Whether it’s been in Twitter posts, articles on the site, or comments to my dog (that really is my dog), my one big sticking point about the brand new arena here in Vegas has always been the roof. The building looks incredible from every angle but is missing that classic Vegas flair when it comes to the bland boring white roof.

Well, with the announcement of T-Mobile becoming the title sponsor of the arena we’ve gotten a look into the future of the cathedrals’s dullest feature.

Grabbed off their name unveil YouTube video, here’s what the roof of T-Mobile Arena is set to look like…

T-Mobile Arena Roof 2 T-Mobile Arena Roof 1

The night-time one where it’s all pink looks better, but it’s still rather underwhelming when set amongst the Las Vegas Strip and all its glory.

I’ve been one to say that neon pink has a place as an accent color on possible jerseys for the team, but a fully pink roof isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

The white roof with the name painted is plain and boring. I want a mural. I want something Vegas-y. I want something people will point out when they are flying in, locked in the cage atop the Eiffel Tower, or wondering why they spent $35 to ride the High Roller.

This offers none of it, and quite frankly, it makes me sad. C’mon T-Mobile, Unleash! Un-carrier! (That doesn’t make any sense in this context.)

Don’t settle. That’s something I’d expect out of those schmucks from Verizon or Sprint.