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Throwing Names On The Board: 7 Lineup Options With Jack Eichel’s Return

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The day we’ve been waiting for since November 4th when the Golden Knights acquired Jack Eichel is almost here. Eichel’s return to the lineup appears to be right around the corner and it’s finally time to start putting some lineup combinations together.

Of course, to make this happen, it will probably mean Mark Stone is out of the lineup for the next 10 games on LTIR (read my thoughts on that here), which means the Golden Knights are losing their captain and superstar winger and replacing him with one of the best centers in the NHL.

So, let’s throw some names on the board and see what we think with the group of forwards the Golden Knights very well may have as soon as Wednesday. Here are seven different combinations with notes on what I like and what I don’t like about each option.

*Don’t worry, there are a couple of combinations with Stone involved at the end too.*

PowerKill + Pacioretty


What I like: Karlsson and Smith have been a dynamic pair ever since they stepped on the ice together for the first time almost five years ago. As much as Marchessault has thrived in that spot, it’s fair to say Pacioretty is a better scorer and could elevate the old Misfit line even more with his elite finishing. The second line is an offensive juggernaut that should see Eichel driving play and dishing off to two scoring wingers who will fill it up. Below that there’s a strong defensive third line and a fourth line that’s had success this season.

What I don’t like: Breaking up the Misfits can make sense, but the chemistry they have is probably not going to be matched. I’m already a bit concerned with Eichel’s defensive fit on this team and this plan has him on a line that will be 100% focused on offense. And finally, is this an under-utilization of Stephenson? It sure might be as scoring from that third line seems unlikely to be consistent.

Eichel: The Misfit


What I like: The best Vegas has ever been featured a top-line center with 43 goals. Eichel is better than Karlsson and maybe slotting him between two guys with chemistry will bring the best out of him instantly. Pacioretty and Stephenson stay together which has been successful. Finally, a third line that can possibly put the puck in the goal, plus they’ll be defensively responsible.

What I don’t like: Are we getting too cute trying to make Eichel into Karlsson, and at the same time is this too much of a demotion for the guy who has been the best center on the team for five seasons? Also, which one of these lines is going to go up against the opposition’s top line and keep them from scoring?



What I like: Here we have a dominant offensive line, a dominant defensive line, and a third line that should be able to do a little bit of both with the right matchups. Scoring should be possible across the board. And for the first time ever, the Golden Knights would have a true answer to any opposing top line from a group not expected to produce a goal per game.

What I don’t like: This really only works when VGK control the matchups. If the opposing team can get their top guys out against the uber-offensive first line, it may end up in goals against or at the least wasted defensive shifts from the line that’s supposed to shoulder most of the scoring.

The Easy Fix


What I like: This is the path of least resistance which is always good for a team that has been winning. The Misfits stay together, Eichel plays with the best remaining players, and even Stephenson is matched with like-minded players.

What I don’t like: The last few years we’ve seen the same issues in the playoffs and one has to wonder if they won’t crop right back up again. This puts all the pressure on Eichel to be the difference-maker. Also, this could always be used as a backup plan if a different combination doesn’t work. If this is Plan A, there is no Plan B.

Utilize Smith Defensively


What I like: Putting Dadonov with the Misfits certainly should lend itself to a bit more offensive punch. Plus, the third line would be very strong defensively with the ability to attack in transition. Roy and Smith could be an excellent fit too.

What I don’t like: The bottom six would remain unproven from a scoring perspective. Of course, all of these guys have shown they can score, but it’s usually on a line with higher-end players and certainly with more ice time than they’ll get on a third line. Also, while Roy has proven capable defensively, he is prone to a mishap from time to time and that’s not acceptable anchoring a defense-first line.

Strength at center


What I like: If there’s been a weak spot for the Golden Knights the last few years it’s been at the center position. With Eichel, Karlsson, Stephenson, and Roy down the middle, this is as strong as they’ve ever been and they’ll have the ability to match up with just about anyone. Also, this should set up nicely to make the wingers interchangeable depending on opponent and injuries.

What I don’t like: It may not be maximizing Eichel. With Eichel on a stacked team, it would be easy to make a line that can dominate against anyone, however this combination doesn’t necessarily do that.



What I like: Well, balance. This is a team that would come at you in waves and would put relentless attacking pressure on even the best opponents. Each line has a pair of players who should work well together and may help bring out more from their tagalong linemate.

