy riding the bus from strip to down town and back again 24.7.

        every time he gets on the bus, the announcer gets on PA system and makes following public service announcement ” ladies and gentlemen, tourists and locals, a pick pocket just got on the bus and making their way to the rear of bus. Please hold on to your valuables. ”

        it has been a slow week for paulie

        • Contact Tracer

          The Hockey Turd …. hypocrite supreme! Ha Ha.

          You just performed an UNPROVOKED ATTACK on Paulie.

          Sounds to me like you were sitting right along side Paulie on the bus. How could you possibly go into detail if you were not right there? Are you two possibly Siamese twins? Or was he sitting on your lap, or you on his?

          Ha Ha, dork ….

          • THE hockey GOD

            wrong contract tracer, paulie has been attacking me for weeks. ANd he started it.

            Pay attention !

            IT is a known fact that Paulie rides the buses, and no I don’t ride buses. I have it on good authority from RTC of Southern Nevada.

            I drive a Bentley and a Rolls
            ((which is always in shop- never buy British made cars. The Bentley is in shop but not as much .

  4. Richard Santomauro

    Interesting post. Thought provoking in that VGK still lacks a 1C that can quarterback the PP. LVsc is spot on, Dadanov is Tatar 2.0. This entire thread goes back to the fact that Coach DeBoering has no strategic plan to beef up the power play at all. Say all you want about the lack of a SuperStar 1C. That’s meaningless if the Coach is oblivious that PPGs have on wins and losses.

    I am not sure if Peyton Krebs is fully available in 2021-2022 or not, but he should be given a legitimate shot to succeed as soon as possible. I also like the resume of Nolan Patrick.

    I don’t think we improved our position in terms of cap hell or roster during the offseason. Say what you want about Lehner, but it isn’t clear to me that his off ice issues won’t continue to be a factor and drag.

    Most of us see the team headed in the wrong direction.

    • Dylan

      It only took Fat Greasy HOG McCrimmon two years (or maybe even…a bit under two years?) to ruin a Beautiful Thing.

      I’m officially out on The VGK. The owner sucks, too.

      Good luck. Y’all are gonna need it with that Clown Crew steering The Death Star…

      Go Fleury, Go!

      • sb

        To ‘ruin’? The Knights finished first overall in 2021 just missing the President’s Trophy by a technicality. That’s what you call ruined? This is the most successful 4th year franchise in N. American sports history. VGK are the 2nd most successful team in the NHL over the past four years. What are you talking about?

        • Blitz

          Hoist up that “almost” president’s trophy with pride. Put it next the participation award for being in the semi’s. Sure as fuck wasn’t Lehner that got VGK that far.

      • Jake

        Players age every year. It is painful but cannot be changed.

        Vegas had to make some moves. Sitting around wishing for the “Halcyon Misfit Days” is foolishness and leads to an aging and outdated lineup.

        I like the Knights, willing to make moves to get better, assuming the risk and reward that is associated with such decisions.

        • Dylan

          Fleury just won The Vezina. VGK fired him weeks later. To keep…Lehner.


          What age is Tom Brady? How are the Patriots doing with “the younger and more mobile” Cam Newton?

          McCrimmon blows. And is a pile of crap “man” to boot.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @jake , smart post. You are spot on.

          It’s useless to reply against this fledgling fan base who are clueless and couldn’t run an ant farm.

      • Vegas pete

        Some of you guys are just a bunch of spoiled babies! JEEZ. Do you guys realize how blessed we are to have the organization we have? And an owner that wants to win? Take a look at how bad some of the teams in this league are. This team is doing what no other expansion franchise has ever done with their success. All this negativity is unreal.

        • Daryl

          You act like every other expansion team had the availability of players VGK had. Yes I know this team was expected to finish dead last and did the unthinkable, but that’s on the players not the owner, GMs, or coaches. After that first season the GMs have made some huge bobehead moves. I guess we as fans should just ignore those moves and blindly follow/accept what moves are being made

          As for what other teams are doing, do you not think those fans are speaking up about the transactions that are being made?

          • Vegas pete

            Or you can see what happens on the ice before you make your assumptions. Are you actually delusional enough to think that these guys don’t know what they’re doing? And that you know more then they know? Let them do their job. If it doesn’t work out then you can have a hissy fit. But to throw constant negativity at a team just because you think you know how the season will wind up ? Come on now

          • Daryl

            You’re right Pete… The FO for this team hasn’t made a single mistake yet so why should I or anyone else question what they are doing

        • Love how “HE WANTS TO WIN” is always this moronic, knee-jerk, catch-all excuse for dumb, greedy, rash, ill-conceived, and/or just straight SHIT behavior.

          What a joke lmao

    • sb

      Short of the PP, this team is solid for years to come. The additions are to the 3rd and 4th line adding scoring depth that has been missing the past three years. Brossoit is a terrific goaltender, .915SA and will probably be better on Vegas than the Jets. This guy’s gonna push Lehner for the starting job and that’ll make both goalies better. Get over this Fleury stuff. This team will be in the Playoffs for years to come. Win the Cup? Probably not w/o a Number 1 center putting up 60 assists. Every fan of the Knights should be thankful for what they have – this is the most successful 4th year franchise in the history of N. American sports. They are the 2nd most successful team in the NHL over the past 4 years. Fans should be thanking MGT for what they’ve accomplished, not this neverending s___tting on the Owner and GM’s.

      • Daryl

        Of course this team will make the playoffs for years to come, this Division is a joke. As far as management, they haven’t done anything to praise them for. They have a good team but could of had a much better team if you take away all their screwups

        • Mike StG


          So what is the reason the other 27 teams haven’t won a Cup in the 4 years Vegas has existed?

          Seems to me your position is that not winning the cup is an indication of FO failures. So, all FO’s should be criticized and none praised because they failed to win it all? Only 1 team wins the cup. Vegas has been one of the last 4 teams standing 3 times, and one of those times they were in the final. That goes beyond the division results for the regular season.

