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Trade Deadline Boost

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For the third time in three seasons the Golden Knights made upgrades to their team. For the third straight year, the team went on to have immediate success with their new additions. The common message you get among the players are deadline deals can give a club a boost down the stretch.

It means the guys upstairs believe in us. When they add more strength to really go for it and see us as a real contender. That’s the way I see it. We’re going for it.-William Karlsson

Since last Monday’s trade deadline, the Golden Knights are 2-0-0, and have gotten contributions from all three acquisitions. So the question is, how much of a boost has the organization gotten historically after each deadline?

Post Deadline Success: 2017-18

  • Record: 10-7-3, 23 Points
  • Points%: .575
  • Goals Scored: 56
  • Goals Scored Per Game: 2.8
  • Goals Allowed: 58
  • Goals Allowed Per Game: 2.9
  • Points from New Players: 8 (4 Goals, 4 Assists)
  • Record vs Playoff Teams: 6-4-3

In 2017-18, the Golden Knights struggled right after the deadline, however they had won five of the six games before the deadline. Ryan Reaves had trouble fitting in immediately, but was possibly trying to do too much to fit in with his new teammates. Tomas Tatar pitched in with three goals down the stretch. Overall, the team was trending up heading into the postseason.

Post Deadline Success: 2018-19

  • Record 10-6-2, 22 Points
  • Points%: .611
  • Goals Scored: 64
  • Goals Scored Per Game: 3.5
  • Goals Allowed: 49
  • Goals Allowed Per Game: 2.7
  • Points from New Players: 11 (5 Goals, 6 Assists)
  • Record vs Playoff Teams: 5-4

Things were a bit different in season two. Vegas came out roaring after their deadline deal for Mark Stone. The former Senator added immediate offense and gave the team that two-way, high-level forward they needed. However, the team seemed to coast into the playoffs, something The Creator discussed on our SinBin podcast last summer.

Once we got Stone we immediately won 10 of 11, until they decided to take their foot of the gas. We end up with 93 points and we didn’t have home ice. -The Creator, 9/28/19

We followed up with him, if he thought letting their foot off the has impacted their seven-game series loss to San Jose. Beyond the Game 7 officiating blunder, the owner wasn’t sure coasting was the reason for their inability to close out the series in Games 5, 6 and 7.

I love having home ice. Our fans are so powerful and the arena rocks… I believe we’ve got a very good chance of doing that. Once you do that, then it’s just one more round and you’re there. -The Creator, 9/28/19

Overall Deadline Success

  • Record: 22-13–5
  • Points%: .612
  • Record vs Playoff Teams: 12-8-3
  • Points from Newly Acquired Players: 23 (10 Goals, 13 Assists)
  • Wins from Newly Acquired Goalie: 1

The trade deadline period featured several deals and one that was sort of a shock to the fanbase. While we will track how Alec Martinez and Nick Cousins help the team’s momentum towards the postseason, the acquisition of goalie Robin Lehner is really the player to watch. After winning 10 post-deadline games in back-to-back seasons, you have to wonder if Vegas can improve on that mark. Having a stud backup like Lehner could ease The Creator’s coasting concerns.

With the mission at hand, the Golden Knights are deemed for a run in the postseason. If their post-deadline record indicates anything, Vegas should feel confident about their first round matchup. That’s of course if they continue to trend up and not let up on the gas.




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  1. THE hockey GOD

    attrition is dealing blows to this team: stone, roy, and maybe carrier hurt. Straining this lack of depth organization. Glass also out. P. Brown going to be called back up ?

    • Ken Whitecloud

      Plenty of time to get healthy. Rory and Carrier hurt?? No sweat, Nosek can cover for either.

  2. DOC Williams

    Right now … Stone is the only injury that concerns me. Keeping the top 6 together is mandatory for a serious cup run, We have quite a number of bottom 6 forwards we can throw in the mix. Of course numbers of injury’s would be a concern, to any team! Still have 5+ weeks to get our guys health!

  3. The magic words and don’t let up on the gas. There is no question they have what it takes to win they just have to remember how much happier they are when they win and forget about trying to sit on a lead which they are incapable of doing. They can’t depend on luck. The last couple of games shows that in spades.

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