Just think, we’re weeks from learning our fate on the ice. As we expect, Lord Bettman should make his announcement very soon. While we wait, the Cup Playoffs have been the perfect distraction. Especially watching the Sharks take charge of their series against the Blues. San Jose hasn’t won anything yet, but they’ve set themselves up nicely to clinch the series at home. It’s a great story as the Sharks are celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary and now their one win away from their first Cup finals in franchise history.

So in honor of the Sharks celebrating their 25th season, and being one win away from the finals lets relive the franchise’s number one moment.

San Jose is a great example of the ups and downs of an expansion team. The Sharks have been very competitive over their history but it’s been their division mates, L.A. and Anaheim, who’ve hoisted the cup. Yeah I know, missing the finals for twenty-five years isn’t The Creator’s plan, but winning the Stanley Cup isn’t easy. Just ask the Blues, Sabres, Canucks, Capitals, Coyotes, Panthers, Senators, Panthers, Predators, Blue Jackets, Wild and Jets.

Sure the first franchise win seems trivial a quarter of a century later, but that win launched twenty-five years of entertaining hockey. Something Knight fans can only hope to say in 2042. Can you imagine how ecstatic this city will be when Las Vegas wins their first NHL game? Al Czervick has an idea.

For an expansion team, success means more than just Cups. It’s more about drafting, playoff appearances, and a loyal fan fanbase. Something that outsiders have questioned for years now. Of course, the Knights will have their peaks and valleys but keeping them short is the key. The Sharks have amazingly been to the postseason 18 out of 25 seasons. Definitely something Las Vegas will try and duplicate. Luckily, Mario Lemieux retired years back. His Penguins won’t duplicate their eight goal 1st Period like they did to the young Sharks. Imagine the ripped up tickets on the Strip.