          • Daryl

            I’ve never expected VGK to win the Cup. If you go back to any of my posts before and during the playoffs I have stated as much.

            My issue is the FO not doing all they can to improve the team. They traded MAF, which I get, but then wasted that money. They’ve made some horrible deals. They signed Holden to an increased contract only to sit on the bench. They could have kept Engelland at base salary and saved over $1m. They signed Reaves at an increased salary and he was a waste. They traded away other players and got nothing for them. The FO has made a history of piss poor moves. They have a horrid PP that most teams would have fired the coach but PDB won’t let his buddy go.

          • THE hockey GOD

            he’s just a whiner and complainer 100% of time. Offering little value except Monday morning QBing. And that isn’t useful 99% of time.
            Just another nattering naboob of negativity.

        • Dylan



    • Definitely going south.

    • Julie

      RS, any thoughts on why Stone and Pacioretty didn’t lead in scoring or assists during the playoffs? Or somehow driving things? All season long, Stone seemed great and then……fffft. After Minnesota and Colorado, I really thought there was a chance to get to the SC even with crappy PP.

  5. Dylan

    McCrimmon’s Fat Greasy HOG Mouth is moving? He’s lying…

    • Why did they get rid Gerard Gallant when he was winning and hire a loser coach?

      • Because they’re a Clown Crew. A GREEDY (not GRITTY) and Insecure and Stupid and Hyper-Impatient Bunch. Beyond obvious…now. Eh?

      • Julie

        I wonder if upper management wanted to get rid of Fleury and Gallant said they shouldn’t. Just an idea. They did the goalie coach Prior dirty too.

        I do think it will be interesting this year… Gallant is with the Rangers, Fleury in Chicago, PDB has no excuses for not getting to the SC other than bad karma.

        • THE hockey GOD

          don’t believe everything you read in lying mob media, too many gullible fledgling “fans” here who fall for whatever tripe the fake media puts on their plate.

  6. Tim

    Does anyone really know how Dadonov will fit in to write him off before you have a chance to watch him play is ludicrous. This site is all about bitching for the sake of bitching. If you get it in your head that were a good team but not a Stanley Cup team life would be much easier. If we acquired a number one center do you think we’d match up to Tampa I think not. Since the miraculous run to the cup in our expansion year we have had heartbreak after heartbreak. Year 2 as much as we love Fleury with a 3 – 1 lead we couldn’t put them away. As I recall they score 4 goals in the 5 minute penalty and the first one in 6 seconds that game was on Fleury. Year 3 playing Dallas Lehner in goal lose game one 1 – 0 the writing was on the wall can’t score. Year 4 Fleury in goal playing a team that had no business beating us did. Home crowd meant shit lost 2 out of 3 at home and of course the Fleury gaff with less then 2 minutes to goal was a dagger we didn’t recover from. Year 5 we got lucky against Colorado last year that won’t happen again. Playing in the Pacific and with everyone rebuilding we’ve been fortunate and to make it to the Western finals is not because of how great we are rather how bad the rest of the division is. We’ll probably dominate the division for a couple of more years which is great but like in the Get Smart sitcom ( I Missed It By This Much ) will always remain our battle cry.

    • Daryl

      It goes back to watching him ay some last season and even before that. In FLA he had some great players around him that got him the puck. He was brought in to MTL to help their PP but with no great player getting the puck to him he was horrible. He won’t be that bad in VGK but even here he doesn’t have that great Center to get him the puck. He will rely on shots from the outside in hopes of getting rebounds. Problem is most of our shots from the outside don’t get on net for rebounds. He will struggle here in VGK also. That isn’t a knock on him as it is the roster setup around him. He will basically be a 3rd line Winger making over $5m

      • Tim

        Daryl yes and no to your thoughts if you recall two years ago Florida didn’t play well in fact they were underachievers and Quinnville has now turned that franchise around. Then last year Ottawa so I’m giving him a pass until we see him play for the Knights. Unfortunately your right all players winging it from the Blue Line with no new presence is a big part of the problem. The PP with Steve Spot running it is a problem as fast as management is ready to fire or replace people not a word about Steve Spot. No news reporter has had the balls to bring that up in a DeBoer interview. Here’s my pun for the day they must think the PP is Spot on. I’m out

      • sb

        Why do you keep saying MTL? He never played for Montreal. Who writes this stuff? Do people on this site know anything about hockey?

        • THE hockey GOD

          no they don’t , that is what happens when a new NHL team comes into a new city. A lot of fledgling fans who watch , but are clueless on what they are watching.

          I agree with Tim, give them a chance before throwing them under the bus.

          • Daryl

            Seeing a lot of your posts makes most of us wonder if you ever watched hockey before….

            Maybe you hit your head from bad ice and it’s messed you up

        • Daryl

          Sry, I’m still stuck on the loss last season…. I think I’ve said MTL numerous times now lol

          • THE hockey GOD

            daryl your post, like your analysis of goalies, is way out of position

            as usual

          • Daryl

            So says the one who thinks he knows everything… If you think Lehner is better than MAF it shows your lack of hockey knowledge. You and Doc are clueless!!!!

  7. LVsc

    The brass said that improving the PP was their objective. Then why in the hell is the same failed PP coach, Steve Spott, still there??

    oh, he is DeBoer’s longtime right hand man. well then I guess his buddy is more important than the team, the PP, the players, the whole shebang.

    very interesting that neither McCrimmon nor the local press says one damn word about Spott being a major problem for the PP.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP is a team coaching event

      see Spot
      see Spot run
      see Spot fetch the stick
      See Spot circle the grass
      See spot sniff the ground
      See spot lift his/her left leg
      see Spot pee
      see spot
      see spot run.

      • knights fan in minny

        you forgot dick and jane

      • Daryl

        Which is why they should fire the entire coaching staff!!!! Thank you for making that point lol

        • THE hockey GOD

          we had this discussion before and you admitted , when pointed out about available coaches, that there were no other coaches available that can do better.

          give it a rest

          I never said to fire the whole coaching staff, you don’t get it.

          Getting into semi finals the last two years, and three out of last four is not failure.

