Since the NHLPA came out with their player polls from around the league I figured I’d add another category. One that I may add is vital. After polling only myself, here is this season’s Golden Knights All-Hair team.

Center: William Karlsson

There’s not much to explain. Of course Karlsson has the nicest hair on the Golden Knights. He’s a Swedish blonde, do I need to say more. My wife already says enough. Karlsson has the true definition of a hockey flow. His hair graciously flows while he glides up the ice on the way to embarrassing another goaltender. Karlsson obviously goes to a premier salon and uses high-end conditioners but like his talent, he was born with a beautiful head of hair. Bottom line is chicks dig it.

Forward: Ryan Reaves

It’s as tight as a low fade can get. Reaves must get his hair touched up daily or every other day. Short on top, lined up in front, and sometimes a carved side part. A sleek tapered cut for the NHL. Reaves has that charming badass look that the Vegas Strip has been waiting for since Mike Tyson.

Forward: Reilly Smith

This was tough spot to fill. I played it straight, since Cody Eakin is a center his dreamy red salad is unfortunately eliminated. Smith rocks a short slick back. His glossy cut is the type you style by running your hands through it. It looks low maintenance but don’t be fooled, there’s some expensive product being used. It’s traditional, yet a modern business style. You’ll never know when Smith got his last haircut because he keeps it at one length all the time. Like Reaves and Subban, Smith must have a routine trim scheduled weekly from a barber or stylist.

Defenseman: Nate Schmidt

Schmidt isn’t blessed with the same luminous hair as the other players on this list. So, he goes with the flow he was given. Currently, the beloved defenseman has been going with the overworked accountant look. A little thin, slightly overgrown, but workmanlike. The infamous tan suit Schmidt wore a few weeks ago perfectly compliments his pre-tax day CPA look.,Give it the man, he pulls it off

Defenseman: Jon Merrill

Merrill’s been a big surprise this season but there’s no surprise when it comes to his hair game. The defenseman came to Las Vegas with the same mid-length mossy flow he has now, but players were told last season to trim their hair and beards to look more professional. Thankfully, the policy didn’t last long. On top of having a Norris type hair, Merrill added his now signature mustache to cap off the look. This way you’ll know it’s him when you see a guy with flowing locks and a slick stash riding a scooter.

Goalie: Malcolm Subban

Again, classic style. When I look at Malcolm’s cut, it reminds me of Kobe Bryant’s glory days. It’s not as long as Kobe’s baby fro but it’s definitely inspired by it. Like Reaves, Subban routinely keeps it edged and clean.

Front Office: George McPhee

I’ve always compared George McPhee’s hairstyle to former Democratic Presidential Nominee John Edwards. McPhee’s white collar/politician style probably cost a pretty penny. Edwards was caught admitting his haircut cost $500 or more per appointment. This came off as a little pompous for American voters but for an NHL general manager in Las Vegas, spending half a grand on a haircut seems appropriate. Now, I could be way off with my estimation because Henrik Lundqvist fessed up to only spending $20 bucks on his handsome hair but let’s be serious, McPhee’s not going to Supercuts.

Coach: Mike Rosati – Goaltending Development

A little obscure for fans but Rosati’s mid/long-haired slick back is straight from the Sopranos. His hair isn’t as long as Furio Giunta’s dark Italian ponytail but it’s as fearful. Rosati’s bio says he’s a goaltending development coach but he could easily pass as the head of one of the five families.

Honorable Mentions:
Colin Miller, Pierre-Eduard Bellemare, William Carrier, Ryan Carpenter