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Theodore Getting Increased Role On Power Play

Step aside Nate, I’ve got this. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

After a season starting stint in the AHL followed by a bit of a rocky start with the Golden Knights, Shea Theodore is starting to look like the player we’ve expected to see. With it has come increased time on ice overall, but specifically a much larger role in the power play.

The Golden Knights deploy two different power play units, one with three forwards and a defenseman, the other with four forwards and just one defenseman. Nate Schmidt has been that single defenseman for months, but with Theodore, Vegas now has another (more?) capable defenseman to lead the power play rush.

I feel like our shots generated and our momentum coming from a power play has been good. -Shea Theodore

Theodore’s quick adjustment must make coach Gerard Gallant feel like he’s walking in socks and sandals all the time.

It really doesn’t matter. It more depends on what hand guys are shooting. As far as comfortability of moving the puck and how much time you have. -Theodore

Wednesday in Anaheim, Theodore played 20:44 of total time on ice. He played two minutes on the power play and two minutes on the penalty kill. The more telling number was TOI leader Nate Schmidt’s zero PP shifts. Which carried over from the Kings game when #88 only played 0:17 seconds of PP time. There’s a trend happening and it’s based all on trust. Gallant is finally able to use another player to lead the PP, and relieve his defensive workhorse. Having Theodore lead the PP allows Schmidt to continue his shutdown skills and keep his minutes under 25 minutes a game.

A lot of the times the d-men back there, we’re not picking up points but we’re behind a lot of the plays when it comes to breaking out the puck. We’re really coming into our own game, and trying to contribute to this offense. -Theodore

Theodore is starting to play like a veteran and talks like one too. If the team continues to play well, Gallant will be able to develop players and win games. I’m sure the head coach is thinking to himself, go ahead George trade away the team, my young guys will get us to the promise land.


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  1. Bent Hermit

    What I really liked was that they are starting to use Tuch on the pp. His ability to control the puck and enter the zone is great. They also badly need a guy that can set up in the front of the net and dominate there during the PP. I think Tuch could be that guy. He’s a big guy and is hard to move if he doesn’t want to be moved. Once they start using him in that way on the PP I believe the PP will be a lot more successful.

  2. Jeff

    Theodore is such a stud. There is a future playing right in front of our eyes. Between him (and I believe) Brannstrom, Vegas will have one of the better mobile defenses in the league in coming years.

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