          • Daryl

            They lost the last two years because the PP is a joke and the HC can’t make adjustments. Hiring PDB in the first place was a huge mistake!!!

            YOU are the one who doesn’t get it. Keep defending PDB and be happy with being slightly above mediocre

          • Mike StG

            Daryl – that’s funny! VGK is “slightly above mediocre “. Okay… 🙂

            You ever consider a career in motivational speaking? Lol

          • Daryl

            We really don’t know how good VGK was this last year…. This division is not an offe sive powerhouse and the middle teams are barely average. They are a good team but in my opinion they are going in the wrong direction..

            Some of us are realists while some of you live in a fantasy world

    • phantom major

      even Shakespeare agrees. He says “Out damn Spott”

  8. Mike StG

    Good article Jason. It’s clear they picked up Dadonov because they knew Tuch would be out for at least half the season. Six months puts him back the end around the end of February.

    Their center depth has improved a lot. Last year they ended up having to bring up HSK players to fill the position when injuries occurred. This year they’ll have probably 7 centers on the roster with some playing wing. This should also result in a slight improvement in face off wins, especially when the bottom 6 is on the ice.

    When Tuch returns it will be like getting a solid TD acquisition. And when they get to the actual TD they should be able to add a player if needed for the playoffs.

    • Daryl

      Curious, but how did the Center position improve greatly? Also, exactly how will VGK be able to add players when Tuch returns? They out him on LITR so they can aquire someone now using his Cap but as soon as he returns to the ice, we will be over Cap if they do get someone while he is out. The onky chance they have of adding a player is for someone else to get injured right before Tuch returns

      • Mike StG

        Daryl, I said a lot not greatly. And then I explained it. Last season Glass failed to progress, Nosek was hurt constantly, and they were so thin on centers they had to bring Brown up from the AHL team on several occasions. Krebs also wasn’t an option until the OHL(?) szn ended, and then of course he was injured by a puck shot to the face.

        This year they added Patrick, Howden, will have Janmark all szn (not just from TD), and Krebs all in addition to Stevie, William, Roy and Kolesar. That’s actually 8 centers before they have to go to HSK for a replacement. I’d say that’s an improvement, especially if Patrick finds his game again with this team. I’d say we’re likely to see good things from him. He has tremendous potential. As does Krebs.

        With respect to TD additions, they were only 40k over with only Patrick left to sign. They should be able to accrue some cap space throughout the szn with typical injuries that can be expected. The remaining cap on TD players is a lot less by that time of year. We’ve also seen them pull off several creative 3 team deals to allow them to make TD additions for very little.

        I’m just glad you’re not the GM. Respectfully, with your CAN’T DO attitude about everything Vegas would probably have been cellar dwellers for the past 4 years. 🙂

        • Daryl

          You are probably right, I guess I could have your fantasy attitude. If VGK relied on these possible hopefuls who haven’t even proven themselves yet, VGK would be fighting SJS for the bottom of the division.

          Krebs is very small for an NHL player and there is no way of knowing how he will do in the NHL. Roy and Kolezar haven’t proved anything yet. I actually like Janmark and happy they resigned him but it’s not like he is going to get better. Then there is “hoping” Patrick finds his game. You are putting a lot into what if’s…

          I do agree the 3rd and 4th line will be better but only slightly. And they still haven’t addressed the PP or 1C. I see all the trades as a wash from last season to this one…. They could be slightly better or slightly worse

  9. FG

    Dadanov was left exposed in the expansion draft. Seattle could have had him for free but chose not to. Maybe Ron Francis is smarter than we thought? A declining Russian winger who stats were dependent on All Star line mates which he won’t have here or there. He, Jannmark, Patrick or Krebs are going to rescue the PP? Odds would be low.

    • sb

      Dadonov’s line mates will be Janmark and Tuch (post injury). That’s some solid NHL talent. And their competition is the opposing team’s 3rd line. This line should dominate against most NHL teams. Picking up Dadonov for the Tuch line was a good move. This guy can score. He is talented. Roy will move to Patrick/Howden. These are the best 3rd and 4th liones we’ve seen in Vegas since Year1. Now Vegas has scoring depth. Good bye Ryan. Carrier is next.

      • Daryl

        With Dadonov, Janmark, and Tuch, who is going to pass to who??? Tuch is a great player but a one man show. There is still no true Center to pass the puck or run the offense on that line and who is going to win face-offs?

        • Mike StG


          They’ll probably see how Patrick does with Patch & Stone, and put Stevie at 3C with Krebs and Dadonov. L4 would be Janmark, Roy & Howden.

          Can’t see them putting Patrick on L4 given his offensive skills. He should be paired with wingers who are scoring threats. Not put on a checking line.

    • FG

      I forgot to add. If you subtract Cody Glass’s four PP goals, Ottawa and VGK would have the same number. That is sobering. I am not sure it could be worse than the end of the year, so there is optimism in starting a new season.
      You and Ken should go back to your GM for a day column or whatever it was and see who would had the best team. What KM and GM did, or Ken or Jason? Silence the critics.

  10. Tim

    FG who was available in the expansion draft is immaterial they went young for the most part you can say the same about Carey Price they just had there plan and stuck to it. Doesn’t mean Dadonov can’t play.

  11. Nice try Jason- whatever your smoking needs to be passed around. Vegas has done nothing to improve period including the PP. you could easily make the case they actually went the other direction in fact it would be much easier.

    • sb

      VGK certainly did improve the 3rd and 4th lines where they were missing scoring depth since Year 1. This team did improve. Not the 1st and 2nd lines. Not the PP. But the 3rd and 4th lines are much improved. And Brossoit is a very, very good goaltender.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i agree, I am waiting for season before holding judgement

        losing Tuch is no biggy in my opinion, he is not much of clutch player in

        semi or finals based upon past experience. I expect one of the AHLers to pick up the slack. Good opportunity for Krebs or one of the other young fowards.

