Like most items in the news today, media outlets jump on a hot topic and give their two cents, regardless of accuracy. Rule number one, don’t ever let the truth get in the way of a good story. Fortune Magazine is the latest in a long line of platforms that believes the NHL is coming to Vegas. I do as well but it’s not based on any secret, inside information. It’s based on common sense. Hopefully not the same common sense that compelled Fortune Magazine to predict that the USFL will become a thing again. Despite what the country of Canada thinks, the reason why Las Vegas is the most attractive option is because it simply brings interest to the sport.

The year long debate over Las Vegas reminds me of the kind of hype the Dallas Cowboys, Notre Dame Football, or the New York Yankees command. Love them or not, everyone is aware of their progress. Next time you’re having a casual conversation with a football fan ask them how they feel about the Dallas Cowboys and watch the passion or venom spew. No matter what side you’re on, these teams make their sport better. Make no mistake, Las Vegas will be one of those franchises that people will always have an opinion on and that’s good for business.

Do you remember when the San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, or the Nashville Predators joined the league?. Yeah, neither do I. Vegas is potentially the most valuable franchise in the league. Not from a financial standpoint but from an exposure point of view.

This brings us to Quebec. I really feel badly for them because if the NHL stole our team I would have a hard time asking them for another chance. How much can one city take? The truth is the same as it always was, Quebec is in the East, they must pay their players in American dollars, there is a lack of English speaking media outlets, and they would be the smallest NHL market. These factors and common sense makes them an attractive relocation option but putting them in a $700 million dollar hole before they sell their first Molson won’t happen under Bettman’s watch.