Even though all has been quiet on the expansion front, the team behind the Las Vegas expansion bid is not sitting by idly. Director of Ticketing for Black Knights Sports and Entertainment, Todd Pollock, confirmed another milestone in ticket sales.

P5 is now sold out, too, so the entire upper bowl is sold out. We will accept deposits only in p5 on a wait list basis, but seat locations are not guaranteed for anyone on the wait list. – Todd Pollock

T-Mobile Arena was broken into six sections for ticket deposits. P1 representing the absolute best seats in the building, referred to as the Center Ice Club, P2 the lower corners, P3 the lower ends, P4 called the “loge” which is a section behind a goal, P5 the upper center, and P6 the upper ends.

P1, P5, and P6 are now gone as part of the 14,000 ticket deposits placed by Las Vegas Hockey fans.

So, the entire upper bowl is sold out. The best seats in the lower bowl are all gone. Every luxury box is sold, and there are less than 2,000 tickets available in the entire building.

It really is astounding when you consider the fact that there has been no team announcement and the stadium hasn’t even opened yet.

Also, some interesting news for those of you waiting around thinking, “I’m just going to buy single game seats.”

I will tell you single game seats will be extremely, extremely limited and predominantly in the lower level.

Sorry out of towners, guess you’ll just have to rely on StubHub. Suckers!