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Three Names Trademarked, All Knights Related

Finally, a few names have hit the US Patent and Trademark database and one is likely the final name selected for the Las Vegas hockey team name.

The Creator‘s desired Black Knights was ruled out, so he had to choose another adjective. Desert Knights, Silver Knights, and Golden Knights were trademarked by Black Knight Sports and Entertainment. You can see the trademarks by going here and searching “Las Vegas AND Knights”

Can’t guarantee (these are the final three names) but the filings are on behalf of Black Knight Sports and Entertainment. -The Creator

This is the major step we’ve been waiting for as there’s no way for an NHL organization to print and sell anything without a trademark. Otherwise, would be printing Silver Knights stuff left and right and raking in the cash.

Trademarks are a much larger indication of the possible team name than domain names, which can be purchased after the fact… or not purchased at all. Plus, trademarks cannot be hidden as they must be registered by the business name planning on using them, while domains can be purchased by anyone and transferred.

Golden Knights was a team name for the University of Central Florida up until 1993 when they changed it to Knights “a solution to poor merchandise sales.” To our knowledge, neither Silver Knights nor Desert Knights have ever been used in sports.

If I were to guess, the name is among these three, but the fact that there are three proves there could be more coming.

Assuming there aren’t more to come and it is indeed one of the three, we’re going to call the team the Knights. So really, the adjective won’t make a huge difference. That being said,’ vote is for Silver.

It’s worth noting however, The Creator wasn’t shy about expressing his distaste for the name Silver Knights when we spoke with him after the George McPhee press conference on July 12th. He asked “what is a Silver Knight?” and said it doesn’t have the pizzaz or invoke the power he was looking for. Wonder if his mind has changed or if Golden and Desert have the edge?

The Creator also confirmed the timeline on the team name announcement has not changed. It is expected sometime in September or October. 


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  1. Tom

    He asked “what is a Silver Knights?” What is a desert knight? That’s a better question. I hated Silver Knights originally but I’d take it over Desert Knights. The argument had already been made of “what do knights have to do with the desert.” I’m thinking “what does the desert have to do with a knight?” While we’re at it why don’t we take 2 words that have zero to do with each other and come up with more outlandish names like The Nevada Tropical lizards or the Vegas Summer Snowmen. Sorry I’m venting but this has gotten stupid. Enough with the Knights thing. Why try to honor a school that didn’t even let him use their name?

  2. James

    What do you guys think of Las Vegas Desert Knights? – My initial reaction was negative. For many people in the Hockey Community, the word “Desert” has negative connotations. The word brings up thoughts of the Arizona Coyotes Fiasco.

    Desert Knights grew on me after I saw a Desert Knight Batman Action Figure. To be honest, I prefered the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim over the Anaheim Ducks.

    • Eric

      Exactly this. Every northern/Canadian fan is going to remind us we’re in a desert. Don’t really need to make it a part of the name.

      If the decision makers spent a few days on the internet defending this team they’d say no to desert anything pretty quickly.

  3. Tom

    Desert Knights is the lamest name I’ve heard yet. I mean out of all of them. How ironic that we’ll probably get stuck with it.

  4. Kit

    I like the Silver Knights name. If Bill Foley wants Knights in the name, then let it be. I don’t have an issue with Knights. As long as the colors and logos are rockin, I don’t care what the team is called. I’m just excited we have this issue to discuss.

  5. James

    Golden Knights is my personal favourite. It’s also the best name to honour Army.

    I mentioned in another thread that the United States Army Parachute Team, nicknamed and commonly known as the Golden Knights, is a demonstration and competition parachute team of the United States Army

    I’m trying to talk myself into Desert Knights. I don’t hold out much hope for Silver Knights and Golden Knights.

  6. Cappy

    Golden Knights are an Army parachute team.

  7. Timothy Pietrzak

    Lol.. James.. you had me thinking Las Vegas Batmen.. would be the number 1 selling jersey..(among comic fanboys).
    I’m thinking Desert Knights…as in Desert Nights..I prefer Death Knights.. you world of warcraft fans get me.
    But lets think of any color that sounds alright with a Knight after it..
    Red, Crimson, Blue (Navy)..white.. Emerald,.. hmm DARK Knights..and Periwinkle.