What I don’t like: There would really be no way to properly distribute minutes using this lineup. Every night there would be a guy like Janmark, Kolesar, or Howden seeing more ice time than a Marchessault, Karlsson, or Smith. It looks great on paper, but in reality, it probably doesn’t work.

I’m interested in what you all think is the best combination. Which one of the seven do you prefer, or is there a different combination?

Finally, what fun is it to live in the present when there’s a future to think about? Here are my favorite two options with Stone and Eichel available.




The Split Is Widening After Lopsided Defeat


Do Hits Matter For The Season 5 Golden Knights?


  1. Galdom

    This is mine. It closely resembles your specialization line. I don’t want to split up Karlsson and Smith. I want them getting the tough assignments against top players while the top 2 lines score against 2nd and 3rd lines, at least at home when you get last change.

    Ken, kindly advise why a team can not or has not to my knowledge used different line combinations at home versus the road. Like a baseball team would righty vs lefty starting pitcher. I know there is the chemistry thing but these are elite athletes that should be adaptable.

    Pacioretty – Eichel – Dadonov
    Marchessault – Stephenson – Janmark
    Carrier – Karlsson – Smith
    Howden – Roy – Kolesar


    Pacioretty – Eichel – Dadonov
    Marchessault – Stephenson – Stone
    Janmark – Karlsson – Smith
    Carrier – Roy – Kolesar

  2. Nikki

    Interesting you moved Stephenson down to the 3rd both times when stones back. I like that take

  3. Is Patches on the downside of his career and is he now very injury prone?

  4. knights fan in minny

    you can do this until your blue in the face have to wait and see what happens

    • Rashaad

      Ken my bro, I like the balance!

      I do my lines like this.

      Pactches + Eichel + Stone
      Marchy + Wild Bill + Kolesar
      Jannark + Stevenson + Dadonov
      Carrier + Howden + Jermaine Loewen

      New blood in. Check out Jermaine Loewen, good player

      • knights fan in minny

        your a cement head rashy alex why kolesar on 2nd line because its black history month go to a basketball site so you can sound smarter imposter boy

        • Chase

          Is that supposed to be English? At least run your comments through Grammerly so you can at least just sound like a racist idiot and not a racist idiot who is also a general idiot. Also, I’m not sure you can hide behind a bunch of laugh emojis on here. Sorry.

      • knights fan in minny

        is jermane your cousin

        • Rashaad

          Ken had Kolesar on 2nd line too

          Jermaine my cousin?? Why??

          Jermaine Loewen has best plus minus on Silvar Knights!!
          Jermaine Loewen biggest & strongest man of Silvar Knights!!
          6′ 4′ 220 pounds

          • knights fan in minny

            figure it out clueless go hoop it up bllod

          • knights fan in minny

            what does strongest have to do with it explain that rashy alex imposter

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger

    1 hr
    The Golden Knights are fifth in the league (That’s good) in team goaltending in GSAx.

    Goals saved above expected. RAngers CAnes Ducks and Pens are ahead of them

    Sort of blows previous article on “Growing rift” out of water.

    • Justin

      Please don’t quote a stat that makes literally no sense. There can be just no way on earth Knights save more goals above expected at a rate better than most teams, It just doesn’t happen, there is nearly never a save that makes you say wow that was tremendous. There are so many soft goals let in that make you say wow that was incredibly bad but almost never the other way around.

      Think about the absurdity of the math if this stat you’re using held any water – how could you be saving tons of shots above expected but be one of the worst in the league at save % and gaa? How could you be one of the lowest ranked goalies in the league if you’re so good you’re saving above expected at an elite level? Makes no sense at all. You’re telling me through use of this stat that RL saves more goals above expected than all the other goalies we see most nights that actually do save a lot more than you’d expect? Like Markstrom the other night, like the Predators goalie, like Vasilevsky? Like the Canes goalie or Florida’s? And none of these guys are on the list, and our guy is? Tells you all you need to know about that stat. Please…

      • THE hockey GOD

        just the messenger here, tell it to stat master and twitter.

        I am not telling you anything, just posting it

        “how could you be saving tons of shots above expected but be one of the worst in the league at save % and gaa?” maybe because they (save % and gaa) are worthless, archaic in today’s game, and not as intricate as the GSAx stat ?

