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Toronto Talking Heads Count Vegas Out For 2022-23

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When the news dropped that Robin Lehner was scheduled to have hip surgery and miss the 2022-23 season, the hockey world reacted.

Your season is done. I credit them for what they accomplished that first season. Ever since that success they’ve been drunken sailors. They’re in video game GM mode. Trade this guy, sign that guy, don’t need that guy, dump that guy, trade this pick, trade that prospect. It’s karma in a way, you’ve been too reckless. –Bryan Hayes on OverDrive radio show on TSN1050 Toronto

For the second time in team history, Vegas isn’t considered a Stanley Cup favorite. The first year was a shock to everyone, this time around, there is concrete evidence based on history for doubters to point to. The Golden Knights missed the playoffs, swapped scoring for dead money, and are without their starting goaltender for the entire season.

Losing Lehner was the breaking point for some around the sport.

I think somebody can really hold up Vegas right now. This is a team that’s built to win now. You can’t go a year without a goaltender if you’re built to win now. They have no money but they also have no goaltender. –Dave Poulin on OverDrive radio show on TSN1050 Toronto

The one element the majority agrees with is the unknown impact from Vegas’ number one star. There are not many players in the league that can carry a team offensively like Jack Eichel. If the 25-year-old emerges as one of the Western Conference’s biggest threats the Golden Knights have enough support to qualify for the postseason. If they don’t, the know-it-alls up in Toronto will be even louder next summer.

Now, they’re dumping Pacioretty for nothing. They don’t have a goalie. If you’re Jack Eichel what’s running through your mind? You’re never going to catch a break. –Hayes on OverDrive radio show on TSN1050 Toronto

There’s no doubt the Golden Knights season became a lot more challenging after the Lehner news broke. No matter who’s in their system, losing a starting goaltender is crushing for the organization.

Direction wise over the next couple years, what’s going to happen with Vegas? They’re going to expire. They just are. They’ve depleted their farm system. They refute everything they were when they came into the league. They’re the exact opposite. They used to be the have-nots, the castaways. –Poulin on OverDrive radio show on TSN1050 Toronto

There’s still time for the front office to go an acquire an everyday starting goalie but the cost might be the problem. Sure, the combination of Thompson, Michael Hutchison, and Laurent Brossoit could be enough to secure a playoff spot but without Lehner, Vegas is looking at a first, or at best, a second round exit. That’s not far enough The Creator.

They are a very entertaining follow. They offer up a ton of content, but they are reckless down there and they’re in trouble. –Hayes on OverDrive radio show on TSN1050 Toronto

It’s true. The Golden Knights are the gift that keeps on giving. Even during the slow summer months, Vegas provides enough material through September. Starting with their annual cap theatrics, puzzling decisions, and delayed surgeries that subtract their top goaltender, this offseason has had it all. It might amuse the folks up in Toronto but it’s no joking matter to the loyal fans that watch or show up to every VGK game. It would be much more entertaining if their team shocked Ontario and the entire hockey world.

It’s happened before.


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  1. jeff

    I would say the best indication of just how little the media knows and their ability to predict what will happen over the next year during a hockey season, is the fact that everyone has picked Vegas to win the cup (or at the very least be a serious contender) for at least the last 3 seasons. Pretty good indicator of anyone’s ability to predict the outcome of any season.

    • They were hammered by injuries to their best players and were the 17th best team in the NHL. They WERE Cup contenders. The question is if they remain healthy in the upcoming season does that make up for the talent lost in the offseason.

      • Scooter

        Stop it … The Kings were also hammered by injuries (including 4 of their top 5 defensemen) AND had more players on LTIR (8), yet they still managed to make the playoffs. That’s how bad VGK’s organizational depth really is.

        • Valid points. Tomato/Tomatoe.

        • THE hockey GOD

          you stop it scooter, it’s not about who got injured but how many man games they lost; VGK was in top three while LA KINGS were well down the list.

          try to
          time ok ?