        AHL team lost some , they have to re stock.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    title of article is “Tuch’s Injury Creates Power Play Opportunities And Roster Options” implying Tuch was a big part of power play

    Tuch had two PP goals and two PP assists last year.

    The year before he had 3 and 4.

    The premise of article is that Tuch is major part of PP, he hasn’t been. Tying in Boris “:Badanov” with Tuch’s injury and power player is not logical point of discussion.

    There is something wrong with “Doc’s boy” thinking process. And this isn’t the first time crazy stuff has been tossed on the wall. And it isn’t sticking, again.

    The general consensus around what is called the “hockey world” consisting of people who really know what is going on (not the local mob media misfits who spent most of their time trashing the wrong story ) is that “Boris Badanov” had a difficult time due to RED CHINESE ( aka CHICOM) Wuhan Lab (Dr fear funded btw, that is Fauci for those keeping score) Virus (variants alpha , beta, delta, gamma, zeta, omega, and duphus). He was cooped up in CANADA due to Pierre “hole in water” son, Justin draconian measures. (hole in water = trudeau). He missed his family, and that impacted his play. Now his family is still in Florida , and they are looking to move to vegas if they can find good schooling (good luck with that , there is only one good school in area, the rest are public sector brain washing sanitarium teaching liberal sick and twisted hogwash — result Gov. sissylock, perfect example. Say no more, you know what I mean..nudge , nudge. A wink is good as a nod to a blind bat.

    I will give him a chance, but VGK doesn’t have any Russians around here, and the last two didn’t work out. And we all know GG hated Russian players.

  13. After reading these posts I’m throwing in the towel. I’m going to get wealthy betting against the Knights after reading these comments. Everyone here has the optimism of a cumquat.

    • Daryl

      It’s called being a realist

    • Arnold Rothstein

      only bet on them when MAF is in net, opps , he gone. I am going to miss him.

      here’s a tip, when the odds get too lopsided, bet on the other side. I made a lot of money on the MTL series because the odds were so lopsided against the Canadians, and everyone knew that the FIX WAS IN.

      Both Fleury’s agent and goalie were in on the fix, that is why they parted ways.

      Now we have another goalie who lets in pucks off his head and holds his stick upside down (after he loses it). The style of play in front of him is going to have to change drastically, meaning that since he’s a BIG GOALIE it takes time for him to get up after floppy around. Key is 1) not to flop around and 2) if flopping goes on, then players have to pick up the pieces because there will be loose pucks and rebounds all over the play and plenty of time to get to them. So players are going to have to adapt to floppy goalie.

      Look at opening odds on the lines, and see how the wise guys move them up or down. The fade the odds.


    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree too many negative nilly’s here, I await judgement on all these moves. I thought getting rid of Marc Andre Billy Buckner and Reaves and Holden were inevitable moves. The new players let’s give them a chance. The Russian has no other Russians here on main team, there are some in minors though. Russians have a hard time in Vegas for some reason.

      • THE hockey GOD

        negative nellys ?

        fledgling fans consisting of nattering nabobs of negativism, too many of them in the fold. Not in mainstream world of hockey (which mainly abides in the Montreal/Toronto / NY / Boston / Philly hub area).

  14. Vic

    Who operated on Tuch, Dr. Vinny Boombatz?

    • Daryl

      Doctor K…..

    • THE hockey GOD

      I went to doctor and he told me I have six months to live.
      I said “I want a second opinion”.
      Dr. Bommbatz said “OK, your ugly too”

    • Contact Tracer

      Tuch had 33 points in a short 2021 season and was on a trajectory of improvement. Who is going to replace those points?


      Ha Ha.

  15. phantom major

    I went to a doctor and he said I have 6 months to live.
    I said I couldn’t pay my bill.
    so he gave me 6 more months.

    • THE hockey GOD


      I get no respect

      no respect at all. I tell ya>>>

      I went to see my doctor… Doctor Vidi-boom-ba Vinny Boombatz. His office is in Beverly Hills, you know ! Doctor to the stars ! Yeah…I told him once, “Doctor, every morning when I get up and look in the mirror I feel like throwing up. What’s wrong with me? He said, “I don’t know, but your eyesight is perfect.”

  16. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Man, this place never changes.

    So much negativity and people just absolutely “knowing” that we haven’t improved or the new added players are not going to help!

    NO ONE knows, yet. Please present as guesses or opinions. not FACT!

    An opinion is not a FACT!

    • phantom major

      ok, more positivity.

      Dadonov positively stinks.

      there, happy now?

    • Daryl

      Coming from you, that’s rich… Mr. Know it all and everyone else is wrong

    • Contact Tracer

      Reavo exiting absolutely, positively helps the vgk. No more horse collaring unsuspecting players from behind and kneeling on their heads. That alone should help improve vgk image. Positive change would you not agree doc?

      And the thought of 2 of the biggest idiots in the same division bashing each other’s brains out is always delightful. Positively wonderful.

    • knights fan in minny

      doc you and blunder joe better get to your nap

  17. phantom major

    guesses or opinions… you mean like the Vgk guess or opinion that they should keep Cody Glass and trade Nick Suzuki? that kind of guess?

    yes, it is all speculation, a projection, done with facts and analysis and yes, opinion.

    for instance, why did the Florida Panthers let Dadonov walk in free agency? he was productive there, he meshed well with Barkov and Huberdeau. Maybe they saw that he had lost a step… and that was confirmed by his poor season in Ottawa.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @PM nobody wanted Cody Glass, at the time they couldn’t trade him for a 1972 used pinto that Daryl and his other brother Daryl drove around the block five times.

      It was pretty obvious during rookie training camps that Suzuki and Brannstrom were much , much better.

      • Daryl

        So, the FO new Suzuki was better and yet they still traded him, hmmm. This is how pathetic you are, you try to B bake fun of what I drive yet my vehicle in your scenario made it sound the block 5 times while both of yours are in the shop lol

        • THE hockey GOD

          ^^^DUMBEST POST EVER ^^^

        • THE hockey GOD

          it is called market value , moe!

          something you just don’t get. They wouldn;t have 67 now, so top gas lighting yourself. Because that is all you do every post.

          all you do is whine and cry, posts have no value whatsoever.

          go harass someone else

          • Daryl

            If you are talking about market value then Smith should be gone. Patches should be gone. But you don’t know what your are taking about…. EVER!!!

