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Toronto Thinks They’ve Found The VegasFlu Antidote

Pepto Red Rock? (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights are 15-2-1 at T-Mobile Arena. Opposing teams have tried coming in early, they’ve tried coming in late, and they’ve tried to stick to the norm. They’ve stayed at Bellagio, Mandarin Oriental, and Cosmopolitan. Some do morning skate, others don’t. Some make a big deal of coming to Vegas, others try to ignore it. None of it has worked.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, the latest team to visit Las Vegas, are trying something a bit different than the previous 17 teams who have been to Sin City.

They’re staying about 25 minutes from the strip and T-Mobile Arena. I spoke to Lou Lamoriello about this and he says he’s vacationed a lot in Vegas and he just doesn’t feel that area around the arena is conducive for work, and certainly they’ve taken note of the record the Vegas Golden Knights have at home. Chris Johnston on Hockey Night in Canada

We don’t know exactly where they are staying, but our assumption is somewhere in Summerlin, likely Red Rock. (Sources tell us they are indeed staying at Red Rock)

We shall see if it pays off tomorrow afternoon. If it doesn’t, we’ll really know that it just comes down to this…

Because the house always wins. Vegas doesn’t look this way based on people winning in this town. -Nate Schmidt

Whether you believe in VegasFlu or not, one thing remains clear, it’s on the heads of every team that comes to town, and that’s a great thing for the Golden Knights.

(Stick tap to Steven Loung of Sportsnet)


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  1. William Sanders

    At this rate, the Leaf’s need to go back to the drawing board! lol

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