          • You are funny bro.
            Vegas fans deserve what is coming.
            Obnoxious, undeserving, pitiful desert dwellers they are.
            This organization has been very reckless and will pay for it for several seasons to come.
            As a Ducks fan-I could not be happier.

  2. GRIM. But, a whole lot of TRUTH. Stings to hear it. OK, LT, time to be the promising goalie we saw glimpses of last season!

  3. Blitz

    Interesting. Before the injury news I didn’t think Vegas was going to the playoffs or certainly not far if they made the playoffs. Now with the injury news I think Vegas will make the playoffs (with forward additions), but probably not go very far in the playoffs. Roughly the same result, but I just have more confidence of them getting into the playoffs… ONLY if they get forward help though. LT will be fine, they may need a relief goalie if LB doesn’t get healed.

    Last year I predicated RL wouldn’t make it past the break and was generally correct. He only played half a season and lingered with injuries far too long. This year I think they will be fine under LT/LB (or other). Goaltending will not be their problem this year. Decent goaltending in this friendly system will work fine. Scoring and depth need some help and maybe a little bit of luck on the health side.

    • Joanne

      You hit the nail on the head! Exactly right!

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Last year I predicated RL wouldn’t make it past the break and was generally correct.” he made it well into MArch, that is not even close to being “generally correct”.

      doh, wAke up people.

      • Blitz

        Go fuck yourself!

        • THE hockey GOD

          “go fuck youself”
          says the guy who thinks January is “generally near” to March !

          • Blitz

            It was actually my easy way to not have to explain that he was hurt, then back again, then hurt again, then accused of being seriously hurt which he was offended by and denied, but was actually true. Then he played like shit cause he was hurt. In the end he played half a season total 44 games and was hurt all the last part of the season, but played thru it. Boy that was so much better. So again fuck yourself! You’re just another stupid fucking Californian. You have no real skills in life so you sit all day on a hockey blog comments section acting like an idiot waiting for someone to engage you. Fish on!! Now you can put it in super dumb fuck mode.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “You’re just another stupid fucking Californian.”

            i am not from California !! I agree they are fucking stupid ! And a lot of them stupid fucking Californians are moving here, fucking up this place with their stupidity. If you even read my posts you see I mention places like Flin Flon, Oak Island, growing up and playing goalie, among other positions. PAY ATTENTION !!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD !!

    • THE hockey GOD

      “This year I think they will be fine under LT/LB (or other). Goaltending will not be their problem this year. Decent goaltending in this friendly system will work fine. Scoring and depth need some help and maybe a little bit of luck on the health side.”
      hoping for the same, they have a good goalie coach; we’ll know something by end of November. Usually goalies start season strong, and the other positions take awhile to find their skating , and more importantly their timing. So I am hopeful as you are.

  4. Carl

    It can be called shit-talking if it’s way out from left field, but in this case the Leaf boys are 100% correct. The most excitement this season will be the countdown to firing George and Kelly.

  5. knights fan in minny

    everybody has a opinion we will just have to wait and see i think logan will rise to the challenge

    • Minny, I do too! He showed some real athleticism last season. Kept his cool under a lot of pressure. Fingers crossed…

  6. Smith19Fan

    I don’t get it.

    Vegas unloaded $7M to a guy who will be paid this for at maximum 3 months worth of work next year after his surgery and that’s a problem for Vegas?

    Sounds like this “dumping of scoring” was actually quite shrewd.

  7. Bobby

    The last time the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup was in 1967. Usually out in the first round. Yes Vegas needs to pull off a goalie trade.

  8. JV

    Leafs are the last folks to trash talk. They have only made it out of the 1st round once since 2004………and they had to trade their 1st round pick in last month’s draft to do it!