  18. Mike StG

    To all the “they’ll never win or have a good PP because they don’t have an elite 1C” a couple of thoughts:

    1) Elite centers are almost always drafted & developed. They rarely go to UFA because their teams realize their value. A couple of exceptions – Tavares & Eichel. Patrick and Krebs both have big upside potential, maybe 1C but at least Top 6.

    2) Toronto has two 1Cs – Matthews and Tavares. Does anyone care to dispute that? Yet their PP sucked, even with Hyman, Marner and Nylander, and on the blueline Reilly and 2 yrs ago Barrie. They also haven’t won a single playoff series in the entire time they’ve had two elite 1Cs. Funny how that works out.

    FTR – I think Vegas’s struggle on the PP last szn was a combination of failures – strategy mostly, not enough net front play, and lack of finishers. If they can fix the first, I think their player additions will help it to become at least average. I also agree with most here that PP coaching needs to change – either the approach or the person.


    • Good points Mike and whoever said DeBoer does not grasp the importance of the PP in winning games is full of it.

      • Daryl

        Based on what?

        And for bringing up one team with 2 good Centers and still struggling… Maybe Toronto should get rid of their PP coach as well.

        • Mike StG

          They’re not ‘2 good centers’. They are elite and one is top 3 in the league and the other probably top 8. Plus their forward group was stacked with talented wingers and offensive Dmen. So, their anemic PP was not solved by having 2 of the best centers in the league.

          Maybe the Leafs should fire their PP coach if that’s all they can get out of that talented group. I did say that Vegas’s problem IMO is mostly a coaching problem.

          • Daryl

            I completely agree… VGK biggest issue is their coach. I still think they need a legit Center for this PP to actually be good. I think they can be decent. VGK #1 PP is close to some teams #2 PP unit. If they can get the #1 Unit to score they will be OK, but if they have to rely on their 2nd unit they will really be hurting

            And I completely agree on Toronto. They have the talent, no excuse for them being that bad.

  19. phantom major

    it is the PLAYOFF PP production that matters

    Tampa 22 playoff PP goals…..32%
    Vegas 4……………………………………..9%

    • Mike StG

      Toronto – 3/21 (14%) with two #1 centers and a stacked offense. Guess those two 1Cs didn’t help much.

      What made Tampa’s PP so effective was more their finishers than centers. Kuch on the right and Stamkos on the left with Point in the middle. Great shots from both wings and short passes to Point in front of the net. Reminiscent of how Dadonov scored often with Florida. Plus they have Hedman up top.

      I could see Vegas PP1 being a combination of Stone & Patch on wings, Patrick, Petro up top, and Dadonov in the middle.

      • Daryl

        Who wins the FO or carries the puck with control into the offensive zone?

        • Mike StG

          Patrick, or Stevie or Karlsson, whatever center ends up on PP1. Dadonov is the X factor. I’d think he plays in the middle like Point. Stone is a terrific passer and Patch is very good as well. Tuch was ineffective in the middle for the most part. Dadonov has made his living there.

          • Daryl

            Stone has made some great passes from top of the key especially in rushes, but his passes down low aren’t that great. He tries to make passes where there are no lanes.

            Brown is probably there best FO guy but his sample is too low to really know. Karlsson actually had a good year on FO. Part of the pro blem with their PP is controlling the puck after the FO. Winning the FO only to get it tied up along the boards does you know good.

            VGK PP may not be that bad but they need to change up their philosophy.

          • Mike StG


            I agree with your comments on the PP. I hate to say it but I feel like they need to take Marchie off the PP, or at least not have him on PP1. He loses so many pucks, either on the boards or by sloppy passing that he’s more of a liability sometimes than an asset, even with his shot. I’m hoping Dadonov takes his place.

  20. phantom major

    actually it is the guy at the point who can make or break a PP. he needs to move the puck quickly, before the PK guys can get in position. Theodore is guilty of overstickhandling too often, and being way too deliberate in his puck movement on the PP point. if he got it quickly to the guy in the right circle for the one-timer, then Martinez, or Patch, or Hague, or whoever is set up there can blast away before the opponents get set up to block it. that means that the shot gets thru, and a rebound or tip in are then available too

    • phantom major

      playoff PP assts–

      Hedman 11
      Kucherov 15

      Theodore 1
      Petro 2

      • Mike StG

        I agree. Theo hangs on to the puck too long, gets his shots blocked. And movement ceases as everyone stands around watching and waiting for him. Petro didn’t have assists, he was scoring the goals! But he’s a good PP QB. Kuch is a great passer and with Point net front and Stammer waiting on the left wing for a seam pass his numbers aren’t surprising. I see the comparisons like this (next szn).

        Stone = Kuch
        Patch = Stamkos
        Dadonov = Point
        Petro = Hedman

        OBVIOUSLY Vegas isn’t going to have nearly as good a PP as Tampa, because Bolts players have the edge in talent. But if they can get it to ~22% would be sufficient given how good they are 5v5. And in playoffs – if they could keep it at 20% or better they’d have a pretty decent shot at the Cup if they made it to the Final.

  21. Mike StG

    Daryl, it’s not fantasy. There are actually 7 or 8 centers who will be on the NHL roster.

    So when Patch and Nosek were out for example, they moved Janmark up and brought in Brown at 4C. This roster gives them more flexibility and has players that can legitimately move up the roster without sacrificing the offensive potential.

    Sorry if all you can make of it is ‘they added some players that probably won’t have any impact’ so they’re not any better. But that’s classic Daryl speak.

    We’ll see how the season goes and how our ‘slightly above mediocre’ squad (who apparently got historically lucky in beating the Avs these last playoffs) fares next season.