        People that don’t understand how something works usually say things like “Please don’t quote a stat that makes literally no sense.”

        • THE hockey GOD

          resistance is futile, embrace these new fandangled foreys into the 21st century, throw out the old.

          heck I don’t know what half this stuff is saying, it’s so cornfusing .

          Speaking of Cornfusion. Cornfusous say ‘man who eats crackers in bed ‘
          a) don’t get laid ?
          b) wake up feeling crum(b)my all day
          c) gets bed bugs
          d) all of above
          e) none of above.
          Joke taken from 1960s version of Homer and Jethro’s Cornfucous Says “Joke Book” , found it one day at bottom of Corn Flakes cereal box. What a surprise. Cornfucous, Corn flakes, get it, anyone? The irony !

      • Galdom

        Man I am trying so hard to stay out of this but the stat exists. You’re telling him to disregard it but he’s not telling you to disregard save percentage which you say Robin Lehner ranks low at. Up until very recently Robin Lehner has been playing in front of a porous defence that has allowed an extremely high amount of high danger chances against. This is why I don’t think he has been terrible this season as others have suggested. Anytime I say that I get accused of being a Robin Lehner defender and excuse maker but it is the truth and it always has been and this stat supports that. Great goalies like Igor Shesterkin and Frederik Andersen rank of head of Lehner but Lehner has been near the top there. Please don’t respond to this post as I will not be rebutting. I’ve done enough of that, but it’s very convenient and comforting for you to disregard a stat that does not support your viewpoint.

        The GSAA stat has been developed only recently, I think 2014 and it is gaining traction. Hockey has always been terrible with statistics. A seven second power-play and a five minute power player are both counted as one power-play which is stupid for an example.

        What this stat does is help eliminate the argument of, “ Goalie A plays in front of a terrible defence and goalie B plays in front of a great defence so Goalie B should have a much higher save percentage.

        So to The Hockey God who brought it up and to Jesse Granger who tweeted it, I salute you for being forward thinking and not at school and behind the times.

        While Justin seems to want to institute a rule being “ don’t bring up a stat that might show favourably for Robin Lehner”, I encourage everyone to see every viewpoint.

        Again, I am not replying.

        • THE hockey GOD

          damn I wish I could write as well and as concise, to the point , as you do.


        • Galdom

          If anybody does care about this stat then please see the link above. If you don’t then just disregard.

          Robin Lehner ranks 17th out of 108 goalies.

          The elites like Carolina’s Frederik Andersen (1st), Calgary’s Jacob Markstrom (11th), Rangers Igor Shesterkin (2nd), Florida’s Sergei Bobrovsky (3rd) Predators Juse Saros, (4th) Vasilevskiy (6th) all rank ahead as they are having Vezina calibre seasons. Ranking 17th out of 108 is not too shabby. Closer to the beginning of the season Lehner ranked fifth and that’s when he was getting all of the accolades for keeping the injury riddled VGK afloat. Other notable names are Jordan Binnington who has been very bad as he ranks 104th and MAF who ranks 105th.

          So Justin, you didn’t want to give validity to the stat because of Markström, Anderson, Saros, and Vasilevskiy. The thing is if you click the link they are all on here and all rank ahead of Lehner. So your reasoning for disregarding this stat is not factual.

          I think the real reason why you will disregard the stat is because it does not support your viewpoint and especially since Lehner is 17th of 108 goalies and MAF is 105th.

        • Justin

          Talk to me when his goals against average approaches an average starting nhl goalie or better, and stops letting in a softies. Then I’ll be totally onboard and singing his praises.

          Anyways like we all can agree on, doesn’t matter what we say here it’s the Mcmanagers opinion that counts and they’ve got their heals dug in on him deeply. I really hope my eyes constantly deceive me and he’s actually truly a shut-down goalie just waiting to emerge in time for the playoffs.

          Gladim and THG have the same opinion as management, that he’s great. At least you guys are on the side of the dudes with the power. Those of us that just don’t see it are out just whistling in the wind.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “Gladim and THG have the same opinion as management, that he’s great.”

            once again, don’t put words in my posts that are not there. If you go back in time I criticized him for:

            – allowing a goal in against his head.
            – for holding his stick up side down
            – coined him the “Walrus” for good or bad
            – Called him wiggy biscuit for his social chatter.
            – called him out for being a kneeler.

            YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGY!! To the confessional with you. !! Five our fathers, three hail marys, and act of contriction; and to costco for a refill of rectory wine. Rectory, odd term for use in Catholic church. I think they may have re labeled the term in modern times.

        • Justin

          Talk to me when his goals against average approaches an average starting nhl goalie or better, and stops letting in a softies. Then I’ll be totally onboard and singing his praises.

          Anyways like we all can agree on, doesn’t matter what we say here it’s the Mcmanagers opinion that counts and they’ve got their heals dug in on him deeply. I really hope my eyes constantly deceive me and he’s actually truly a shut-down goalie just waiting to emerge in time for the playoffs.

          Galdom and THG have the same opinion as management, that he’s great. At least you guys are on the side of the dudes with the power. Those of us that just don’t see it are out just whistling in the wind.

          • Galdom

            I don’t think he’s great. I think he is competent. I don’t think he sucks that’s for sure.

  6. Pistol Pete

    I would stick with a more strength from the top down lineup with Dadonov slotting in for the injured Stone and Howden playing RW on the third allowing Roy to center the fourth. Let the coach mix things up like he always does when it’s stagnant and then return to the default which is:


    When Stone returns he pushes Dadonov down to RW on the third, and Howden to a scratch. If Howden is producing however, another scratch on the fourth would be an option. As of late Howden has been excellent as 4C. Who knows, Roy could be moved to RW on the fourth if he doesn’t produce as 4C.

    • knights fan in minny

      i dont see roy not producing he is turning into a fine player

      • THE hockey GOD

        yes, better player than Haula, who he basically replaced in the line up

        • Pistol Pete

          I would not say Roy is quite better than Haula, not career stats wise, not just yet anyways.Yeah maybe right at the moment he is the more effective player, yeah probably, and hopefully he keeps getting better. Roy is also taller and heavier than Haula.

      • Pistol Pete

        I agree, however IF Howden keeps going he could become the equal of Roy. In that case and with Stone back and Dadonov on the third, Howden and Roy could be linemates on the fourth leaving Carrier or Kolesar as scratches. Very possibly Howden would the scratch at least some of the time. Roster is 23 and dresses 20, right?

        • knights fan in minny

          tough to leave carrier out good penalty killer brings some physical works his butt off

          • Agree, always liked Carrier, he is relentless and physical, plays 100% every second he’s on the ice.

    • Galdom

      Awesome. Better then mine

  7. Pistol Pete

    Just watching it now and as bad as the CGY game was there were some bright spots (as there is about every game). Perhaps the biggest was Theodore’s poster at 0-2—that could have been a real momentum changer. The second was a better period with a number of chances including three by Patrick. This game. CGY looked like the best team in the Pacific but that may not last. Anyways, water under the bridge.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP get back to me after they play as their own announcer said , in bibilical terms their make up games of “40 games in 40 nights’. They are going to be either one tired team or one hell of a conditioned team.

      meanwhile the knights are getting fat and lazy sitting around doing not much of anything. No news on whose practicing. AS far as I can tell.

  8. knights fan in minny

    i dont see roy not producing he is turning into a fine player

  9. knights fan in minny

    subject change who ya got rams or bengals i think rams will win cheering for cincy

  10. Tim

    In the future we need to keep away from players who are close to Social Security eligible. Lets face it Patch had a broken foot and a broken wrist this year so how many games has he missed? Stone has missed his share of games and when he’s played it hasn’t gone well. Don’t trade young prospects for old men unless were getting someone in there mid 20’s like Jack Eichel.

    • HEY— I’m an official senior now, and these players are NO SENIORS…LOL! I think of the guys as ” boys”, and my kids are older than they are!! But I guess they’re near RETIREMENT…damn, wish I coulda retired at 30!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        congrats, no you don’t , retiring at 30 turns your mind to mush by the time you are 40

        idle minds churn the wheels of evil and Satan.

        Cornfucous say “woman who wear hockey jockey strap

        have make believe ball room” – Joke was a hit when ball rooms were in fashion. Back in day.