  9. JV

    So latest goalie rumor:
    To VGK: Varlamov
    To NYI: Signing rights to Hague
    3rd pick (BUF)
    I am not advocating for this. However IF this were to happen, I would also send Brossiot and want Scott Mayfield back, also on last year of current contract. Think cap hit is 1.4 mil? And the 3rd pick would be VGK, not BUF.

    • THE hockey GOD

      interesting, i would do that deal

      also toronto has bunch of towel heads in their tv booth, what do they know ? Never played the game. Same city that forced out Don Cherry, the great commenter. Screw Toronto and the horse they rode into town. They also let Dan Blitzerian trade his stupid ignite company on their stock exchange. Bunch of know nothing moes of the highest order of stupidity.

      Any town, though that has a Tim Horton’s on every corner (replacing the old sub stations), can’t be all that bad ! Younge street is pretty cool, or used to be. anyway.

      With Sean Burke training the goalies, though, my bet is that they stay pat. You heard it here, first, and often. And probably not for last time.

    • VGK Fan


      This is the Mc’s trying to save their jobs to mortgage the future. Trading away a young 6’6″ defense men for a 1 year rental just crazy on a team going nowhere. Foley needs to make sure the Mc’s don’t ruin the future to save their present jobs.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    in real news, CHENEY and her silly J6 , is done. GOP , vast majority gave both the big fat middle finger. They know it’s just another in long line , six years and counting, of one nothing burger after another after another.

    The FBI is now on the FBI watch list !!

    • It’s very disheartening to see malice and vindictiveness become part of the culture.
      Maybe it was always there but the difference is it’s amplified by social media.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Emmanuel, not only by social media, but by the hate spread on the lame stream news who are spitting venom led by CNN, lsdNBC (morning joe- hater and late night), mad cow (whatever network she’s on), and CBS. Sometimes NBC and ABC. The hate and misdirection is ongoing, must be an election year. For example, they completely all over the place on the FBI raid. Passports taken, passports not taken, passports returned, nuclear codes, top secret, top top secret etc etc. These people are clueless as usual. Just hate followed by more hate and even more hate. Never ending hate. Disgusting, pathetic, evil creatures that they are.

        • You’re describing YOURSELF, THG!! HATE is your CALLING CARD! Come on, man….WHO IS THE HATEFUL, PATHETIC GUY, HERE??

    • knights fan in minny

      lizzy is going to work at glamour shots

    • VegasBorn1993

      This is a hockey site dude lol nobody cares about your political opinions

      • THE hockey GOD

        hockey is politics vegasborn WAKE UP !!!
        tell that to woke bettman
        and kneelers
        and soviets red army vs. team canada

        • Original 6✅

          @THG. don’t you love when you saw bobby clarke break his ankle ✅. and they end up winning. got to love old time hockey ! Or when the red army left the ice after getting there ass smacked down by the fliers and they left the ice till they found out they weren’t getting paid ! Refs told the fliers to take it easy which was basically tell m to go kick there asses harder now. !! i went to the Blackhawks Red Army gm. maggy wanted to win so bad. i believe it ended in a tie. i have to ck the year but not sure if Hull was on the team when they played

          • THE hockey GOD

            classic stuff O6, Hull along with Howe left NHL for WHA . Both were long gone. The Hulls own a pig farm in Ontario.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Sounds a lot like up and over there in Toronto they are just jealous of fact that the Knights made it past the first round three of their first five years in existence and it would have been four if not for that stupid and unfair penalty in game 7.

  12. For a regular season team they are middle of the pack. As far as a playoff team they can go deep:
    1. They are rested
    2. They are experienced
    3. They have something to prove
    4. They want to win a cup cause they come from losing teams mostly
    5. They’re built for grueling 2-1/3-2 games.

    IF they get in (health is the BIG factor) they will be a force.

  13. Steve D.

    It is funny this article brings up trading Patches for nothing but shedding salary. Like it was another bad move by the GM. Yet, he will be out injured, again, for most of the season. Sounds like a smart move by the GM’s. And if injuries are not the issue they were last year, we may find them to be on the more right about the moves than we think. Time will tell.