    • Daryl

      So, you mention bring Brown up to replace injured players but now you are considering him already up…. nice logic there. Yes VGK has more Centers on the roster but how many will stay called up on the VGK lines? None of the Centers you mention are close to a top 6 line. I’ve already admitted VGK will be slightly better on the bottom 6 so I’m not sure your point here.

      You call it classic Daryl speak… Well your input is classic fairy tail speak. Again, you mention players being impactfuk that were also on the team last year who didn’t have an impact.

      Yeah they beat the Avs then got embarrassed by lesser teams…two years in a row. Now elwe have a goalie who beat just 1 team with a winning record last season

      • Mike StG

        Sorry Daryl. Read it again. I didn’t put Brown on VGK. I’m saying that’s what happened last szn, because they didn’t have enough skilled forwards and centers.

        Nosek and Patch were injured. They played Janmark on L1 and they brought up Brown to take Nosek’s spot. Janny is not a good finisher so didn’t do much in Max’s spot. They also tried putting Tuch there but he didn’t produce either – he’s a RW not LW. Remember they even started Tuch at center one game when Stevie was out, but that ended quickly.

        Last szn 3 of the 4 bottom 6 wingers were NOT center men – Reaves, Carrier and Tuch. So, they had less flexibility in dealing with injury.

        Next szn probably it will be reversed – Howden, Janmark and Kolesar or Krebs all being centers. Unless Carrier plays regularly on L4. Either way, scratched or playing they’ll be covered.

        Their likely centers this szn will be: William, Stevie, (Nolan) Patrick, Roy.

        Their other centers who will likely be playing wing:
        Howden, Janmark, Kolesar, and maybe Krebs.

        That is 8 centers.

        If a top 6 winger gets injured Dadonov can move up. He’s a scoring threat (more than Roy or Janny), and on most teams would be a 2nd liner anyway. And he can play LW or RW.

        • Daryl

          And none of those 8 Centers are legit top 6 Centers. VGK has no legit Center which will hurt this team. Not having that legit Center has been an issues for 3 years now and they haven’t come close to fixing it. Maybe they expect Krebs to fill that role on another couple years but for an organization that says they want to win now not later, their moves don’t make much sense.

          • Mike StG

            I think Patrick is a legit top 6. We will see. The others don’t matter. The point is they have the flexibility to move the centers around as needed. And they have improved the scoring ability in the bottom 6, so if you have a top 6 injury the replacement player is at least a legit threat to score.

            How do you expect them to “fix” the 1C issue in 3 years? Their first and highest ever draft pick was a center, but Glass was a bust. If he had developed as hoped and not been stunted by a couple of serious injuries then maybe he’d be their 1C or 2C now. Their 2019 pick was Krebs, a C that was projected top 5 as a pick before the skate blade injury.

            Did you forget what happened in Year 2? They tried for Tavares and he wouldn’t even visit Vegas. They then signed Stastny who was the next best center available to a contract that would end roughly when you’d expect Glass to move into a top 6 role. Stastny didn’t really fit in as well as hoped, so they traded him in order to sign Petro and banked on Glass taking that next step, which he did not.

            The problem with any top 6 centers who make it to UFA is they’re often pushing 30 and wanted huge salaries and 7 or 8 years. And more importantly there haven’t been any truly elite centers to hit UFA other than JT.

            It takes time to draft & develop, and their main prospect never did. So they have Krebs and possibly a few others in development now. Meanwhile they adopted a system of play that minimizes the need for an “elite” center. Don’t know what more you expect from this team, especially given the impact of Covid on revenues, cap restraints, and the expansion draft on teams’ strategies for player decisions.

          • Daryl

            You somewhat proved my point… Glass hasn’t progressed much at all yet they kept waiting to see what he could do. Why exactly did they get rid of Stastny? How did he not fit in? VGK got rid of Stastny to free up space to sign Petra, a player they did not need. Why?

            And why would Traverse not come to VGK, I mean according to certain players and fans EVERYONE wants to play for VGK.

            I really Krebs but I sing know sheets he would play right now. I don’t think he is big enough to be an every day player in the NHL right now. He can’t center the checking line which means he would have to play on the 3rd line. Is he ready for that?

          • But MCCRIMMON says “WE LIKE OUR CENTERS…”

            LMAO what a SAD CLOWN!

            (Cue Clown Music whenever Fat HOG McCrimmon opens his greasy pie hole to lie or say something stupid again…)

    • THE hockey GOD

      Daryl speak, good one

      • Daryl

        Coming from someone who thinks he is GOD of hockey….

        • THE hockey GOD

          it’s THE hockey GOD

          try to get it right

          Mr motor mouth, says a lot, but nothing comes out worthwhile but same old “out of position ” tripe


          • Daryl

            I love dumbasses who are so high on themselves only to look like a fool when they try to show off… The only THE about you is that you are THE dumbest one on this pave

  22. Don moore

    Your 1st paragraph get the nail on the head

  23. mcart

    Golden Edge @GoldenEdgeRJ2h

    The @NHL said it will investigate an allegation made by Evander Kane’s wife that the @SanJoseSharks forward bet on his own games and has intentionally tried to lose for gambling profit.

    haha. I would not doubt it one bit. the Sharks players, in exit interviews, told their front office that Kane is a cancer in the locker room, and they want him gone. Just like the players in Winnipeg wanted him gone.

    oh, and Reaves just signed an extension with the NY Rangers for 1 more year at $1.75M.. haha, another Dolan blunder.

    • Arnold Rothstein

      There it is ! NHL players don’t bet. You all crucified me for telling the truth !

      Another shoe dropping !

  24. Julie

    I am just like Tim, I just watch hockey for the tight pants, I also am a pro football fan (Dallas Cowboys) as you can see the jock strap lines thru those pants, especially when it rains.

  25. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    This headline in the RJ sports section this morning (Sun.)

    Great article on PANDA!

    Now that the brain fart, backstabber is gone, The great wall of PANDA is ready to roll !!!!!!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      we cant wait until your gone

    • THE hockey GOD

      nothing like a confidence builder !!