  8. A Fan

    If it’s come down to trade name/trademarking issues being so difficult to get a good name that these Knight names are all they can come up with, that’s very sad.

    I think something mentioned in this story says it all about these ‘Knight’ names:

    “Golden Knights was a team name for the University of Central Florida up until 1993 when they changed it to Knights “a solution to poor merchandise sales.” To our knowledge, neither Silver Knights nor Desert Knights have ever been used in sports.”

    If a college team figured out in 1993 to get rid of the ‘Golden,’ of Golden Knights, why would our NHL team even be considering it??? And we’re back to a 4 word team name? All I can say at this point is “Wow.” 🙁

    I’m hoping Mr. Foley is throwing us all off so he can have the surprise he wants when the team name is announced, like a 3 word name: Las Vegas Xxxxx

  9. Tom

    For me, if it has to be a “knight” team, then I guess Silver Knights would be the least horrible to me.

    @A Fan,
    I’m afraid Mr. Foley fully intends to Na.e our team “unnecessary adjective-Knights.” I can’t believe nobody has talked him out if the dead end idea. We’ll still support the team, but it could’ve been so much better. Knights sucks in my opinion

  10. James

    @Timothy Pietrzak
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Camouflage is unveiled …

    The Desert Night Camouflage pattern is a two-color grid camouflage pattern used by the United States military during the Gulf War.

  11. Michael

    I honestly think we will all get used to the name and forget all about this fuss eventually. Put it this way – when I am watching hockey I don’t think “just how good of a name IS Senators, really?” as I am watching….but I do notice the colors and logo. My personal favorite of the three is Silver, but what will be will be. Ultimately I would prefer debatable name with awesome colors than vice versa.

  12. Tom

    You make a great point. Senators is a crappy name too. Hadn’t looked at it from that angle. I wish Mr. Foley would be more receptive to what the season ticket holders want, but the real culprit are these get-rich quick idiots who ran and grabbed every decent domain name available, hoping for a big payday. I hope they spent their last dollar. I guess its good that Mr. Foley chooses not to negotiate with terrorists. I wish they wouldve bought all the Knights names but oh well.

    • Michael

      I agree – even if he had just had a contest to narrow it down to five and then chosen one of those, it would have looked better. Or alternatively, picked five himself for people to vote on. It may be his team, but it is our ticket and merchandize money…

  13. James

    Well, the proof is in the pudding. Las Vegas Silver Knights was my least favourite name of the three, but I like the logo and jersey concept. I guess you can put lipstick on a pig

    • Michael

      Someone somewhere just bought the domain name for the Las Vegas LipSticked Pigs…

  14. Tom

    If it’s Desert Knights I swear to god I’ll rock my Kings jersey at every home game. I’ll be a conscientious objector to that horrible name.

  15. Dave

    This what appears to be the interwebs opinion based on what I see and polls at places like sportslogos and hfboard etc.

    The clear over all winner is as follows.
    1. Silver Knights.

    In saying that some polls have Desert Knights as winning or a close second so…
    2.Desert Knights.

    Last and certainly least is Golden Knights, the name just makes no sense at all. Not representative of the State or armour, the most disliked across all social mediums and a reused failed team name. When othe teams drop the Golden you should probably not use that lol
    3.Golden Knights.

    I think it will be Silver or Desert, no bluffs, mis direction or goofing around. Time is ticking, get the merch out and stop lying to us!

    Sincerely, Silver or Desert Knights fan 😉

  16. Zak

    Someone please talk some sense into Foley, he needs to get off the knights name already. Las Vegas Scorpions

  17. James

    I like Golden Knights, but I can see why it’s more of a Mr. Foley name than a Las Vegas name. I would drop the Golden if given the option!

    Silver Knights and Desert Knights are a compromise between two different or opposing views or courses of action: the formula seems a good halfway house and avoids another row.

