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Tocchet’s Honesty Says It All About Matchups With Golden Knights

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The Golden Knights had one of their best periods of the season last night and it wasn’t shocking that it came against the Arizona Coyotes. Vegas outworked, outshot and bullied Arizona up and down the ice in the opening twenty minutes. Being down four goals early wasn’t a surprise to Coyotes coach Rick Tocchet.

They have more talent than us, we get it. I just didn’t like some of our guys push early on. It looked like they were just deer in the headlights.-Rick Tocchet, ARI coach

Occasionally, Arizona has competed with the Golden Knights and did for half of a period last night. For the most part it’s been a one-sided contest with Vegas walking away with the majority of points.

Certain elements that the Golden Knights possess, the Coyotes simply don’t have an answer for. Arizona is much smaller and younger team. Vegas scares them and their coach echoed that. The advantage of size, skill and veteran IQ are the reasons why it’s mostly been a lopsided affair.

You know you’re playing against the big boys and I’m disappointed some guys couldn’t match. Couldn’t get in the forecheck, couldn’t hold on to a puck. When you’re playing the big guys you got to make sure you know what you’re doing.-Rick Tocchet, ARI coach

At times last night it almost looked like a scrimmage between the JV and Varsity teams. In the first period the Golden Knights bullied their way to four goals in nine minutes. The game was essentially over at that point. Sure, Arizona made a late push but that will happen when one team is trying to kill the clock with 51 minutes remaining in the game.

There’s a chance Vegas and Arizona will face eachother in the first round of the playoffs so it’ll be interesting if the Coyotes will play a different style or attack the Golden Knights with their speed an offensive weapons they have.

Vegas when they smell blood they’re going to give it to you.-Rick Tocchet, ARI coach

Before I declare a matchup with Arizona another easy path it’s hard not to think about last year’s postseason. Vancouver admitted to be intimidated by Vegas but learned how to absorb hits, adjust and force a deciding game seven. Could the Coyotes do the same?




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  1. Tim

    Kemper wasn’t in goal so that makes a big difference. Ken have you heard any scuttlebutt on Vegas and a trade. It is a coincidence that Arizona is in town and Conner Garland can jut drop his bags off at the Red Rock Hotel. Trouble is there in the hunt so that probably won’t happen. Interesting they don’t have a first round pick this year because they were naughty boys. Would you do our first and the New Jersey second round for Garland?

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Oh my, I can’t wait to see the comments 24 hrs from now, when trade deadline has passed.

    No matter what happens or doesn’t happen, its going to be bitch-fest of enormous proportions! ha ha

    Flurey needs to get his mojo back today. (if he’s not held back for trade reasons)?

    • Tim

      I was thinking the same thing Doc will Fleury be in goal today if so then I’d say he’s not going anywhere if not ? I’m fine if we do nothing, I’m fine if we trade some draft picks to improve the team, I won’t be fine if we trade some of our better young talent.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Agree Tim! I’ve said all along that IF we can improve, fine, but not at cost that doesn’t make sense.

        Even though I think that trading MAF is only way to vastly improve in other areas ….. I just don’t think that will happen.

        But then again, we have seen the McGMs do some surprising things on trade day, for sure.

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