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Tomas Nosek Calls Future With Vegas A 50/50

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Maybe the largest question mark this offseason, other than the future of Robin Lehner, is what the Golden Knights are planning on doing with soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Tomas Nosek.

Nosek is 27-years-old and has been a staple of the Vegas lineup since the first game in franchise history. He’s played in 202 of the team’s 235 games, appeared in 24 of the 27 playoff games, and has been one of the most consistent penalty killers along the way.

His numbers in the regular season are underwhelming (23G, 24A, 202 games) as primarily a fourth-liner but his three goals in the Cup Final sets him apart from most of the upcoming free agent class.

Nosek has signed four contracts in his short NHL career. Two with Detroit prior to being selected in the Expansion Draft, and then two as a restricted free agent in Vegas. He’s never made more than he did this season when he was paid $1 million.

Nosek recently appeared in an interview, conducted in Czech and translated via closed captioning, on the Xaver Live YouTube channel. He was asked about his future plans but made it sound like the decision is mostly out of his hands.

First we need to know where I will play. There’s no agreement about next season yet so we need to wait until the situation is clear and that will determine where my family will stay and live. Of course I don’t want to leave the Vegas team. I started here, so it would be great to stay. However, it’s all about business so it’s a management decision. The current chance is 50/50. –Nosek on Xaver Live YouTube

This previous offseason, Nosek technically hit unrestricted free agency for a moment. The Golden Knights did not extend a qualifying offer which made him a UFA before he signed the one-year $1 million deal that set him up to become a free agent again this summer.

Despite making it clear he wants to stay, Nosek says the Golden Knights are not ready to sign an extension while the season is paused.

There’s nothing concrete yet unfortunately. The (Golden Knights) management said any deals will be on the table after the season, not earlier. –Nosek on Xaver Live YouTube

It’s unlikely Nosek is in-line for much more than the $1 million he is currently making, but the Golden Knights roster has become fairly deep with bottom-six options. William Carrier and Nic Roy are under contract for the foreseeable future, sources have indicated to that Ryan Reaves is nearing a two-year deal to stick around, and Chandler Stephenson and Nick Cousins are both RFAs. Plus, Lucas Elvenes, Jack Dugan, Jonas Rodbjerg, Gage Quinney, Keegan Kolesar, and a few others are waiting in the wings in the system.

It appears clear that if an offer is placed in front of Nosek that he’ll sign it and stay here in Vegas, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen from the Golden Knights or someone else swoops in and puts a few extra dollars on the table for a very reliable bottom-six player.

Calling his future in Vegas a coin flip sounds pretty spot on.

Here’s the whole interview with Nosek. Translation is available by turning on closed captioning.


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  1. Be smart Nosek, stay here. Low taxes, low cost of living. Set aside your ego, ok? Your on a Cup contend here. If you go to a high tax state, your going to get your ass handed to you. With this overblown Covid-19 thing, most states are going to raise their state income tax. California is 13.5% and rising. NY, NJ,Michigan, all Canadian teams are set to pick your pockets. WTF, are the agents stupid bastards? What agent looking out for his client would ever feed his guy to the the Socialist’s in blue states. If it’s about business, what the hell are they thinking. If Nosek signs with New Jersey, for example, he buys a condo for $1,000,000 he pays $24,400 in taxes every year. In Nevada, a $1,000,000 mansion in Summerlin, 6,000 sq. feet he pays $6,900. A 9% state income tax, that’s $90,000 out the door. Feds take 37%, that’s $370,000 out the door. It never ends, if your talking “business”what fool would leave Vegas. The only options are Florida or Texas.

  2. Tim

    Nosek has always been one of my favorite players. He gives a 110% when he’s on the ice. He’s a big kid doesn’t miss many games what’s not to like. I’m sure his days are numbered but when he leaves you’ve got to respect what he’s done in his three years.

  3. DOC Williams

    Tim I agree … Mark not so much. (sorry, not much respect for anyone who call the virus “overblown”). Anyway, I have said many times how much I respect Noseks play. He will help any team he plays for. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be with the Knights after this season. And as far as comment for him to “set aside his ego”. How do you know he has one? PLUS, It may not even be in his hands. If no offer is made, there’s nothing for him to sign. Waiting on big NHL announcement coming up in about one hour!!!!!!!