  18. James

    @Tom @Zak
    It’s probably too late, but perhaps we should start an online petition to reinstate Las Vegas Nighthawks? It appears that Mr. Foley won’t bend any further

  19. James

    I associate Silver Knights with Medieval Times.

    I associate Desert Knights with Arabian Nights. A famous collection of Persian, Indian, and Arabian folktales. Supposedly, the legendary Scheherazade told these stories to her husband the sultan, a different tale every night for 1,001 days; therefore, the collection is sometimes called The Thousand and One Nights.

    Arabian Knight is a title used by three fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. All three characters are superheroes from Saudi Arabia.

  20. Tom

    Yeah it’s probably too late for a petition, plus there was so much push back from the Blackhawk crowd, who feel they own the color slash bird name. Like I’ve said a million times, when Mr. Foley pitched this he said season ticket holders (like me and a lot of us) would help name the team. Not only do we not get to the name team, we don’t even get to weigh in on his collection of crap names, and that’s what they are guys. Sorry not sorry. False advertising at its finest.

    • Zak


      You summed this whole situation up, it’s infuriating that the season ticket holders got no say in this. Foley is completely going to screw up his one chance to give the team a great name.

  21. Tom

    Does anybody know when they’re expected to announce the name? I’ve been trying to let Desert Knights grow on me but it still feels stupid. Of all the names I gotta agree with Zak, I like NightHawks the best. And as much as I’ve hated the Silver Knights, at least it ties in with the Silver state. Makes a lot more sense than a desert knight. You’d have to be an idiot to wear metal armor in 115 degree weather. Desert Knight sucks on so many levels. We’ll be mocked regularly. They’ll probably add an “s” and call us Dessert Nights or something stupid.

  22. James

    They’re expected to announce the name preceding the Frozen Fury on Oct 7.

    What do you guys think of Sand Knights? I can picture in my mind Metallica performing “Enter Sandman” as the team skates onto the ice.

    Desert Knights has a Middle East military vibe to it. Ditto for NightHawks

  23. CB

    Clarkson University’s Division 1 men’s and women’s hockey programs are the Golden Knights. I would assume they had it trademarked?

  24. Liam Rogers

    To me Silver Knights is the worst when considering merchandising and branding to a regional rival, the LA Kings. Their jerseys would be Blacks and Silver. Desert Knights lets you work with a lot more colors or color changes if need be in 10 years.

  25. Tom

    I thought there’s no way Foley could come up with a crappier Knight name than Desert Knights…until I heard Sand Knights.

  26. Tom

    How about the Hard-headed Knights.

  27. James

    Perhaps it’s a ploy to make Desert Knights more attractive to fans? Sand Knights. Well, it sounds pretty flimsy.

    You know how when you grab a woman’s breast… it feels like… a bag of sand.

  28. Rob

    Stop with the Knight name it is out of hand now there’s hundreds of good names out there Mr.Foley at this rate your going to be a total laughing stock.

    No to Sand, Desert, Silver, Golden, black or Neon Knights it sounds cheap, nasty, boring and name very imaginative.

    Can not see the fans shouting for one of the above. And if he wants a military name or band of brother name that’s very easy.


    etc etc etc etc

    CABELLERO is Spanish for Knight.

  29. Tom

    NightHawks and be done with it. Chicago fans can bitch all they want. A nighthawk may not actually be a hawk, but neither is a Blackhawk, according to the big Indian head on the front of their jersey. This Knight thing has gotten stale.

  30. Rob

    Nighthawks is a good name referring to a nocturnal bird more commonly known throughout the world has a NIGHTJAR because of it’s calls.

    Only in the States referred to has Nighthawk and not Nightjars. No relation to the hawk family at all.

    Mexicans many years ago before releasing they where after the insects on the goats backs and not there blood called them GOATSUCKERS.

    Other names over the years have been NOCTURNAL SWALLOWS, NIGHT SWALLOWS, SWALLOW JARS, EVE JARS and more comical many years ago by locals has the FLYING TOAD.

    How about the NAVADA NIGHTJARS for the new NHL franchise is original and no other hockey club has that name.