      Walanda has the net, and hopefully no more pucks go in off his head. And he remembers to hold his stick in the orientation and not upside down. And he works on his premature flopping. And his angles.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “The Golden Knights’ new No. 1 goaltender has been one of the best in the NHL over the last three seasons. But the shadow of Fleury figures to hover still.”

        shouldn’t be much of a shadow to crush, Billy Buckner shadow was eventually overcome.

    • Daryl

      Oh he will roll alright… All over the ice on his back

  26. THE hockey GOD

    Elliotte Friedman
    Fleury informs CHI he will play

    Was there any real doubt ? He needs the money. Now Hawks get his problem child loser agent on top of it all. That factors into equation when you all at the sum of the whole equation.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “that factors into the situation when you look at the sum of the whole equation.

    • Daryl Taaff

      What makes you think he needs the money? Maybe he just loves the sport and isn’t ready to hang up his cleats yet.

      Oh your statement just proves how dumb your really are… VGK still has a player on the team who has that agent. You aren’t getting rid of anyone.

  27. Tim

    Sharks praying Kane gets suspended frees up 7 million in cap space and they lose a bad locker room presence what a deal. His argument will be the same as Shoeless Joe Jackson from the 1919 Black Sox. Jackson led all hitters in the World Series, Kane with 22 goals and 27 assists had one of his better years on a bad team. I hope he beats it just to mess with the Sharks heads.

  28. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    #1 GOALIE OF THE VGK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      if your boy fails will you apoligize

      • Julie

        Lehner did fail..that whole game against Colorado Game 1…but no, you won’t see Cowalanda fans mention that, just Fleury’s one or two gaffes. Lehner doesn’t just have big shoes to fill in goalie performance, he needs to finish a season and stop making claims he can’t back up against the NHL and fans. Other than tout his personal struggles on social media, even on the day the Fleury trade was announced making it about him, he doesn’t inspire much credibility. On or off the ice. But, I hear that new goalie they got will help him.

        • THE hockey GOD

          that wasn’t his fault at all, everyone in hockey world knows that; team was completely flat after coming off tough Wild series and let him out to dry. Avs were rested, practiced, and waiting. The next game and series, as well as Lehner’s play in semi’s proves that point.

          • Daryl

            Just more excuses…. We all know that if it was Fleury in net you would be trashing him for his performance. So pathetic!!!

  29. Julie

    Would someone please tell Tim to stop harassing me, I gave him my email address for a “sports only” conversation, now he mails me asking for a date. Thank you.

  30. mcart

    from Larry Brooks NY Post—-

    Our latest information is that Vegas, though strenuously cap-strapped, remains serious about making a deal for Eichel. Indeed, even while adding a net $3.3 million to the cap in acquiring Evgenii Dadonov from the Senators in exchange for Nick Holden, Golden Knights GM Kelly McCrimmon may have been preparing to send multiple assets the other way.

    • THE hockey GOD

      big Mac said he’s done, so he’s either sandbagging to get the price down, or he’s telling the truth.

      Time will tell, FO is cagey.

    • Mike StG

      Brooksie is very knowledgeable about NY teams , but I don’t put much credence in his Vegas predictions and reporting.

      • THE hockey GOD

        listen to me now,
        believe me later.

        Big Mac doesn’t have the good to make the deal, and if he does he will be ripping the team apart or selling the future of franchise further down the never end rat hole of no draft picks left, no depth, no nothing.

        I will believe it , when I see it.

    • Why would you want Eichel who is going to need spinal surgery. Watch out!

  31. Jeff

    Interesting that both Fleury and Reaves face a substantial salary reduction by going to Chicago and New York respectively due to state and local income taxes in both locations.

    Did McCrimmin ever try to renegotiate Fleury’s salary or did he just want to get rid of him? It would appear that the FO and DeBoer had a major problem with the popularity of Fleury and perhaps the personality of his agent.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @jeff, Fleury’s low life agent would never accept a lower salary.

      • Jeff

        None the less, Fleury’s take home will be reduced by virtue of paying income tax in Illinois.

      • Mike StG

        Thg – Walsh DID publicly say some weeks back that Fleury desired to extend his contract and was willing to do so at a reduced amount to help the team with cap concerns.

        That’s what my hope was – that they would keep his final contract year intact and then from 2022-23 they would have both Lehner & Fleury but at a manageable cap hit. Fleury could eventually retire here, have his #29 retired, statue of his Superman save in front of TMA, etc. Now I just have this empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I obviously still support the team, but seem to have lost much of my enthusiasm.

        • Daryl

          I think that would have been the smart move. VGK could of had 1 great goalie and 1 good goalie for the price since teams pay for their starting goalie. VGK could have worked on Thompson without risking anything. The fact that MAF said himself he wanted to retire in VGK and was willing to accept aow offer tells me that PDB and the FO simply didn’t want Fleury

          • Mike StG

            Daryl – we are 100% in agreement on that. I think it would’ve been a win for everyone, including the community. The “win now” at all costs mindset will be very costly on this one. Foley shouldn’t have capitulated to GMKM on this issue.

            Personally, I still support the team but won’t be attending many games or re-upping on my partial szn pass. Maybe the first CHI home game (for the Fleury tribute), and the one Habs home game with my buddy from Montreal.

            Lots of my bucket list things just came off the list as well:
            – Traveling to Montreal next summer for the Entry Draft.
            – Hitting NY for the 3-game road trip against NYR, NYI & NJD.
            – Attending home games for conference finals and cup finals (assuming they make it that far).

            Guess I can take the glass half full view that it’s going to save me a lotta bucks.

            I’m 62 and VGK was one of the great joys of my life. Feel like I invested too much given how things are turning out. I’ve always enjoyed hockey, but never like I have the past 4 years. Even when I was living in Brooklyn in the early 80s and the Isles won 4 cups in a row.

        • THE hockey GOD

          I don’t believe anything that comes out of Walsh’s mouth, he is a no good SOB.

          And it didn’t happen. So I put very little credence in it.

