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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Gallant

The Creator confirmed live on the air of Fox Sports 1340, the new radio home of the Vegas Golden Knights, that the team will announce their head coach tomorrow at noon.

Instantly the rumor mill starting spinning at a mile a minute, and pretty much landed on one name… Gerard Gallant.

The Vegas Golden Knights are expected to name their first ever head coach on Thursday, and it’s expected to be Gerard Gallant. –Ryan McKenna, SportsNet

Gallant was fired from the Florida Panthers after just 22 games. He fits the bill that McPhee has been looking for in a players coach.

He’s fiery and animated on the bench, but definitely a player’s coach. He’s the only coach to consistently get huge offensive output from a skill guy like Jonathan Huberdeau, but he still loves the grit of the 4th line guys. His playing statistics tell his story: lots of offense, and TONS of penalty minutes (toughness). He’s VERY good with the young guys and developing them and respected by veterans. -Drew Goldfarb, covered the Florida Panthers for Fox Sports Florida during Gallant’s first season

He’s 53 years old and this would be his third head coaching gig (Columbus before Florida). Gallant’s teams made the playoffs just once in his five full seasons behind the bench and holds a career 152-141-35 regular season record and a 2-4 record in the playoffs.

The question, which we will certainly find out tomorrow, is why did this take so long. Was McPhee waiting for someone else? Was Gallant trying to make some more money by waiting until more jobs opened up? We shall find out tomorrow.

Also, get used to seeing this…

(Gallant apparently had to take a taxi home after being fired from the Florida Panthers)

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  1. RJ

    Gallant is good not great. I don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but I’ll trust in McPhee that this is the best option on the table. Lots of discussion on Capuano and Eakins (both of whom I think are not as good as Gallant) so Gallant is a relief.

    When your expectations are set low enough, Applebee’s can satisfy. At least we aren’t doing Cici’s or Waffle House.

    • YES! Who wants to meet me at Applebee’s to celebrate!

      • Phisig150

        So Ken scale 1-10 rate the hire? Salary guess? Best man for the job or best we could get either to lack of interest in the job or budget constraints? Does his style of play fit Foley’s vision? Foley obviously thinks he does Jason’s write-up seemed to disagree. How long does he get? No playoffs in 3 is there a year 4? Is he a guy that go out in the community and get the locals fired up for hockey ?(was kind of hoping our coach would be a bit of salesman)

        • I rate it at an 8. Salary guess is somewhere between $2.5 and $3M. I think he’s a good fit in the short term. Long term things my get interesting if he and George don’t adhere to each others ideals. I think he and George both get 4. If they are in the playoffs, they’ll both buy themselves some time, no playoffs by 4, we are looking for a new braintrust.

    • Phisig150

      Just re-read the Applebee’s classic. Did we settle Ken? Also why does Applebee’s even need to exsist if we have TGIFridays?

  2. Phisig150

    Sorry to keep peppering you with questions but this is almost as big of a day as the signing of furture hall of famer Duuuuuuuuuuuke. So do you guys feel mislead by Foley at all? No judgement on Foley or you. He basically acted how I expect an owner to act but he did seem to have both of you convinced Capuano was the guy. You’ve praised him for his honesty and transparency. Does your perception of him, even slightly, change at all?

    • James

      ‘So do you guys feel mislead by Foley at all?’

      The Capuano job interview was breaking news. The Gallant job interview was old news at the time of the sinbin Foley interview, so Capuano generated the headlines. Gallant was a side note. Foley mentioned Gallant by name.

      I’m surprised Gallant was willing to bet on himself and wait for something better to transpire. It’s not like he’s Claude Julien. There are only 31 jobs. Not many vacancies available. He could have missed out

    • Nope. Think Bill honestly at that moment believed Cappy was the right guy. I still believe Foley tells the truth. Think he may have even been purposely misled by George to make sure he didn’t do something like, I don’t know, spill the beans to a certain website.

  3. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    ‘The question, which we will certainly find out tomorrow, is why did this take so long. Was McPhee waiting for someone else? Was Gallant trying to make some more money by waiting until more jobs opened up?’

    Gallant was waiting until more jobs with a chance to win immediately opened up according to Steve Carp on 1340 AM. McPhee waited and circled back to Gallant. Not sure if money was an issue, thought I heard Carp say he will earn between 3 or 4 million per year.

    • Phisig150

      I like the timing of the hire. Don’t rush. Wait until the season ends and see what shakes out. Hire someone before the drafts. I feel the coach should have some input. This doesn’t seem to be the big splash we’ve been waiting for. Maybe we’ll get those sword shaped pretzels instead. 3 to 4 million figure would be very interesting to me especially since Mr. Transparency said he wouldnt go that high. If true I think it’s a good sign he’s willing to spend and he doesn’t show his hand.

      • RJ

        Totally agree. This tells me that both McPhee and Gallant are guys willing to play the long game and have patience; but also know when to pull the trigger. Good qualities in both a GM and HC.

    • I’ve got a bunch of info on this in an article coming shortly. Hint: Gallant wasn’t the one waiting.

  4. James

    Like the majority of the NHL, Gallant is old-school. Analytics in hockey is way behind the times. Gallant’s stock just went up after the analytics driven Panthers failed under Tom Rowe. Gallant was not singing from the same hymn sheet as the new age front office and went rogue.

    Phisig150 you will like his fourth line, as a fight fan. Gallant likes a big, physical team – a hybrid of skill and brawn. Similar thinking to McPhee. Proponents of analytics prefer more skill and less brawn to generate more shots. It’s all about possession.

    A “player’s coach” with junior coaching experience. Ticks the box for player development. A safe solid hire. 7/10

    • Phisig150

      I know nothing about hockey analytics but I’m on the fence regarding the subject in general. Yes there is some useful info to utilize to your advantage but it’s not the end all and be all that many make it out to be. Much more useful in baseball than other sports. Give me a LeBron or a healthy Crosby and surround them with some decent talent and I like my chances. I don’t need an excel sheet to figure that out. The way you describe him and what Sin Bin said they were looking for seem to contradict each other at least in the style of play box. What you said about the 4th line got me excited though. One fight a game would be ideal. Is there a fight analytic?

  5. Julian Carracino

    Season ticket holder.Decent hire.Im more curious how they go after decent free agents.
    Im telling you if they sign some good players I wouldnt be shocked to make playoffs by season 2.

    • My feel is they will be a bit hesitant in year one to go after any high priced guys, but in year’s two thru four they Foley’s checkbook will be wide open in an attempt to hit the goal of Stanley Cup in 6. As fans, I think we’ll like their offseason (and trade deadline) style.

  6. Phisig150

    I’m more worried about our draft style. Smart trades and free agent moves please no moves just to make moves or appease the fans.

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