  11. Don Moore

    Only a rear few has mentioned this name in press I do all the Time. WILD BILL KARLSSON ..I dont know why you think he is safe ..his numbers no were near the first year actually they slowly have declined..And he’ll a Center for a Center..Remember how over crowded with centers first couple years.. And fully healthy no kollesar or Patrick no were near Special Teams

    • I, too, have wondered this season where Karlson’s scoring has gone…could he have a crisis of confidence, or just a down year, I wonder?

      • sb

        W. Bill is the best two-way center on Vegas. It’s offense PLUS defense. Very good PK guy and 3 on 3 play. At $5.9mil, this guy’s a keeper. Thankfully McPhee and Company realize and appreciate this about Karlsson.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    Flames now only one point behind VGK with three games in hand

  13. Pistol Pete

    I have understood for some time that DeBoer has an excellent sense of humor and upbeat demeanor. This has to be good for the locker room.

    • Pistol Pete

      Truth be known, Pete DeBoer seems like a very likable guy.

      • Pistol Pete

        He laughs well and often!

        • Pistol Pete

          This session was taped June 29, 2020 about five months after DeBoer was hired by the VGK. I should listen to more of these NHLCA Coaches Confidential episodes. Listen and learn!

  14. Justin

    Interesting lineups but sure hope one player on it changes come playoff time – Kolesar. There are literally at least 5 or 6 players that are better than him that sit every night because of his waiver status. Ronberg, Jake L., Cotter, Amadio, Brooks, etc. When playoffs start and the waiver issues is no longer relevant (correct me if I’m wrong on this point) as per my understanding, sure hope someone else get the chance to contribute. Honestly would Kolesar even make HSK’s top line? No way, would he make their second line?

    • Tim

      Kolesar the enigma. Young, big, strong, fast, but with no shooting touch. They say which I think is bullshit that bigger forwards take longer to develop. My logic tells me you either have a knack for the net or you don’t and Kolesar doesn’t. On the other hand with his physical stature I see why he could be a steady fourth line forward. Ken having one option of Kolesar on the second line is absurd. Your right about Pavel D., Jake L., Jonas R., Paul C., Ben J. plus others all have an upside as offensive weapons where I believe Kolesar is just a grinder but I guess all teams have a grinder.

  15. I like The Easy Fix but switch the top two lines.
    When Stone’s back:


  16. Tim

    My thought is the coaches and management would know which lines work the best since there with them every day so to me that’s a mute point. The good news is if Mark Stone can stay on injured reserve until May first it doesn’t matter to me what the lines are what matters is we didn’t have to trade anyone.

    • Galdom

      I agree. Mark Stone has to go on LTIR and heal up 100% for the playoffs. Let’s go into this playoff run with the entire roster. The off-season is when the tough decisions will have to be made.

      • Pistol Pete

        Galdom I think it’s possible Stone will sit out the remainder of the regular season with a chronic condition which will still be with him when he returns for the playoffs. This is just a theory and knowing me is probably not viable lol. My “hunch” is a disc that is not yet herniated. It could be something else that may or may not require surgery—a condition where he can play today but just not at 100% (play injured) and where surgery is a challenging option and any case would be taken in the off season.

        If my “theory” proves out, it’s acceptable from an ethical perspective with respect to the LTIR rules as far as sitting out the regular season and returning for the playoffs.

    • sb

      This was McCrimmon’s Plan from Day One after the trade. He absolutely intended to keep someone on LTIR and go into the Playoffs with the FULL Team. Tampa Bay 2.0. I think Stone is facing choices – either get back surgery and be out 6 months or recuperate a couple months and do his best in the Playoffs. The players and Mgt are committed to winning the Cup.

  17. knights fan in minny

    tuch with 3 helpers today

  18. Galdom

    Tuch is a great player and we all loved him. Eichel is better but is he 5.25 million better?? This is why we have to circumvent the cap this year and take our best shot this year.

    Other than year two when MAF crapped the bed, goaltending was not the issue in our playoff eliminations. MAF was brilliant in year one, Panda very solid in year 3 and MAF very solid in year 4.

    Our main issues in the playoffs have been the power-play, depth at center and the game breaking stud to get a timely goal.

    Jack Eichel addresses all of that. Hopefully!!!

    • Pistol Pete

      MAF won the MIN series playing great and lost the MTL series. In the MTL series there was far more than goaltending issues so it may not be fair to say he “lost” the series, but after a great start in game one things went not so well his next three games allowing three goals in each one.

