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There’s Nothing Special About The Golden Knights; In Other Words, They Are Really Special

Special? Not special? Which one do we even want them to be? (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For the second straight game, the losing goaltender suggested there’s “nothing special” about the Golden Knights. However, by no means were Matt Murray
or James Reimer being critical. If anything, both goalies were overly impressed by Vegas.

I don’t know if you can be underrated with their record, at some point (you’re) not underrated. Honestly, hats off to them. They’re an honest hockey team. They come and they work hard and they work honest. So there’s nothing special to their game, they’re a group that’s working very well and very hard here. -James Reimer, Florida Goaltender

The Panthers goalie fought hard against the persistent Vegas attack but couldn’t stop Erik Haula’s game-winning tip-in. Reimer also called the Golden Knights an honest, well-balanced, hard-working team on the ice. Now compare that to what Penguins goaltender Matt Murray said Thursday night.

They are just absolutely a dog and a bone on that puck. They just work so hard, and I think that’s where they kind of caught us by surprise on a couple. Especially on the forecheck where like I said, caught by surprise, quick turn over, bang bang to the net. That’s what they are good at we knew that going into it, but they are definitely a hard working team and a fast team. Good in transition, you know I don’t think they do anything special but they work extremely hard and I think that’s why they have such success. -Matt Murray, Pittsburgh Goaltender

The one guy that would know if the Golden Knights do anything special would be their head coach.

I think we play the game the right way, most of the time. We make mistakes like every other team. I think we turn over four lines, I think we turn over six defenseman. We play two goalies all the time. I think the guys really like being a big part of our team. When we’re going to win, to be successful everyone has got to play. It’s a team win for us, every night. -Gerard Gallant

So there you have it, in the NHL not doing anything special, really means doing something special. Boy these cliches are just the worst, aren’t they?

By all accounts, the Golden Knights play a simple game. All 23 Vegas players work hard, play with discipline, and execute the coaches plan. According to NHL goaltenders like Reimer and Murray, simple can be tough to defend against. The Golden Knights never let up and bring constant pressure. Add in speed and possession, it’s no surprise opposing goaltenders leave the Strip empty-handed.

For an expansion team, that is special.






  1. Steve T

    In every sense of the word they are a TEAM. No Superstar,no big egos.Just a Hard working team.
    Hard Work pays Off !!!!!

  2. Keith Waldrop

    This raises my biggest question about this team, and it’s something you guys mentioned right after the draft. Is it physically possible for a team with limited depth to maintain this level of effort for 3-4 more months?

    • Richard Evans

      Limited depth?

      All lines play. The 4th line plays nearly as many minutes as the 1st. When you have the entire lineup contributing you sure can keep it up. It is when you have no depth and have to lean on a couple of lines for a lot of minutes that it becomes tough to maintain long term. The Vegas Golden Knights are one of the DEEPEST teams in the league.

      Look at Columbus Blue Jackets – a very similar team to the Knights. No superstars. Score by committee, roll all the lines, hard working lunch bucket team. Done well last few YEARS taking the same approach.

      Limited depth.

      Actually watch the team play and then please explain how they have “limited depth”

    • Vgk4life

      I’m not seeing the “limited depth” here after watching every game of theirs this season. I’ve watched a lot of hockey, played a lot of hockey in 40+ years. The Knights have a solid defensive pairings and 4 lines that consistently work. I don’t think you quite understand the term and how it applies to a hockey club.

      For example, limited depth is what the Hawks have had for the past several seasons. You have one maybe 2 lines that can consistently score while the the 3rd and 4th are used sparingly to give the other 2 lines a breath. Look at the ice team of their defensive pairings as well. Seabrook and Keith play the vast majority of the game compared to any of ours. That is limited depth.

      Furthermore and in closing even when we have a Sbisa or Clayton Stoner (remember him?) Go down with injury, we have other blue liners that step right in and get it done. Our defensive pairings are spot on with their player ability and capability. Character players on the knights 4th line are right there too. Look at Bellmare, the man is fantastic grinder two way forward. Nosek flies up the wing and if it’s Carrier or whomever, the 4th is not the liability that 70% of the large have. Lines 1 through 3 anyone can and does score at this point.

  3. Yoopers

    Exactly what Mickey Redmond said a week ago when I was watching the Red Wings vs Florida. He said it takes 20 guys to win a cup, not 9 forwards and 2 defenseman!

  4. Jack

    Another good article. The NHL team are now realizing that you dont have to buy success with overpaid stars, you can earn it by hard team work and great coaching

  5. Bent Hermit

    I have wondered from the beginning if this team could be the NHL’s version of money ball. There’s no elite players on the team but each player brings something different and when they are put together they create a great team.

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