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The Golden Knights have acquired Tomas Hertl and two 3rd round picks from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for a 2025 1st round pick and David Edstrom (2023 1st round pick).

The Sharks are retaining 17% of Hertl’s salary for each of the next six seasons after this one meaning Vegas are on the hook for $6.75 million against the cap.

Hertl has scored 15 goals and registered 34 points in 48 games this season. He scored 22 goals and had 63 points in 79 games last year.

Hertl is currently injured with a non-season ending knee injury.


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  1. jeffrey

    sure hope they MAKE the playoffs

  2. Emmanuel

    Thats a pretty impressive 1 week haul.

  3. I always joked with my wife we should get Hertl… he would look good in a vgk uniform.. and he will…but unless cap space is being expanded to 200 million … yes exaggerated .. how the heck is this going to work??..of course if we win the CUP this year who will give a shit as it will have been all worthwhile!!

  4. Emmanuel

    What do the line/pairings look like (assuming EVERYONE is healthy?)

  5. knights fan in minny

    some fan favs will be gone next year

    • TS

      ….and we traded for a broken Hertl, hoping for HIS help? Well t
      THAT’S gonna save our season

  6. Carl

    Non-season ending knee injury? So how soon can he play? Calling Dr. Pinegar!

  7. JB

    Probably means we won’t extend Stevie? Hertl won’t help us much in run to MAKE the playoffs. Still recovering from knee surgery!

  8. Seen us your lame and injured that will help VGK over the hump.

    • ThG

      calling dr
      dr fine
      dr howard

      PS i do not like the hertl deal at all.

  9. Herby

    Like the move, but am worried that it could mean that Stone is out for the season.

  10. Frank

    Ehhhhhh not sold on this one…. does not make immediate impact. Contract is a little expensive and is long…… Not to mention Hertl was never my favorite player to begin with….. Seems like we couldn’t get a deal done for the others on the list and settled…….

  11. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Stone is out for season possibly longer per Kelly @ the press conference. Dorofeyev should be back tomorrow.

  12. NAM

    Answer me this. The numbers don’t make sense to me. Clearly something is just not correct in my mind, but I thought “people” said that after our first 2 trades that VGK had 3 Million left in cap and speculation was that was just enough for Guentzel if 50% retained. So then how did we find room for Hertl at 6.75 Million. Clearly we had more than 3 mil. Did I miss something?

  13. VGK fan

    With $15 million in cap space for next year I hope we are able to sign Hanifin, Marshy, Carrier, and Amadio.

  14. culf

    once again this lazy entitled BS. Vegas can’t or won’t win by drafting, developing, and making savvy trades and signings, so they just decide to spend over what is normally allowed to try and win. What’s this now on day 1 of post-season – $20 million over the cap?

    It’s the only way Vegas can hope to win: just work the system and lie about injuries so they can get loaded teams at the end.

    Is it legal? Currently, yes.
    Did Vegas do it? Yes, multiple times. It’s the only way they can win.

    Entitled America in a nutshell.

    • DeezNutz

      cry harder bitch

      • knights fan in minny

        culf must be your lover you complain just like him numb nutz

    • TS

      Culf, tell us how you REALLY feel!! You must be eating some sour CUP grapes, huh??

    • ThG

      you ever have a ruptured spleen ?

      sounds more like you have a ruptured Brain !?

      you on the same ward as Timmah in the senior center? The tires fall off
      your wheel chair ? The light in your frig not working ? Your elevator stuck
      in the basement ? Your junk shrunk to size of peanut ? What gives ?

  15. JB

    So this guy will probably be a good player for us for a number of years. And with SJ paying about a mil and a half of his cost each year! I just don’t know how much help this year, unless we make the playoffs.

  16. Tim

    I would think they checked Hertl’s knee operation out and they must feel confident he’ll be fine. I checked with a doctor friend of mine and Stone’s lacerated spleen heals itself with 2 to 3 months rest. Will that keep him out of the playoffs I don’t know. For what we gave up for 3 quality players I have no complaints. Draft choices when you draft at the end of the round are useless with just a few exceptions so I’ll take 3 pro’s give up 2 prospect and draft choices in a heartbeat We keep Dorofeyev, Cotter, Korhzak, and Comier I’ll take it. Now we resign Hannifin at 27 to replace Martinez 36 once again were getting younger.

  17. Ken i have the perfect second question to ask Hertl…i guess you could lead with it but maybe best till he is a bit more relaxed…did he think it was a Major…i know my answer…it wasnt even a damn minor!!…i will be curious as to his answer.

  18. Thanks Ken…should be awesome!!

  19. PJT

    VGK has always needed a power forward. Someone who likes to stand near the crease and score dirty goals. Someone with quick soft hands and super fast reflexes. Someone big to block the goalies view and who is not afraid to take the abuse for doing that. Hertl fits the bill. He’s our Marian Hossa. High hockey IQ and strong on the puck He is the missing piece that Jack needs if Jack is our Joe Pavelski. Good trade. VGK just needs to hang in there and make the playoffs and with Stone, Carrier and Hertl in our line up in the post season, I don’t see why we won’t go deep into the playoffs.

    • knights fan in minny

      if he is anything like hossa thats a big win hossa was a beast

  20. I agree 100 percent that acquiring Hertl was another stroke of genius by the Front Office… he’s got the ultimate incentive to get healthier as soon as possible knowing that VGK just may be primed for another CUP run.. he’s almost impossible to be moved off the puck and his puck possession skills should translate into a more competent and efficient power play unit…with all of the moves made we didn’t part with any of our young NHL/tested players ..which is yet another positive as quite obviously the NHL draft is a complete crapshoot.. ..:having said all that the wings are here tonight playing on a back to back.. on a 4 game losing streak… and without their best player…if we fall behind 2-0 yet again I will be speechless!!!

  21. Bobby

    Like all the trades. Time to freshen up the roster, regardless how this thing plays out this season.

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