    • sb

      Tuch is a great player and so is Eichel. But Eichel fills the empty hole on this Team. To get a good player, you must give a good player. VGK’s had to sacrifice one goal scoring winger to get a goal scorer and assist playmaking center. The team needed a 1c center more than keeping seven forwards to fill lines 1 and 2. Tuch would always be under-utilized on the third line weighed down by two linemates not at his level. Tuch was the sacrifice to get what was badly needed to take Vegas to the next level.

  19. Tim

    Tuch was a good player did he light up the coaches to be a top 6 forward no. Was he put on the third line to give them more depth we’ll never know. I wish him the best funny how Buffalo has Tuch, Krebs, Miller, Eakin, and Subban all ex Vegas Golden Knights. You know we will all agree that it’s been a fun ride with the Knights so many good moments and so many heartbreaking moments. I hope this year craziness doesn’t pop it’s ugly head again. Colorado is goalie hunting and The Flower is in the conversation. Now wouldn’t it be a kick in the ass if they signed him and he does what Flower does and beats us. This would just be another crazy chapter in our 5 years of existence. I think DeBoer never liked Flower after we had the Sharks down 3-1 and blew the series. I think that played into a lot of this Fleury debate. Would I root for Fleury against us in the playoffs Hmm…

    • Pistol Pete

      Good point about losing the SJ series and any role Fleury played in it as far as DeBoer’s view of it, especially game 7. The gaffe in MTL game 3 may have the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • Galdom

      If you are cheering for Fluery to beat the VGK then I would say you are more of a Fluery fan than a golden knights fan which is perfectly fine.

      I could be wrong but in my opinion I think the Colorado Avalanche have absolutely zero interest in Marc Andre Fleury. I think Darcy Kuemper is better and after a bit of a slow start he has actually been one of the best goalies in the league in the past two months. Since December 10th his save percentage is over .930 and has been up there with Ville Husso, Shesterkin and Freddie Anderson. Colorado is very scary. I’m worried they might add more offence.

      My hunch says that Marc-André Fleury doesn’t get dealt. He would be an upgrade in Edmonton but I don’t think they will be able to have the cap space for him. Maybe Washington. But I’d say 80% he finishes the year in Chicago.

    • Galdom

      If you are cheering for Fluery to beat the VGK then I would say you are more of a Fluery fan than a golden knights fan which is perfectly fine.

      I could be wrong but in my opinion I think the Colorado Avalanche have absolutely zero interest in Marc Andre Fleury. I think Darcy Kuemper is better and after a bit of a slow start he has actually been one of the best goalies in the league in the past two months. Since December 10th his save percentage is over .930 and has been up there with Ville Husso, Shesterkin and Freddie Anderson. Colorado is very scary. I’m worried they might add more offence.

      My hunch says that Marc-André Fleury doesn’t get dealt. He would be an upgrade in Edmonton but I don’t think they will be able to have the cap space for him. Maybe Washington. But I’d say 80% he finishes the year in Chicago.

      • Tim

        Not sure where Fleury may go ir’s all rumors but a lot of talk about Colorado. Like I said I’m a baseball fan first but I do like the Knights but I like intrigue and what better intrigue then Vegas against Colorado with Fleury in net. Now you have to admit that would be wild. The ratings would be sky high. I like to be creative in my posts not the same old boring stuff and this just gives everyone a different angle to consider. Like I said it would be a kick in the ass.

        • Galdom

          Definitely would be entertaining

        • sb

          Av’s have big cap problems that get much worse next season. Can’t afford MAF. Because he’ll be an URFA, most teams won’t touch him not knowing what it’ll cost next season. For the Hawks to carry his salary, they’d want a ton from any trading team. Heavy price to pay for a rental. MAF’s probably stuck in Chicago.

  20. knights fan in minny

    just watched elliot fridman on nhl network he thinks jack could play against the lanche

  21. Mike StG

    My lines without Stone. I’ll preface by making 2 points:

    1) Roy plays much better at center than at wing.
    2) Stephenson can play wing or center, and with Karlsson, Eichel and Roy (see point 1 above) I think he’d be more effective at wing.
    3) I’m going to assume Dadonov is gone to make room for Marty.