  31. James

    Season Ticket holders should at least get the chance to vote on trademarked names approved by Mr. Foley.

    “I do listen to what the fans are saying. Black Knights is not a popular name generally speaking amongst the fans,” Foley said.

    Perhaps he should ask himself why? Generally speaking, the colour isn’t the problem.

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

  32. Chris Neill

    I have a gut feeling that this team will be named after some kind of bird and right now they are just throwing names out there and no buddy is talking. about one name that read is the Mountain Bluebirds.

  33. James

    @Chris Neill
    I don’t see why the name has to be a big surprise. Unlike a birthday gift, the item cannot be returned. It’s better if they get it right. Got to give the people what they want.

  34. Tom

    The name has to be a surprise because Foley knows there will be a lot of backlash for his lousy adjective-Knights name and it’s his way or the highway. What sucks is Knights with any prefix doesn’t really sound good. I mean really. Obviously he doesn’t have people around him to say “Hey Bill I know you’re really digging this whole Knights thing but it’s kinda played out, you got Kings 4 hours to the west, oh yeah and the people who sold out your arena with season tickets don’t dig it either.” Honestly if it was just Knights I could somehow stomach it but we already know that’s not an option. I don’t understand how you can be so hell bent on a name that you’re willing to throw a lousy prefix on it like “Sand” or “Silver” or “Golden” just to get your way. It doesn’t sound good. At all. So Mr. Foley, if you actually do read this, with all due respect sir (and I do respect you, you’re the reason we have hockey and we all love you for it), please listen to the fans. If you want to give us a name we can be proud of, then let us have a role in it. Because what you think we’ll love only works in your head. We’re not digging it at all.

    • Rob

      Well said mate

    • Rob

      No knight names should be used at all. It’s getting stale and mouldy now and does not go with the area.

      Dessert state, warm, sunny and hostile.

      Well known for it’s nature and unforgiving snakes, Scorpions and raptors.

      I have spoken to 222 future fans.

      And the names that came out on top where the Scorpions followed by the Outlaw.

      So give the fans what they want the

      SCORPIONS or the

      I personally like the ONSLAUGHT and others.

  35. Tom

    You know what else I’m sick of? Media like ESPN talking about the Las Vegas team “nickname.” Stop saying nickname. Habs is a nickname. Wings is a nickname. Dammit people. This whole Knights thing pits me in a bad mood. I just want it to be over.

  36. Chris Neill

    Mr Foley said it could something Knights in or a Bird related for the name . I’m Surprised that no Bird names were registered.

  37. Tom

    @Chris Neill,
    The bird name Foley was referring to was Nighthawks, which is his backup name if his mystery knight name doesn’t get approved.

  38. James

    How important is it to own the domain name The official website will probably end up being the uniformed

    As a former baseball fan who used to visit frequently – it redirects to when you type in

    The reason I ask is because someone on Twitter is claiming to own amongst others. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t put much stock in what he says because Mr. Foley confirmed he registered the domain names or was that trademarks?

    • @James I completely agree with ya here. Domains pale in comparison to trademarks. Domains can be bought by any one at any time. Even if that gentleman does own, there’s a law in the U.S. called CyberSquatting. I’ve got an article coming up on it soon.

  39. Tom

    I just thought of a name nobody mentioned yet. Something indigenous to the Vegas Valley. Powerful, hard working, and painful if you mess with them. Las Vegas Fire Ants

    Ok lousy name but I’d take it over Sand Knights or Desert Knights

  40. James

    Just throwing things against the wall to see if they work.

    Las Vegas 47s

    Silver is the metallic element with the atomic number 47.

  41. Rob

    Fans favorite by a long mile is the:


    followed by the

    Outlaws, Aces, Wrangles and others well down the list.

    Fans in a big way are saying no to the name knights of any kind.

  42. James

    Las Vegas 47s doesn’t hold a candle to Las Vegas 51s

    I love Aliens.

    • RJ

      Disagree mate. I’ll stick with the


      • Zak

        Las Vegas SCORPIONS! Are you listening Foley?

