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VGK’s Top 6 Stanley Cup Playoff Goals

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It’s been more than a month since the Golden Knights raised the organization’s first Stanley Cup. It’s been an incredible summer in Las Vegas while the championship parties roll on in VGK players’ hometowns. So, let’s stretch the fun out a little longer with a series of Top 6 moments of the Golden Knights’ thrilling Stanley Cup winning run. Of course, we chose six over five because of The Creator‘s sixth-season championship proclamation.

6. Michael Amadio’s Game 3 Double-Overtime Winner vs Winnipeg:

After blowing a 4-1 lead the Golden Knights were forced to fight off the tenacious Jets in sudden death. After several hit posts in the first overtime, Vegas woke up and took care of Winnipeg three and a half minutes into double OT. The series was essentially done after Amadio’s dart.

5. Jack Eichel’s First Playoff Goal in Round 1, Game 2

It was a long NHL journey for the 2015 second-overall pick before having the opportunity to compete for a Stanley Cup. Not only did Eichel’s goal come at a key moment in Game 2, it settled his nerves and boosted his confidence. Alex Pietrangelo sent the perfect shot-pass to Eichel, who followed it up with a gnarly deflection into Winnipeg’s goal. It was the perfect start to his Conn Smyth runner-up postseason performance.

4. Jonathan Marchessault’s Western Conference Finals Game 2 Game-tying Goal:

All postseason long Vegas kept their composure when trailing in a game. They couldn’t come back to win them all but in the WCF the Golden Knights deflated the Dallas Stars by tying the game with 2:22 left in Game 2. Marchessault skated down the center of the ice and Jack Eichel’s backhand pass found #81 from behind the net. It was a beautiful dish and the perfect one-time shot. It was a great example of how well the Marchessault-Eichel-Barbashev line connected throughout the entire postseason.

3. Shea Theodore’s Stanley Cup Game 1 Go-Ahead Goal:

Vegas fans were waiting all postseason for one of Shea’s patented show-stopping goals and he came through for them in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Theodore spun away from Florida’s defender and created himself a dangerous shooting lane. If it were basketball, we’d say the youngest Misfit was breaking ankles and taking names. Not only did Theodore give Vegas the lead but it generated more offense from fellow defenseman Zach Whitecloud.

2. Chandler Stephenson’s Second Goal of SCF Game 4:

Stephenson had an outstanding 2022-23. It began in the regular season and carried over into the big stage of the playoffs. Stephenson scored the two opening goals of Game 4, and to be honest, either could have made the list. His second tally made the cut because of Whitecloud’s fantastic individual effort to find Stephenson for his first of the game.

Top 1: Mark Stone’s Stanley Cup Game 5 Hat Trick:

Look, there were several postseason goals that could’ve topped the list but when the captain of the team tallies three in a SCF clincher, it jumps to the top of my list. Stone’s Game 5 performance was one for the ages. His emotion and execution led the way for a triumphant 9-3 Stanley Cup finish. The captain opened the scoring in Game 5 and completed his hat trick late in Vegas’ blowout bash. Stone’s triple embodied the Golden Knights’ successful Stanley Cup run and their past postseason struggles. After Vegas took the first lead, the game was over. VGK’s maniacal leader wasn’t losing that night.

Of course, those are just six out of VGK’s 88 Stanley Cup playoff goals. I’m sure many of you would add or subtract from the Top 6 goal list but that’s what makes this so entertaining. Let us know, what goals were your favorites, and which ones were we missing.

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  1. Summerlin AndyB

    Wild Bill’s under the legs, no-look, back pass to whomever scored off of that beautiful pass. How can I remember who scored after that pass?

  2. Jason – a great post – one of your best.

  3. Jailbird

    That Amadio goal might be the biggest of the playoffs. Had they lost that game after blowing a big lead, things could have been much tuffer. But like the entire playoffs our boys were not going to be denied and all of them contributed.

    • TS

      Jb, ya got that right!! I’m gonna refer to our magical cup run as the Vegas Miracle on Ice!! And the Hockey World thought we were a formidable team the FIRST year!!

  4. former season ticket holder

    These are great goals, but my heart was in my throat on number 4, Eichel’s no look pass back to Marshy….damn near knocked over the table jumping up on that tally!!

  5. THE hockey GOD

    howden after stone breaks stick

  6. Kevin

    Stone’s goal vs Winnipeg where celebrated by leaping into the glass. The significance was that many of us weren’t sure he was physically OK, but when we saw him face-plant himself into the clear acrylic (and we all recovered from the GASP of “why would he do that with his bad back!?!”), it was obvious we had him back, which meant we were far better thank we were the last dozen+ games of the year. It was a light-bulb post-gasp moment of “wait! if HE is OK then the TEAM is OK and that means we could go on a really serious run here!” To me, that’s the goal that kicked things off

    • TS

      Stone is the catalyst for everyone–he should have gotten an award for “Courage- Under- Fire”, for all the hits he took through the Playoffs! I just winced every time he got body-slammed by an opponent. His recovery from his surgeries will be the stuff of LEGEND in VGK’S History!!

  7. knights fan in minny

    they were all great

  8. Jose

    The Vegas Golden Knights have the best front office in the entire National Hockey League.

  9. Bobby

    All the videos are incredible moments, last a lifetime with names on the cup!!

  10. Melissa

    I can’t stop thinking about Stone knocking the puck out of the air and scoring against Florida. Or Howden’s overtime winning goal. Or Marchy’s hat trick in Edmonton!

    • TS

      So many great plays by so many players! We may have the most balanced scoring of ANY team. Other teams have trouble defending against us, with so many weapons. It was positively MAGIC to watch!!

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