    Patch – Jack – Chandler
    Marchie – Karlsson – Smith
    Carrier – Roy – Janmark
    Howden – Patrick – Kolesar/Amadio

    With this lineup you have 2 centers on L3 & L4 for DZ face offs. Patrick needs to stay in the lineup, as he is their best bet front player on both PP and at 5v5. I also think that having Chandler’s speed with Jack would lead to lots of rush and high danger chances.

  22. knights fan in minny

    flames trade for toffoli

  23. Tim

    Calgary made #8 in this weeks ratings. Where one point behind us with three games in hand. Right now there clicking on all cylinders. With there goalie playing well you know what happens when the Knights meet a good goalie it usually doesn’t end well. Looks like LA and Anaheim are looking to improve there team so let’s hope Jack Eichel is a difference maker. Two big home games this week in Colorado and LA let’s don’t use the excuse we’ve had to much time off if we lose.

  24. THE hockey GOD


  25. THE hockey GOD

    Robin Lehner is NOT at practice today after Logan Thompson was recalled this morning.

  26. THE hockey GOD

    no one saw this coming !!

    ten million dollar man moved from 5th line to 1st line, and no. 55 moved to fifth line !

    Lot of mixing up going on with the lines at practice today


  27. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger>>>

    The Golden Knights’ biggest Pacific Division competition just got better.

    Flames add Tyler Toffoli, who has 9g 17a for the Canadiens this season.

  28. Galdom

    Thanks for the update of the lines at practice.

  29. knights fan in minny

    according to vegas hockey now jack in tuesday stone to litr let the fun begin

  30. knights fan in minny

    is sin bin on vacation

  31. LVsc

    Great to see Jack back.

    However, that first line is defensively weaker without Stone.

    the misfit line is defensively stronger with 26 replacing 81. seems like they will get the matchup vs opponents scoring line like the MacKinnon line.

    Col Avs looked really strong defensively vs Dallas last night. it will take a great game to beat them as hot as they are right now.

  32. knights fan in minny

    saw jack play at tmobile when it was rl first game he can play remember saying to my self everytime i looked up jack was on the ice the fotress should be rocking

  33. THE hockey GOD

    GM Kelly McCrimmon has announced that Mark Stone will be going on LTIR effective today.

    McCrimmon also announced that Jack Eichel will make his Golden Knights debut Wednesday against the Colorado Avalanche.

  34. knights fan in minny

    the rush will be on to pick up jack in fantasy hockey

  35. Tim

    Mark Stone out concerning if what they say is true degenerative back issues. Not sure without back surgery it’s fixable and with back surgery in what shape would he return? I look at it this way if Stone and Eichel were playing we might of had to trade Smith and Dadonov now we get to keep both. Let’s get Whitecloud and Martinez back and go for the gold.

    • THE hockey GOD

      this is not happy news this knight for knight time fans

      replacing a potentially long term injured knight
      with another knight who is damaged goods

      and don’t give me “it’s just a minor flesh wound” Golden Knights quickly turning into the Knights that say Ni (pronounced neeee). Regina bound soon, I give it three years.

    • knights fan in minny

      just listened to jesse granger on nhl network stone has seen 6 different specialists for the back that does not sound good

  36. Tim

    THG, I look at the cup half full and you view it as half empty and that’s good opinions are like ass holes everyone has one. My take on the situation is this Stone out long term obviously our captain but right now he’s damaged goods. So in my humble opinion not trading anyone and the pressure being off I think the team will have a little more jump. We get Eichel, Martinez, and Whitecloud back your going to be very lonely in Regina now or three years from now. Stone hopefully can have a surgery to fix his back if his career is over once again the Knights go big game hunting over the summer. THG we’ve got to many moving pieces and a fairly good prospect list so I hope your boat can navigate the waters to Regina so at lest you’ll have cable to watch the Knights at T Mobile.

    • The hockey GOD

      Tim funny^_^you make me laugh. The franchise will be on thin string in three years. Don t have cable , got one if those internet devices that provides every channel broadcast in north America!!

  37. Galdom

    On a personal note this is devastating for me because I love Mark Stone. I hope they don’t rush him back for the playoffs if he is not ready.

    • The hockey GOD

      Yes sir I hear you the wings had a great player on Johan Franzen. Player to keep their run going. Then bam gone and franchise still in dumps. Old owner died, new owner not pumping on new money. But they will never move to Regina

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