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Trade Market May Pick Back Up When Future Is More Certain

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The Golden Knights say they are ready to head into the 2020-21 season with both Marc-Andre Fleury and Robin Lehner on the roster. That was clearly not the plan prior to free agency and the Draft as rumors swirled constantly about Vegas’ willingness to unload Fleury’s contract.

As of right now, no one was interested in taking on the final two years of the contract, along with the future Hall of Fame goalie, for the price the Golden Knights were offering. It led to Kelly McCrimmon and George McPhee being forced to trade Nate Schmidt to complete the Alex Pietrangelo signing.

However, there’s still time to trade Fleury as the season still does not have a start date. According to Pierre LeBrun that uncertainty may have been the reason why Vegas had such a hard time moving him, why they still do now, and why that may change at some point in the hopefully near future.

Once there’s a clear idea of what that looks like it may fuel further trade discussions around the league because I think there are some teams waiting to see what the heck next season is about before they decide to add to their payroll or go the other way. There are some teams saying ‘Listen, I’ve got to tell my owner why I did this and if we’re not even playing why did I add this?’ So we might be a little frozen right now until there’s some clarity on next season. –Pierre LeBrun on TSN 1040

In other words, good luck finding a team that’s going to take on Fleury’s contract and pay him when they aren’t even sure if the season is going to happen at all.

Assuming the league comes back, and there are fans allowed in the buildings, the compensation that comes with taking on Fleury may suddenly look more attractive to a team, especially one that could use some star power.


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  1. jason mason

    Fleury Fleury Fleury, beating this horse into the ground.

    Serious glut of available goalies, uncertainty as to when a season starts and how many games. Including how many back to backs.

    The rest of the league can sit back and wait the VGK out on any potential Fleury movement, while the team says the right things. We’ll keep him because of the tight scheduling, and who doesn’t want skills at the backup position. Fleury was clearly of enough value that he got a 7million dollar a year deal, so either you liked him or you didn’t, and if you didn’t I don’t want you doing my accounting.

    Knights played themselves into this position, and it’s time to be quiet about it until the trigger gets pulled. Let it be a surprise to all of us.

  2. Julie

    Must be a slow hockey news day or karma for the Fleury-crying-drawing. Maybe it’s the best topic to get a response. Either way, seems to me that Fleury was pretty shrewd in his handling of the Mc Boys Misadventures in hockey management. He has two years left and he retires. He made it clear he wanted to stay and retire in Vegas. No team went for a trade and the McBoys cooked their goose signing Lucky Lehner before securing a Fleury trade. Everyone and their grandma knows it. If VGK buys Fleury out, they look bad and lose money. So they didn’t – that would be the “it’s a business” bumper sticker mentality that is served up every time some pin-headed management decision is made or wasted. Shouldn’t we be revelling in the sideways Lucky Lehner signing victory instead? Clicking those heels over and mumbling “there’s no trade for Fleury, there’s no trade for Fleury” must be exhausting.

  3. Daryl

    I still have no doubts that VGK will trade MAF… I don’t, however, think it will happen to later in the season. I can see a team vying for a playoff spot or a top Cup contending team picking him up if they have issues (injuries) to their goalie. That is really the only way I see VGK trading him.

  4. Tim

    Ken your beating the Fleury situation to death as I told you months ago over and over there not trading Fleury. His biggest backer is Bill Foley who do you think wins that argument? You just can’t stand having to good goalies you’d rather put all your money on one horse good luck with that.

    • A Fan

      You’re kidding yourself if you actually think Foley wanted to keep them both. He’s putting a good face on it now because they are stuck with the contract as many others have mentioned. That contract will be gone as soon as it’s (reasonably) possible to do so.

      • If you believe Foley wants to win. You believe he wants to get rid of Fleury.

        If you believe Foley would put personal relationships before winning, then he can be ok with it.

        It’s one or the other. Not both.

        • A Fan

          He wants to win…period.

        • Tim

          Ken they may have a plan. A couple of observations one Cody Glass has been working out in Vegas under there watch so he may or may not be looking good. Second Payton Krebs in the bubble working out for about 50 days gave them a good look at what he can do or not do. Maybe they’ll both be in the AHL or maybe they both make the team. Were on the outside without a clue of there game plan. To me having two good goalies is important you trade as you suggested Fleury for Stamkos and he’s unable to play then your stuck. If the Splash Brothers didn’t think they have it under control they’d go after Huala unless Haula is pissed after being traded. I’m hoping Glass and Krebs can get it done.

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