          Fleury’s number should be retired where he won his fame in Pittsburg.
          All he brought was shame here. Not deserving for his complete and utter failure in finals, Semi’s (both San Jose and Montreal. )

          I don’t see it happening here. It just wasn’t plain good enough here.

          • THE hockey GOD

            ding ding
            SHAME ShAME SHAME
            ding ding
            ding ding

            walk of shame.
            The rest of hockey world knows it, VGK fledglings fans are blinded and brain washed. So sad.

          • Daryl

            How many goals did our PP score? Oh that’s right, it’s all MAF fault. We had a coach who couldn’t an adjustment to save his life but again it is MAF fault. I k ow I know… The ice was especially bad for VGK and there wasn’t e ough time for PDB to make any adjustments. Funny how MTL played on that same ice and their coach was able to make adjustments.

            Just more excuses from the little g

      • Daryl

        But he did for Patches?

        • THE hockey GOD

          you are delusional, go harass someone else

          another dumb fledgling fan , who doesn’t know squat about squat. Making one garbage post after another.

          nattering nabob of negativity. Clueless clown.
          Going downtown.

          • Daryl

            You are the clueless on.. Obvious by your nonsense posts and all your excuses.

    • Mike StG


      Renegotiation of contracts is not allowed in NHL. Only remedies are trade, buyout or retirement.

    • Bingo you hit the nail on the head.
      Vegas FO doesn’t care about the team or fans.
      Go BLACKHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. All the Pig McCrimmon quotes on this site crack me up. If that dude’s mouth if moving, it’s either a complete lie…or at least 65% full of sh*t. That clown is such a joke. Comical to take him at his WORD. Comical.

  33. Mike StG

    Daryl, you’re really reaching to justify your comments. Just a couple responses:

    1) Why did they hang on to Glass? Really? He was 18 when he was drafted. Went to Portland in juniors. Suffered an injury there. Moved up to Chicago and suffered an injury there. Came to VGK in 2019 season and suffered a knee injury where he missed half the season. And then was injured for several games again in 2020 season. You kinda get the picture as to maybe why they didn’t just trade their #1 prospect after a year or two?

    Yeah Stastny didn’t fit in. On a line with Stone and Patch they were too slow. When they got Chandler it became apparent his speed made him a better fit as 1C. Stastny ended up at 3C and not very effective with Tuch. Why do you need to keep a $6.5M 3rd line center? They felt they needed a stud defenseman (they ALWAYS have since Year 1 when they chased EK65 unsuccessfully), so they traded Stastny to make room for the Petro signing.

    Your comment about Tavares is not worth a response.

    By the way, Wild Bill IS a legit top 6 center on just about any team. He’s a solid 2C and would be a 1C on several teams (though not on elite teams).

    • THE hockey GOD

      daryl and his other brother daryl are always reaching

      for what I don’t know, maybe reaching for starting key to their

      72 pinto that is broken down and out of gas 99% of the time.

      That dog don’t hunt , no more.

      • Mike StG

        Back in the day I didn’t have a Pinto. But I did own a Chevy Vega for awhile after I aged out of my hot rod phase and sold my 1970 Challenger. That was a tough transition. 🙂

      • Daryl

        What’s said is you have no idea what I drive yet you come on here and try to impress others by saying you own these luxory cars. Well it’s the internet so you can own anything you like… I just bought a is Yacht yesterday… Prove I’m lying!!!

        It’s said little g that you have nothing productive to add to any conversation so you try to insult others (and fail miserably) while riding to tailcoat of other posters

    • Daryl

      Glass was injury prone as you just pointed out. They should have done everything they could have to get rid of him especially with Krebs in the waiting. Even if it meant taking a loss, which with his salary it really wasn’t a loss. Several on here for years have said they need to move on.

      Wild Bill might be a legit #2 on several teams but none in the top 10 minus VGK. I really like Stephenson but he is not a legit top 6 Center yet we have him at #1.

      As for Petra, VGK was actually in a good place with all their young guys. They didn’t need to spend the money or waste cap space on Petra who really didn’t do much but for one series.

      My comment about Tavares goes back to the Comme ts on here where a certain player said everyone wants to come to play hockey for VGK. Just pointing out that obviously not everyone does

  34. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I have to say, THg, you beat that Bubba from N.C. like a dog. His brain-pan is just to little to compete with yours. It’s almost endearing to me, to see that! 😉

    • Daryl

      With you two having the oldest, and almost dead, brains on here it’s not surprising you would see eye to eye on these things. You really should take your mental pills

    • knights fan in minny

      doc where are you going to get people for your new site maybe you can get some of those illegals your friend dementia joe invites into the country

    • THE hockey GOD

      he’s a troll, always nattering about stuff and although we are on same political side of aisle, his hockey acumen is lacking in about 90% of his comments. Negativity followed by negativity, most negative person on this forum.

      I have no use for people that complain and whine all the time. I have no use for his hate either.

      Now just don’t start with me.

      John 3 16.

      • Daryl

        Awwww have I upset someone? You can talk shit and call peoe names but you have no use for hate? Kettle meet pot. You are a hypocrite who makes excuses when it suits you best. We are on the same page politically but your your hockey talk is liberal BS

      • Daryl

        Guess you just can’t handle the truth!!!

  35. phantom major

    I just feel females on a hockey site makes little sense. Stay home and feed the hubby.

  36. Daryl

    You guys should get a room, Lol.

  37. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    That’s what “these” people do. When they can’t defend themselves they turn to nonsense political crap. It’s all they know.

    Anyway, Fleury’s short video is leaving Hawks fans cold. As a Hawk fan said: “We hear nothing from him for a week, then he drops a less than enthusiastic 5 second video. Going to take more than that”!

    We all knew Fleury was going to play, he had 7 million reasons. But, if its only for the money, he could be in for a long season!

    Plus, the “Turk” gives REVO a one year extension. He knows the value!

    • Daryl

      Hawks will make the playoffs thanks to Fleury. While I understand what Turk is doing that acquisition will hurt the Rangers and they will miss the playoffs. POS Wilson isn’t worth the bulk Turk is adding

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