  14. Jake

    Less pressure on Vegas this year.

    I like it.

  15. Vic

    Ha Ha. The Toronto hockey media. Those folks took so many booster shots that they are having wet dreams about Dave Keon, Norm Ullman and Johnny Bauer. Who cares what they think. On the other hand, maybe these negative articles will be bulletin board material for the VGK, and they can once again play hungry and tough instead of rich, fat and happy.

  16. Obvious

    With psycho Lehner or not play offs not a chance. How far expectations are falling. Used to be nothing but the cup. Now it’s well if hell freezes over we can make the play offs. Stone and Eichel a hit away from season ending injury. Lehner is nothing more than a psychotic con man… who finally found a dupe in fat bastard. The rest are in the tail end of their careers. Hats off to McPhukup and fat bastard for f*k’n things up so badly that a cup is nothing but a distant dream

  17. It would not surprise me if games are not sold out anymore next season. Next season will be even worse when the 5 year deals expire. Cheap tickets are coming.

  18. Ken

    I truly think you doubters will be surprised at the Knights effort and success this coming season! No question in my mind that they can and will make the playoffs. Beyond that will be a challenge. But let’s get behind the boys. Why not? As we are Knights fans, are we not!

    • We are and will always be. I’ve had so many great times betting them and going on ski trips and watching games after skiing all day. My greatest memory is the Nashville game, Thanksgiving Eve 2019, when we scored with .8 seconds left and Stastny scored in OT to win. That game really turned around that season. By the way, is Stastny a possibility for this year ? I think he still has gas in the tank.

    • Tim

      Ken I remember when we traded for Lehner and Jason and you were on his bandwagon here we are a couple of years down the road and let’s face it he’s divided the fan base. Now your guaranteeing we make the playoffs I think were in trouble if you look around the Pacific at all the young hungry teams. We’ve made numerous mistakes through the years but getting Petro at 9.5 million long term instead of a quality center will haunt us he’s not worth near that much. Eventually the management team will be fired and they’ll leave us with no farm system and a bunch of old men not a winning recipe. Like I’ve said many times being a long time Las Vegan I saw the running Rebels basketball team from 1974 – 1991 be the greatest show in town. Once they fired Tark it went downhill quickly and today I couldn’t tell you the coaches name any players names and no idea the last time they made the NCAA basketball tournament. The Knights are heading in the same direction where they’ll be lucky to fill half the arena. You can all laugh now but Vegas doesn’t do losing well.

      • Kenny

        Tim, I’m not the Ken, ya know the owner of this site? I guess you were addressing him, right? Just wanted to clear that up. I’ll change to Kenny, to make it easier to tell us apart!

  19. Yeah, theirs been alot of mistakes, I loved Patches, but now looking at it, Patches is extremely injury prone and it was a good move. We have a good core, the misfit line, the D men are top flight. To me, as always is Stone and Eichel and the guys that are 1 to 2 million. Carrier is absolutely solid on the 4th line, the guy is as game as they come and he brings it every game. Kolesar needs to score a little more. I like Thompson, he’s game, he won’t quit. We can all agree that we need the cookie to crumble perfectly to be a player in this league, injuries are absolutely the key. Eichel seems like a team guy, he was probably tired of getting his ass kicked in Buffalo and paying all those insane taxes in NY. We need him to be elite or it was a mistake to get him. It’s a complete mystery what’s going to happen, a big question mark. I tell you this, I’m not going to games and pay alot of money for nose bleed seats and watch them get this asses kicked, that’s not any fun. Hell, most of us have no idea what’s going to happen here, changes happened so fast.

  20. One more thing, I will never be preached to by an arrogant organization who has robbed their fan base for 50 years and hasn’t sniffed a Cup in decades. That’s how I see that.