    • No offer is obviously a given, but he said it’s “business”, meaning dollars and cents. By ego, I meant he wants alot more money, alot of guys ego gets fed by being paid more money. If he signs here instead of Blue state, he can sign 20% less and come out the same. He might turn down an offer here, except an offer for a little more money elsewhere, yet come out the same. But, his mind, he got a pay hike. Every athlete wants a confirmation that they are being paid what they think their worth, agree? Playing for San Jose and playing for Vegas are 2 completely different things. Shutting down the economy, with a .026 death rate, that attacks our elderly, fighting a lethal medical condition, I think, is way overblown, a big overreaction. The cure is 10 times worse that the disease, IMOP. The incompetents at all levels of government are really hammering the common schmuck like me.

      • DOC Williams

        You need to take your virus BS to another site pal. As far as your hockey comments, you’re just digging yourself a bigger hole. There are many knowledgeable hockey comments made here … yours … aren’t among them.

        • It’s opinion here. Are you a Medical Doctor? Treating Covid 19 patients? Do you have all the answers? If you not, don’t tell me what to think. Be civilized here. Are you a GM? Hockey executive? Remember, keep your attacks off this thread, everyone has a right to their say here. Understand? I looked up the numbers on taxes, every number I posted was accurate. Watch your attacks, remain civil here.

        • You want to meet, that’s ok. Understand, you never tell me what to do. Set the time and date I’m their. Understand?

        • You listen good. 7 weeks ago, Gavin Newsome, California’s Governor, on March 19th his prediction that 25 million Californian’s would be infected, and at a 2% fatality rate, 600,000 California should be dead by now. In fact, DOC, 3800 Californians have died. Understand? Is it overblown. Never comment on this site, you hack, you dummy, without the facts !!

          • Dingleberry Dave

            Tell the families of the 3,800 dead in CA, or the nearly 100k across America, or the 353k worldwide that this is overblown. To point out one politician’s estimates being high only paints one side of the picture. Many on the other side of the political spectrum didn’t take this seriously early on, or to this day, and greatly under predicted the death toll. It’s all relative. Regardless, people are dead. It’s a shame. Have some respect. I don’t see why a thread on Tomas Nosek’s impending free agency is a sounding off point on politics.

            As for Nosek, he would love to stay in Vegas. Of course his agents know the tax situation. However, it’s not up to him if he even gets an offer. Even if he does, who is to say another team doesn’t offer him something better? Be it monetary, term, roster security, or ice time; he is likely to get a better offer to leave Vegas than to stay. It’s very similar to the Bellemare situation last year. The team and the player would love to come to an agreement that works for both sides, but someone is likely going to have to take a raw deal to make it happen. I don’t see how any of this reflects negatively on his “ego” as you put it. Playing somewhere with lower taxes doesn’t guarantee it’s a better deal financially, especially in the long term.

            DOC, while I usually don’t agree with your takes on hockey, I wish you continued health and safety. As a VGK fan, it’s embarrassing to see a fellow supporter be so disrespectful to anyone. Correct me if I’m wrong Ken, but this has to be the first time someone has wanted to “meet” another commenter in person. Grow up Mark.

        • I will never hide, never cower to a dingleberry like you, understand?

          • DOC Williams

            Ha ha … oh man! A dingleberry? You’re just too clever for me!

  4. SB

    While I realize Reaves is very popular in Vegas, and he is, because of age, I’d rather see Management invest in Nosek. Try to find a better 4th line center anywahere in the NHL. Penalty kill, good for 10 goals each season, big, hits, plays smart, can move up a line or two when necessary. Team player, doesn’t cause trouble. Nosek will be in the NHL five years from now. Reaves will be retired three years. Nothing against Reaves. It’s all about the CAP. I’d offer Nosek a five year deal, $1 million the first season, raising by $100 grand each year thru year 5. He gets stability, and can stay with the Team he likes. Think about the future …….. not just 2012.

    • DOC Williams

      Ya just can’t keep everyone. IMO Reeves is more valuable to the team. Skill wise Noseks upside is not much higher than where he is now.

      • Juan Merrill’s Stalker

        Why is Reaves more valuable?

        • Juan Merrill’s Stalker’s Stalker

          Someone has to have Carrier’s back after he plays enforcer.

      • Joe

        No he is not. A 27 year old center that kills penalties for less than $2 mil aav is much more valuable than a 33 year old one trick pony enforcer for the same cap hit. They are up against it and need to be smart.

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