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“The Pledge”

Prior to the Expansion Draft the term of the day was “player redistribution.” George McPhee and the Golden Knights front office used the term over and over expressing concerns that there might be a ton of player movement prior to the Expansion Draft. Well, it appears McPhee took matters into his own hands and put the kibosh on that.

The Pledge!

Essentially, McPhee told every GM he made a deal with, they’re not allowed to make another deal prior to the the rosters freezing on Saturday night. Reports have indicated that the Golden Knights may have close to 15 trades completed at the Expansion Draft, and it’s likely about half of them were done before the freeze.

Prior to the roster freeze, there were only six trades (from June 14th to June 17th) involving 10 teams. With all the deals in place, it’s possible about a third of the league took the McPhee “pledge” and agreed to lock their roster prior to the league mandated freeze.

The Pledge is probably why McPhee felt so comfortable with the protection lists, why so many deals are going to get done tonight, and why he even had the time to sneak out of the war room to attend the party at Intrique to see the Golden Knights jerseys unveiled.

We have looked at the lists and there were no surprises. We have been really well prepared. -McPhee

Looking back, it seems as if the Golden Knights basically dictated the terms to the other 30 GMs the entire way.

What we’ve told everyone today is that today will be the last day that we are going to have those discussions, that we are going to pick our team tomorrow. -McPhee

George McPhee had a chance to grab the rest of the NHL by the balls, squeeze, and not let go for 12 months. We’ll see how it all plays out, but from the looks of it, that’s exactly what he did. #VivaLaPledge


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  1. Jeff Kruger

    Other general managers should throw a ball-release party! GMGM played this whole thing like a stradivarius violin.

  2. Carmine

    Just hope he didn’t overplay his hand. Makes no sense to let a 22 year old offensive defensemen who has proven he could play in the league not be a core player over an unproven draft pick. We shall see.

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