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Thursday Should Be Jonathan Marchessault Appreciation Night

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

While tomorrow concludes the Golden Knights regular season and fan appreciation week, it feels like it’s missing something. Instead of just honoring the fans, tomorrow should be Jonathan Marchessault appreciation night as well. On Thursday, the 2017-18 Original Misfit may be playing his final regular season game as a Golden Knight. Without a signed extension, the 2023 Conn Smythe winner will skate into the postseason as an unrestricted free agent. Unfortunately for VGK fans, Marchessault’s magnificent season will likely field plenty of interest.

So, tomorrow is a chance fans can show their admiration and affection for their favorite award-winning, crowd pleasing, lamp-lighting Original Misfit.

We’ve gone over the numbers many times. The Golden Knights salary cap is tight. Of course, the dream scenario would be if both parties agree on a fair deal. However, a team friendly contract with Marchessault is unlikely. His offensive capabilities are valuable to any NHL team and most pay handsomely. The eleven year veteran should take advantage of the opportunity he worked hard to earn. Especially, if he hasn’t received an appealing offer by the VGK’s front office.

Here’s a quick reminder of some of Marchessault’s accomplishments as a Golden Knight.

Golden Knights Team Records

  • Games Played – 1st – 514
  • Goals – 1st – 192
  • Assists – 1st – 225
  • Even Goals – 1st – 150
  • Power Play Goals – 1st – 42
  • Game Winning Goals – 1st – 32
  • Shots On Goal – 1st – 1,698
  • Hat Tricks – 1st – 5

The good news is, it’s not over yet. Coach Bruce Cassidy will heavily rely on Marchessault for potentially their last postseason run together. And why wouldn’t he? He’s only the reigning Conn Smythe winner and has more postseason goals than David Pastranak, Nikita Kucherov, Mikko Rantanen and Connor McDavid since 2018.

Since the 2018 playoffs, Marchessault has complied an impressive postseason resume. He has the third most postseason shots (300), the third most even strength goals (26) and fourth in game winning goals (6). To keep going, he’s ninth in postseason points (71) and first in plus/minus (+35). Bottom line, Marchessault historically heats up in the playoffs.

Top 5 in Postseason Goals since 2017-18

  • Nathan MacKinnon: 42
  • Brayden Point: 40
  • Ondrej Palat 37
  • Brad Marchand 36
  • Jonathan Marchessault 34

Call it dramatic if you want but there’s a real possibility Marchessault signs elsewhere this summer in an open free agency market. How could Vegas expect to sign a discounted deal for a 40-goal scorer anyway? More importantly, how do they replace Marchessault’s presence in the lineup, in the franchise or in the city?

So, if you’re attending tomorrow’s game, cheer when Marchessault has the puck. Chant his name in between plays and during commercial breaks. Finish it off by giving him the loudest ovation T-Mobile Arena has ever heard in its short but historic existence. Maybe he’ll thank the fans by breaking the franchise scoring record. That would be an appropriate farewell from Marchessault.




2023-24 Golden Knights Season Awards


  1. Edward Foley

    My fav since year one. I hoped he would be like the many great French Canadian offensive players and he is. He is right there with Rod Gilbert, Perreault, Lemieux and the others. Great idea to honor him if he does indeed leave.

    • Vic

      Not in the same class as the 3 you mention, but similar to Rod Gilbert (size, offensive minded). Gilbert’s number were stoked by having a center like Jean Ratelle and a tough winger, Vic Hadfield. Marchy has worked hard for where he is at today, and it’s hard to argue with the numbers, the MVP, the cup, and him being a fan favorite. However, Rod Gilbert had two more decent seasons at age 34 and 35, and then it was all over. Putting the GM hat on one has to think like Belichick finding the correct time to make offers that will benefit the team in the long run. The offer from the VGK may be something like 2-3 years at a reasonable price, and if 81 doesn’t accept that, then he will be playing elsewhere and we will have memories. If he turns into Joe Pavelski who is still killing it at age 39 playing 82 games every year, then forget everything I said above.

      • TS

        Vic, also Ovechkin,
        Still making a difference at his age. I see March playing a few more years, just hope it ends up being HERE.

    • NAM

      I am not sure someone that chooses to leave for more money is worth honoring to be honest. I think you play a little video in the 1st period, of their first game back in LV, as you do for everyone else, including Fleury, Schmidt, Reily Smith, etc, etc.

      If they retire from the VGK, you have them back next year for a game, let them ring the bell, and you play a little video in the 1st period. You NEVER have their party before the end of the season…ever.

      Stop the fuss over players.

      • ThG

        i agree nan, just anpther filler article about nothing. why put more attention and pressure on player right before playpffs. completely unneccessary and pointless at this moment in time.

        as far as sal cap issues allowing teams to circumvent the sal cap in playoffs, the nhl owners are smart. If they didn’t have this rule, then it is entirely possible that SC playoffs team could be staffed with veteran low quality AHLer of KHLer players diluting the quality of playoff play. An entirely useless path by allowing an inferior product on ice for the “second season”. NHL owners got it right.

  2. JB

    Personally I don’t think the team will allow Marchy to walk? Although it’s no secret that he hasn’t always seen eye to eye with Butch. He might go for the bigger money, especially if we won the cup again.

  3. Barb

    Whoa ‘cowboy’ ! unless you have verified info from ‘upstairs’ don’t get everybody all riled up just before playoffs start please. It’s not fair for fans, team Marchy or his family.