  21. KnightRaider

    How many pundits have been correct before the start of a season, especially from Toronto who think this is the Leafs year! As for LT, nobody new who Binnington was before his breakout ( best) year

  22. Tim

    Like it or not Bryan Hayes told it like it is. Know one can dispute what he said in that paragraph above wasn’t 100% true. You can comeback with Toronto hasn’t won a Cup since 1967 who cares what does that have to do with his evaluation of the Knights. As I see above Mark defending the Knights by saying Toronto has robbed there fan base for the last 50 years. Now Mark please answer this question what the fuck does Toronto have to do with what he said about the Knights. Your telling me what Bryan Hayes said is bullshit if so your living in La La Land.

    • I just made a point that these pundits maybe should focus on themselves, on Toronto. Met many Toronto people who are fans of the team and their prices are jaw dropping and the cost of living their is astronomical and they constantly trash the team, how much can someone take, their fed up. This is a big money team that always disappoints. I’m just defending us, we have done well, but as many think here, a slide is inevitable. The more I think about it, we could just be mediocre.

  23. JoeinHendo

    How does losing Lehner hurt VGK’s chances of making the playoffs? If anything it improves their chances. The $5 million the Knights gained by placing RL on LTIR opened the door to add / retain at least a couple much needed top players. Lehner’s play wasn’t any better than Logan Thompson’s last season, and LT’s goal tending style is more adept to succeed in Coach Cassidy’s “goalie friendly” system if given the chance to prove himself. It’s now make or break time for Thompson however, all the pressure is on him, but at least he won’t have to worry about VGK’s $5 million dollar train wreck RL stealing his spot without earning it like Lehner did to Fleury. I’m far more optimistic about having LT in the net under Cassidy than I ever was with the prospect of having Lehner in there.

  24. knights fan in minny

    kadari to the flames

  25. Obvious

    Getting rid of psycho boy Lehner is a gift from the heavens. Only thing that could be better would be to find him belly up in a gutter from a crack OD. He’s nothing but a snake oil salesman con man. Every other team shipped him out as fast as they could. And he finally found a dupe in fat bastard who took the bait and signed him with term…. utterly stupid

    Ken… fans yes… but it’s hard to stomach what a f’n mess McPhukup and fat bastard have done to this team and the “golden” opportunity they started with. A complete management f*k up

    • Kenny

      Why such hate against another human being. Lerner is just a hockey player. Hate like you spew out, just leads to more hate! Is that what’s you’re about?

    • Gary

      “Only thing that could be better would be to find him belly up in a gutter from a crack OD.”

      Shit dude, it’s only a game. Whether Lehner wins 10 cups for Vegas or none, it really doesn’t affect your life.

      Totally uncalled for comment.

  26. THE hockey GOD

    breaking, real news !!

    Randy’s Donuts sells out for first time in 70 years after opening Las Vegas location
    Caitlin Lilly – 3h ago

    LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Randy’s Donuts has been forced to change its operating hours after the eatery continues to sell out its first-ever Las Vegas location.

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    The company says it has sold over 10,000 handmade donuts each day since opening in Las Vegas.

    • THE hockey GOD

      can YOU imagine IF LA’s RANDY donut’s became the OFFICIAL Donuts for the VGK ? GET A FREE DONUT at RANDY’s if VGK Score five or more GOALS !

      Get a FREE DONUT at RANDY’s if VGK get a shut out !!!

      The LA KING fans would be HATING IT !!

      • Dean

        They wouldn’t have to give out many donuts!

      • Original 6✅

        @THG especially if the knights blanked the kings 5-0. would that be a two fer. lol 5 goals & shut out. hmmmmm

  27. Dean

    I still believe our chances of making the playoffs went up with the Lehner injury, but don’t think our chances of winning the Cup exist at all (pre or post injury). Our demise rests solely with the team’s management and Kelly McCrimmon needs to go after this season (he should have went after last year)

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