        • RJ

          Maybe all the fans should right a petition to Mr. Foley saying this is the name the fans want and here is the signature now take note of the fans and give up on the Knights names.

          Let’s go SCORPIONS feel the sting

          And loads off things you can do with the name more so than *?*?** Knights.

          Have fun with it.

  43. James

    Las Vegas Bighorns

    Only one slight problem.

    The Reno Bighorns are an NBA Development League team based in Reno, Nevada, that began play in the 2008–09 season. The Bighorns home game venue is the Reno Events Center. Their namesake is the desert bighorn sheep, the state animal of Nevada.

  44. James

    Las Vegas Scorpions gets my vote

  45. Tom

    Scorpions is perfect. Too perfect probably. I’m willing to bet somebody owns it, and we all know Mr. Foley isn’t paying for a name. Plus he doesn’t like snakes, and scorpions are the only thing scarier than a snake so I’m willing to bet he won’t like scorpions either. But you know what he LOVES? Knights! All kinds of Knights. Sand ones, silver ones, desert ones, just all kinds really.

    • Zak

      Someone please start a Facebook page to promote the name Las Vegas Scorpions. Maybe it’ll get enough likes to get Foley’s attention.

      • RJ

        I agree I would to start the ball rolling with getting a petition start and push for the LAST VEGAS SCORPIONS name but I am not technical minded and not a computer wizard. But maybe one of you guys or gals are. Like the music video mate cool.

        Let’s go SCORPIONS Let’s go!!

  46. James

    Registrant Organization: Las Vegas Pest Control

    I am not a computer whiz. Is that enough to scupper the deal?

    The New Mexico Scorpions were a Central Hockey League (CHL) team located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The team was established in 1996 as a part of the Western Professional Hockey League (WPHL). In 2001, the WPHL merged with the CHL. On July 2, 2009, the Scorpions ceased operations.

    The San Antonio Scorpions were an American professional soccer team based in San Antonio, Texas, United States. Founded in 2010, the team made its debut in the North American Soccer League in 2012. The Scorpions played at Toyota Field, a soccer specific stadium that was completed in 2013.

    Michael in another thread wrote ‘I think that Foley’s West Point tribute is not just about the name, but clearly about the values he had instilled there, and my guess is that he sees a knight as a personification of those values – not just the nickname of the school – as a knight is a warrior (like those in the army) who is also expected to manifest a certain kind of nobility, in theory.’

    Perhaps Foley views Scorpions as just a pest?

  47. James

    That’s not my area of expertise. Maybe Ken can shed some light on this. I thought I read in the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the defunct Las Vegas Wranglers still own the rights to the name. Therefore Foley would have to pay…

    • Rob

      Don’t think any of use know who has the naming rights to any name apart from the domain company but I am sure someone told me Scorpions are one of the free ones. Has well has the 47s, 51s, onslaught, infantry, Dragoons, Hussars, Scavengers etc.

    • The ECHL owns the name. The last time it was discussed was in late July (22nd). The ECHL commissioner said neither Foley nor the NHL had contacted them over the name. You are correct in assuming they would have to offer something (probably money), but the ECHL would be much more likely to give it up than the London Knights are with their name.

      • James

        @Ken Boehlke
        Sorry about the confusion. I used the defunct Las Vegas Wranglers still owning the rights to the name as an example because the poster RJ assumed the name Scorpions was available because the New Mexico Scorpions & the San Antonio Scorpions are defunct. Do you know if anything is preventing Foley from calling the team Las Vegas Scorpions? Be it domain names or trademarks.

  48. James

    I took another look at the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s bracket to “name” the team.

    Aces, Bighorns, Outlaws and Scorpions made it to the Final Four before Outlaws were victorious. I think we can rule out Aces and Outlaws from the ‘No Fun League’.

    plural noun: outlaws

    a person who has broken the law, especially one who remains at large or is a fugitive.

  49. RJ

    I personally think the names that the review Journal came up with when it held the name the team voting challenge. Where very very poor there was only 2 good viable names the rest just where not thought out at all. Yes and I know it was all a bit of fun at the end of the day.

  50. D trask

    Vegas dragon knights

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