    • JB

      Do you really think a comment by Jason, that maybe 25 people will read, will get the team or fans riled up? Also, I heard about a Barb that hung out here a few years ago and was a member of the Flower cult. Is that you? I think she baked pies and goodluck cakes for him. Just wondered?

    • ThG

      right on barb

  4. Terrific article and sentiment expressed for our F U C K I N M V P!!!!

    However in the real world of salary cap goings-on, it is very unlikely that even a 40 goal scorer that will turn 34 during this calendar year will be in extreme high demand for 7-8 million.

    Yes i realize the Crosby’s and Kopitar’s are still going strong in their late 30’s, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

    Marchy being who Marchy is, he loves this city, he loves the team, he loves the fans, he loves his community, he loves his family, he loves the adulation that he has created for himself here.

    To uproot and go to another team, he will be a small fish in a big sea, whereby here he is a big fish in a small sea, which feeds his ultra-competitive nature.

    Bottom line, I believe he will accept the hometown discount of $ 6 million for 3 years, or perhaps $5.5 million for 4 years which will help the team retain maybe Stephenson.

    Time will tell for sure.

  5. Carl

    The thought of Marchy leaving chokes me up…

  6. JWJ

    Great article Jason! I hope he stays #1 in those categories for a long time – just for nostalgia.

  7. Emmanuel

    “He is right there with Rod Gilbert, Perreault, Lemieux “.

    Respectfully & with appreciation for JM he is NOWHERE near those greats!

    That said, he has passed Fleury as VGK’s all-time greatest player.

    • ThG

      EMM if MAF set bar as “all time greatest player for VGK” than the bar was set pretty low.

      At end MAF was POS, played poorly in WASH cap finals, gave up SC games against sharks and habs, complained when not getting playing time when LT was out playing him, then said he’d retire before being traded lowering his value to the organization. Can anyone say not a team player and a selfish pig ? And choke on top of that, now you know why PENS left him unprotected. Not a hero type. Almost as bad as jihad Joe, but not quite, at least he knows where all his toes and fingers are located (talking about MAF not Genocide Joe)

  8. JB

    We should maybe include Nabber in any appreciation night. He’s the only other player who hasn’t missed a game this year. He’s been a rock!

  9. NAM

    At this point in the negotiations, i am 90% convinced that VGK has already offered an amount of money, possibly a couple of times, but at least once. That money amount has been rejected by Marchessault. If Marchy has decided to go for retirement money then that is probably it, he will be gone. Everyone wants to think there will be some hometown discount, but if that were the case, it would be done by now. I like the player, but not at a stupid future-team-risking dollar amount. Especially and older player. Everyone is replaceable and Vegas can pull in some big names. I like Marchessault in Vegas, but if it doesn’t work out, find the next guy.

    • LionHeart


    • Emmanuel

      Thats the VGK way! The TEAM matters not the individual player. You are correct, players will come here to win Cups and maximize salary tax wise.

  10. Jason – I have serious reservations that articles of this nature do anyone any good, particularly at this time of year. Frankly it’s a disservice to all concerned which serves zero purpose. You or anyone else have no idea what will happen down the road where the front office is concerned or what they might or might not do regarding any of the players, they have proven that time and time again. This is as bad as “news” articles where information is printed from an anonymous source.

    • ThG

      agree 1000%, but when has this guy put out anything of value; most of his work is garbage. Sorry the truth hurts.

  11. vgk21

    this reads more like a press handout from Marchy’s agent.

  12. Real VGK Fan

    I cheer for the Logo on the front, not the name on the back

  13. TS

    NO NO NO, this
    cannot will NOT happen!!

  14. TS, thank you very kindly, if nothing else the FO has taught us to have and keep the faith that what they do is in the best interests of the TEAM!!

  15. Brian Zawid

    I like Marchy. He’s been a great player for the team and has delivered in the playoffs. However with that being said, VGK has very little money to offer him a raise. We are capped out. As another poster, does Marchy want to get paid or does he want to stay with VGK with a minimal raise.

  16. Shawn R Pursley
    I think Will Bill would say keep him

  17. JV

    Obviously I wanted to stay and have stability for me and my family,” he said Thursday before the Knights’ game with the St. Louis Blues. “We spent a couple of weeks on it, and it worked out well for both sides.”

    Marchessault, whose average annual value will be $5 million for the next six years, could have tested the open market and perhaps gotten more money. But he said he loves Las Vegas and playing for the Knights.

    Don’t think he’s going to take another team friendly deal. IMHO, Marchy was the best value contract on the team.

  18. JB

    Let’s just win this game tonight and play those f*ckin Oilers. We can beat those bastards!

  19. Frank

    Would love for Marchy to stay…. But if he’s looking for the big payday (and wouldn’t blame him one bit on that)….. He won’t be here next season.

    • TS

      Frank, this may be trivial, but pertinent: an older fan at Practice told me he knows where March lives, and his home is NOT over- the- top, more conservative for the neighborhood..that tells me March is also conservative ( financially), so just maybe the BIG BUCKS aren’t the only factor, that all those factors you mentioned are equally important to him and his family. HOPE.

  20. JB

    I think I will worry about the PLAYOFFS, before anything after!

  21. The entire year my hope was simply not to play the oilers in the first round…and the possibility of them celebrating on their home ice eliminating VGK in the first round….guess what??…while they are still a top flight team and obviously scary…I am at peace facing them now and simply say lets get it on and may the best team….VGK…prevail!!!

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