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The Perfect Man To Be Las Vegas’ First Captain Plays Just A Few Hours Down The Road

The LA Kings are currently in first place but find themselves in a sensitive situation that could bode well for Las Vegas. Kings Captain Dustin Brown is underperforming this season and could be playing his last days in LA.

According to our main man over at Mayors Manor, it seems as if maybe the Kings are outgrowing Dustin. Although, in the Mayor’s column, he highlights Brown’s team first style that makes him a good NHL Captain. The Mayor also notes Dusty is the first American born Captain to lead two Stanley cup winning teams. Clearly the forward can lead.The problem with Brown is his stat line. He simply doesn’t produce points. It’s not really his game. What Dustin brings is intelligence, puck pressure and high energy. And I mean high energy. Always a leader in hits, although small, Brown’s body checks are feared. This has worked out great for the Kings when they started this run five years ago, but the team is moving on. Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty have established themselves as NHL elite and they need to be paid like it. This is where Las Vegas can benefit.

The Mayor suggests the expansion draft as a potential escape option for LA. Getting an impact player in the expansion draft could be difficult, but finding a leader is even tougher. Dustin is American, a great leader, a winner and the Vegas market knows him well. Also DB started a high disciplined, Tom Brady- like diet to change his overall body performance. Brown plans on bringing his intensity late into his career, which could be while playing for Sin City’s team.

To me, Brown is the perfect player The Creator should target in the expansion draft. Las Vegas wouldn’t have to spend a high pick and they’d be getting a proven leader. Plus Dustin IS the checking line, which every team needs. The Kings may not need him any longer, but a developing team does.

Not too mention Kings games are broadcasted in the Las Vegas market so the viewing audience will know Brown coming in. It’s always good to bring in a recognizable face. It also doesn’t hurt when fans remember seeing him hoist the cup two out of the past five seasons. You remember NHL Captains, because they’re the players that raise The Holy Grail first.

Not convinced? Well, let’s talk fan connection. I’ve built my case above for fan recognition, but fan connection is just as important. One of the easiest ways to relate is to be from the same area as someone. That’s why you all know I want The Creator to go after Jason Zucker… It’ll take work but it could happen. Dustin on the other hand, isn’t from Nevada, but he is an American. The last time I checked, Las Vegans are about as Red, White and Blue Americans as Wayne Newton, The Heart Attack Grille, and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. An American born, board banging, NHL player would fit right in Southern Nevada. Let’s see it happen Creator, let’s get Dustin Brown in a Las Vegas sweater someday.Dustin-Brown-Las-Vegas

**Ken sucks at Photoshop, we know, get over it.


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  1. Craig

    Brown is going nowhere – while he has been slow to start, he is in the best shape I’ve seen him in since the 2012 Stanley Cup run. He’s had points in the last 3 games, including a goal and 2 assists tonight vs Oilers. I doubt very much that the Kings will leave him unprotected.

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