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Tour Of The Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center

As part of our ongoing quest to infiltrate anything and everything that has to do with Las Vegas hockey, I had the privilege to tour the Las Vegas Arena marketing center.

The marketing center is where they bring all the big wigs looking to drop thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions on ridiculously unbelievable suites inside the beautiful cathedral. Let me just tell you, these suites are insane. But we’ll get into that a little later.

The crown jewel of the marketing center is the model of not just the stadium, but the entire “Central Park” area being constructed in between New York New York and the Monte Carlo.

Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 1Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 1

The park begins on Las Vegas Boulevard in between the two casinos and goes all the way back to Frank Sinatra Boulevard where the arena sits. The entire outside area is called the Toshiba Plaza and will have multiple restaurants, bars, and retail spaces for smart people to hang out in rather than sitting in traffic before and after games/concerts.

My favorite part of the Toshiba Plaza though has to be these things.

Las Vegas Arena Heat Catching Flowers

These gigantic flowery looking gizmos actually catch and deflect heat. Some Dutch guy invented them. Still trying to figure out how I can get a few of them in my backyard.

Ok, on to some more important stuff. Parking!

There has still not been any decision made about paid parking. However, there’s certainly a lot more to it than a simple yes or no decision. I originally thought this was a no brainer and they would indeed start charging, but I’m now thinking there’s a real chance they just leave it the way it is to avoid the added hassle and confusion.

Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 4Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 3

Construction of a pedestrian bridge from Level 5 in the NYNY garage will be completed by opening day of the stadium. This will only be accessible to VIP guests and will lead directly on the “club level” concourse of the arena. Also, there will be a new entrance to the NYNY garage. This will be accessible from Sinatra as well as the new road that is being build underneath Tropicana so people heading east on Trop off the 15 can get to the stadium without having to pull the U-turn on Las Vegas Blvd.

I have to admit, the exit strategy with traffic is still a bit dicey. There are essentially four options.

  1. Las Vegas Boulevard through the Toshiba Plaza.
  2. Tropicana (Westbound Only) through the current NYNY Garage entrance/exit.
  3. Sinatra (northbound or southbound)
  4. New road under Tropicana into the Excalibur parking lot.

Call me crazy, but that sounds like a mess. Be a smart person, don’t leave right away, go spend some money in the Toshiba Plaza or gamble at one of the casinos. Everyone will be happier.

Back to good stuff. Like this…

Las Vegas Arena Tower Club

This is the Tower Club. It’s a massive lookout over the action going on down on the arena floor. There’s one on each side of the stadium with a huge concourse walkway connecting the two. It’s the first of its kind in any arena in the world. Going to be some epic selfies taken from up there.

But that won’t be the only place to take some sweet pictures. On all three levels of the building there are massive outdoor balconies overlooking the strip.

Las Vegas Arena Balcony Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 5

We previously gushed over what we called the SkyDeck. I asked if that balcony had a name, and was told it does not. Therefore, we are officially anointing it.. The SkyDeck! (Submitted to UrbanDictionary, awaiting response)

Ok rich people, listen up. The absolute most badass area in the entire arena is what they call “bunker suites”. These are suites located right down near the ice and have Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 23a hotel room sized lounge under them. The seats are gigantic padded leather La-Z-Boy type chairs complete with cup holders and USB charging stations (hopefully). But the lounge is what makes the bunker suites so awesome. Aside from the drink and food service that’s included, there’s a massive glass wall on one side of each bunker suite. On the other side of the glass is the walkway from the locker room to the ice. The few, the proud, the elite bunker suite owners will have the opportunity to watch the players and coaches make the walk out onto the ice. In a word, awesome.

Don’t have a million dollars lying around for a bunker suite? That’s ok, I’m sure you’ve got $60k or so. Just buy an standard suite or an opera suite. Just like everywhere in Vegas, the key at Las Vegas Arena will be having VIP status. There are two ridiculously awesome VIP areas that will make you feel like you are at a nightclub rather than a stadium. One side is “Desert by Day” and the other is “Desert By Night.” I’ve got another post planned to show you more about that. (When this text is blue, you’ll be able to read that post).

If you haven’t bought season tickets yet, what the heck are you waiting for? And if you seriously have the money to buy a suite, there’s not going to be a better bang for your buck than this place.

All in all, the stadium is amazing, and I didn’t even get to go in…yet. In the meantime, check out our buddies post on, some sweet pics from inside the building.

Here are the rest of pictures I couldn’t figure out how to write around.

IMG_0256 IMG_0253 IMG_0252 IMG_0251 IMG_0246 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 21 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 20 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 19 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 18 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 17 IMG_0248 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 22  Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 24 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 125 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 126 Las Vegas Arena Marketing Center 27

Also, if you want more information on buying a suite, shoot us an email (, we’ll get you in direct contact with the right people. (Plus, it’ll make us look really good, which we like.)


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